[Hotfix] 22.20.7

Et voici, en temps et en heure, le patchnote de la 22.20.7 !

Beasts of the Sanctuary: Hotfix 22.20.7


Saryn Changes & Fixes:
Saryn Revisited continues!


  • Drain occurs once per half second instead of continuous.
  • Targets you cast Spores on directly will always spread on death.
  • Targets affected by Miasma will always spread on death.
  • Spores won’t be removed by enemies going temporarily invulnerable because of void tears corrupting them.
  • Tone down Spore decaying blinking warning
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage being removed when casting Spores on a target that is being simultaneously killed by a teammate.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spore damage decay drain discrepancies when entering a Nullifier bubble. Damage was decaying slower the second time entering a Nullifier bubble.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores and Contagion cloud not using custom Energy colors on cast/burst.


  • Increased sickness Duration by 1 second.
  • Lowered Energy cost to 75.
  • Decreased damage tick to 300.

Dojo Decoration Changes:

  • Reduced the Oxium crafting cost for Dojo Orokin Decorations by half.
    • The Oxium difference will be refunded to the Clan Vault.
  • Replaced the Orokin Cell crafting requirement for numerous Decorations to either Morphics, Neurodes, or Control Modules.
    • The Orokin Cells will be refunded to the Clan Vault and already built Decorations that required an Orokin Cell will remain built.


  • Optimized Foundry operations considerably for people with a lot of Inventory.
  • Tweaked the lighting of Ember’s Fireblast ability to reduce visual clutter.
  • Doubled the Tower White Pigment drop chance and reduced the Pigment quantity to 5.
  • Updated « Resonating Quake » Augment description to better describe its function:
  • Forgoes channeling to create a shockwave that deals X damage at the epicenter, gradually weakening as it expands out.
  • Fixes:
  • Fixes towards Clients having their Abilities blocked if they join a Host right as they transition through the initial Onslaught Conduit.
  • Fixed Transferring to Operator mode and back in your Orbiter leaving the Transference pod open.
  • Fixed Operator being teleported to your current Warframe position after using the Arsenal on the Orbiter.
  • Fixed enemies Rift banished by Limbo able to interact with a non-Rifted Rampart.
  • Fixed a rare case of some Auras applying twice.
  • Fixed being unable to rush Sentinel crafting when you are out of Sentinel slots.
  • Fixed a crash related to particle FXs.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality after cancelling a Dojo trade and attempting to leave the Dojo.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to launch extremely complex Obstacle Courses.
  • Fixed a crash when mounting a Dargyn.
  • Fixed the Gear wheel remaining on screen if you had it open when extraction triggered.
  • Fixed icon discrepancies in the Arsenal when switching to controller.
  • Fixed the (A) button for controllers not functioning when attempting to sell or dissolve Mods.
  • Fixed incorrect binding prompts in the initial Tutorial when using a controller.
  • Fixed the ‘View Conclave Mods’ button not functioning on controller.
  • Fixed issues of enemies turning weird colors upon death.
  • Fixed Elemental FX not being hidden on the Katana sheath.
  • Fixed bullet jumping into the wall and getting stuck in the Grineer Ocean tileset.
  • Fixed being able to get outside of the Grineer Ocean Spy map with Nova’s Wormhole.
  • Fixed a script error when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
  • Fixed a script error when using the Mandachord.
  • Fixed a script error when casting numerous Warframe abilities.
  • Fixed a script error when using Equinox’s Push & Pull Augment Mod.
  • Fixed a script error when scrolling through a Dojo Research item.
  • Fixed an edge case script error that occurred when attempting to load into the Dojo.

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed a Dedicated Server crash in Conclave.

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