8 Warframes revisitées : DE prend en compte les remarques des joueurs

Si vous n’aviez pas suivi les premiers changements proposés par DE il y a 4 jours : http://www.clan-warframe.fr/8-warframes-revisitees-des-nerfs-et-des-buffs/

La communauté Warframe a commenté en masse sur ces changements. Digital Extreme propose donc ces modifications aux changements précédents (source) :


  • Reduced energy cost of Bladestorm ticks.


  • Petrify is now a single cast instead of a channel ability, instantly Petrifying enemies in front of you regardless of level!
  • Rubble now has a singular decay, instead of each piece of rubble having its own set duration. Picking up more rubble delays the decay for a brief time.
  • We may rebalance Ore Gaze for this rework, as players now have significantly more ways to Petrify enemies!


  • Although still a singular cast allowing free movement, Resonating Quake will only hit enemies once as it expands outward, dealing a mass of damage at once.


  • Can cast other abilities while using Spectral Scream.
  • Spectral Scream damage now affected by Vex Armor damage buff.
  • Vex Armor aura range increased (currently 18 meters base range).
  • Vex Armor can now be recast to preserve accumulated buffs.


  • Fireball can now be held and charged for additional damage. Upon impact, Fireball will leave behind a Napalm-like flame that damages enemies.
  • Fire Blast will now add heat damage to weapons that fire through it.


  • Health gained by Mass Vitrify shown in a UI display.


  • Increased base energy pool (125 for Mag, 175 for Mag Prime).
  • Crush animations slightly sped up
  • Augment for Polarize reworked – now reads: « Weapons hit by Polarize are jammed for 4 seconds. Robotic enemies hit by Polarize are disabled for 4 seconds. »


  • No changes at this time.


  • Tail Wind now costs half as much energy when cast in the air.
  • Tail Wind does more damage.
  • Changed Dive Bomb augment into a Tail Wind augment – now reads: “Each enemy hit increases Tail Wind damage by 25%. Damage resets upon landing.”
  • Dive Bomb can now fire on slight angles, as long as you’re looking mostly down.
  • (Clarification: holding aim (default RMB) has a greater effect on steering Tornadoes.)


As a bonus, two more general changes you’ll be happy to hear:

  • Focus Passives now apply immediately upon loading into a mission, rather than requiring the brief Operator transition.
  • When interacting with nullifiers, power-created avatars (Atlas’ Rumblers, Nekros’ Shadows, etc) will have their health drained, instead of instantly disappearing.






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