DEVSTREAM #59 Le résumé

Kubrow Pack Tactics
• A mod (or possibly consumable gear item) that causes the Kubrow to howl, and all Kubrows in the mission go into different frenzies depending on the breed
• Possibly something along the lines of the Kubrows rushing to revive all downed players, or going into a frenzy of collecting all drops
Corpus Cape
• Corpus cape made out of credits!
Return of Charge Attacks
• Was hoping for them to make it into U17, but it didn’t happen due to Parkour 2.0
• Will definitely make it in for U18
• The current plan is that Charge attacks will be performable regardless of whether melee is equipped
• The current plan is to have two different charge attacks per weapon
Mastery Rank Changes
• There will be large shifts in Mastery Rank requirements based on weapon power
• Don’t expect Boltor Prime to be Mastery Ranks 2 any longer! (jokes about it being MR 15)
• The current  Mastery Rank Requirements were based on previous obtainable ranks, and didn’t get updated as the maximum rank has increased
• If you have the weapon now, you will be grandfathered in – you don’t have to worry about losing proficiency with a weapon you own
• You will still be able to obtain parts of Primed parts from the Void even if you can’t use them at your current Mastery Rank
• You will not be able to trade for Primed parts if you can’t use them at your Mastery Rank to prevent trolling
Sniper Re-Work
• Confirmed for U18
• There will be controllable zoom on scopes
• There will be more interactive UI elements, like perhaps a reticle that changes colour upon target acquisition
Focus System
• It is still being worked on!
• This will be worked into a Quest (the cinematic Quest in U18)
• It will have roots in the lore of the new Quest
Multishot Changes 
• Multishot will increase ammo consumption in an attempt to add more complexity to its use, rather than a mandatory mod
• Apparently this was the original intent – having it not increase ammo consumption has been a two year bug, like coptoring
• This was part of the thought process involved with the Vaykor Hek’s release
• There will be many guns that will be tweaked in response to this change – particularly ammo-hungry weapons may get ammo buffs, for instance
Nunchaku (Ninkondi)
• Release ETA: Next week!
• Base damage is 45 Electrical Damage
•  Dual Ninkondi is not something being worked on currently
• Click HERE to see the Ninkondi animations
• Click HERE to see Sheldon and Rebecca use the Ninkondi in Conclave
Pre-Corpus Valkyr Skin
• Release Date is 17.5
• It will (along with the other deluxe skins) most likely be released within a limited time window, like Proto Excalibur
• Geoff is relatively sure that Pre-Corpus Valkyr will be able to use Valkyr’s Bonds
Update 18
• Projected release is before the end of 2015
• Will include player Kavats (Feral Kavat will be sometime before)
• The cinematic quest will involve Stalker
• Syndicates may expand with solar map 2.0 – Steve wants to give them specific homes and areas of influence
• Ability to downsize clans is within the U18 timeframe
• Will include the Tenno Rapier
• As mentioned, will include Sniper re-work and some incarnation of Focus system
Brawler Frame
• Release Date: 17.5!
• Next Devstream will demo him extensively
Other Stuff
• Trinity cloth physics are being worked on now – Frost will be updated later
• There has been some thought put into Syndicate-specific Quests hopefully with cutscenes (not this year though)
• Health will be displayed in a small bar directly above the player in Conclave rather than at the top of the screen
• The in-game voice chat will receive a huge quality increase next week
• Trading system re-vamp definitely needs to happen, but it probably won’t this year
• U17.5 Will introduce a new Archwing mission type
• Boar will bre re-released before 17.5 – expect it to get touched up too
• Stealth finishers for MOAs are coming
Get well soon Steve!

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