[Update] 22.19.0

Beasts of the Sanctuary: Update 22.19.0




Warframe Skins



Warframe Alt Helmet






Weapon Skin

*The Lympharis Skin was initially uploaded as a Staff Skin but for consistency with the TennoGen program, it has been altered slightly to be a Polearm Skin.

General Additions:

  • A new Grineer Sealab Defense tile has been added to Uranus!

Khora Changes & Fixes:

  • Khora’s Whipclaw animation has been updated to better reflect the aim direction.
  • Operators can no longer be targeted for Venari to Heal. This follows precedent with other Warframe abilities not being castable on Operators.
  • Fixed Venari’s ability stats and passive speed buff UI appearing to be affected by Efficiency Mods. Ability Strength Mods are what applies to Venari’s abilities/passive.
  • Fixed Venari’s Heal being permanently active when equipping negative Duration Mods on Khora.
  • Fixed not being able to see Venari’s hold indicator when switching postures.
  • Fixed incorrect icon displaying for Venari’s Healing posture.
  • Fixed Venari script error that would occur if you’re controlling the Operator when Venari respawns.
  • Fixed Venari not disappearing when playing an Archwing mission as Khora.
  • Fixed a case of Khora getting the Venari speed buff HUD icon when Venari fails to spawn.
  • Fixed Venari attacking you in the Simulacrum Arsenal when Friendly Fire is enabled.
  • Fixed Whipclaw not spreading damage across multiple Strangledomes if it hits enemies trapped in more than one.
  • Fixed Khora Whipclaw/Strangledome synergy not using all Mods on extra Strangledome targets.
  • Fixed enemies bodies being auto-destroyed when falling from Strangledome that are not going to be sliced. Enemies that get that extra Strangledome slice will be auto-destroyed.
  • Fixed Strangledome turning MOA enemies invisible.
  • Fixed a crash when Transferring to the Operator when Khora is equipped.
  • Fixes towards possible motion blur on Khora’s spikes in the Liset.
  • Fixed Khora’s spikes being visible when viewing Navigation.

Sanctuary Onslaught Changes & Fixes:

  • Removed Kuria’s from Onslaught tiles since Simaris does not allow the use of gear in the Sanctuary.
  • Sahasa Kubrows can no longer dig up Resources in Onslaught.
  • Fixed several Host migration issues in Onslaught.
  • Fixed a Lua Onslaught tile having doors that appeared unlocked due to incorrect materials.
  • Fixed End of Mission rank being A- when aborting before a Zone has been completed.


  • A buff icon for Toxic Lash is now displayed so you can see the bonus (ie: after Growing Power, Energy Conversion, and other temporary power-strength buffs are applied).
  • Zaw Strikes Sepfahn, Rabvee, Dokram and handles Korb and Shtung now have a chance to be used in Hok’s Daily Specials.
  • Ash can no longer Teleport to Cameras and Turrets, as it usually results in placing Ash outside of the map.
  • Melee head kills now count as headshots (they already counted towards the « Get 10 headshots » challenge). Face-crit-multiplier-ahoy!
  • Improved enemy navigation in the Corpus Outpost Defense tile.
  • Optimizations for memory/CPU by improving XAudio2 voice recycling.
  • Shortened « Warframe Animation Sets » to just « Animation Sets » in the Market category since it’s redundant and crowds the box.


  • Fixed Operators not being able to slide/roll in some cases.
  • Fixed insanely fast computers not being able to transition to Cetus from the Plains.
  • Fixed Exodia Contagion’s interaction with Covert Lethality, resulting in the +100 damage being applied to the projectile damage multiplier instead of the base projectile damage.
  • Fixed Exodia Epidemic ground slam wave counting towards finisher damage instead of the intended explosion damage.
  • Fixed Thrown weapons equipped with Power Throw scaling with the range from Wukong’s Iron Vault Augment.
  • Fixed Naramon’s Void Stalker Critical Chance buff being applied to non-Melee weapons.
  • Fixed Nezha’s Reaping Chakram damage not getting doubled for every enemy hit for Clients.
  • Fixed Opticor and beam weapons sometimes not being able to hit Corpus Nullifier bubbles.
  • Fixed players and enemies colliding with the Nullifier’s weakpoint. Thwarted no longer shall be any attempts to vertically depart that ability-bereft spherical hellscape.
  • Fixed Pets disappearing after Warframe dies and Revives, even though the Pet was alive before their owner’s death.
  • Fixed Pets losing loyalty when they shouldn’t/not losing loyalty when they should.
  • Fixed a pickup prompt appearing in Simaris’ Relay Sanctuary.
  • More fixes towards crashes related to XAudio2 xWma voice recycling.
  • Fixed a crash where the audio device is lost and fails to initialize.
  • Fixed one rare crash that could occur when audio device is lost.
  • Fixed some Captura Scenes resulting in an automatic « mission failed » and booting you back your Orbiter after 15 minutes.
  • More fixes towards cases of ‘Supercat’ Kavat issues.
  • Fixed Sentinel customization selection not reflected in the Cetus Arsenal when hovering over them.
  • Fixed Archwings using its default colors when trying to copy default Warframe colors onto Archwing items.
  • Fixed coming back to the Relay from a mission/Simulacrum would pause your Kubrow, resulting in him/her standing in one place forever.
  • Fixed selecting « Return to Orbiter » in the Simulacrum and then cancelling would cause you to end up in your Orbiter if you then used « Return to Relay ».
  • Fixed script error when switching modes in your loadout where the Warframe in the previous mode was Chroma/Nidus/Equinox and the Warframe in the new mode is Khora.
  • Fixed Zaw Components spot loading when hovering over them in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Client projectiles not getting destroyed which can result in performance issues.
  • Fixed ambient sounds disappearing in certain areas of Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed level holes in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.

Conclave Changes & Fixes:

  • Reduced the casting speed of Mag’s Crush in Conclave.
  • Reduced the damage of Khora’s Venari in Conclave.
  • Reduced the damage of the Dual Keres in Conclave.
  • Fixed avatars spawned from Warframe abilities being highlighted as enemies to their creator in Conclave.

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