Mise à Jour 17.4 + 17.4.1 + 17.4.2





Éliminez l’ennemi avec des attaques rapides comme l’éclair avec le Ninkondi.Équipez-vous de ces nunchakus électrifiés et témoignez votre respect pour l’ancienne voie.




Add the Ninkondi to your Arsenal by purchasing the Blueprint from the Market today!


VOIP Improvements


Improvements have been made to the in-game VOIP service, making the quality of in-game voice chat much higher.


New Stance Mod:


Atlantis Vulcan (Nunchaku): Rapid strikes, deceptive movements.


Conclave Changes:


  • Overview (Rifle Mod) – Increases Field of View while Gliding.
  • Air Recon (Pistol Mod) – Increases Field of View while Gliding.
  • Broad Eye (Shotgun Mod) – Increases Field of View while Gliding.
  • Reduced the damage radius of the Penta series in PvP.




  • Adjusted the Vulklok’s sell price to match other Sentinel weapons.
  • Replaced Grineer Regulators with Scorpions on Phobos Missions.
  • Players will now only need to complete three Missions for a single faction to qualify for battlepay on Invasions. Please note if you are in the middle of an Invasion, your original pre-update requirements apply until the hotfix is over.




  • Fixed some inappropriate audio FX for bullets impacting with “flesh”.
  • Fixed some issues that prevented enemies from properly aiming and shooting.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when editing items in the inventory.
  • Fixed the Diriga and Vulklok missing from the Codex.
  • Fixed the Vanquished Banner Syandana using incorrect energy color as per: https://forums.warfr…g-energy-color/
  • Fixed some lingering visual FX from Atomos/Amprex when used with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors as per: https://forums.warfr…ith-mirage-hom/
  • Fixed missing weapon trails from projectiles created by the Akbolto, Prime Boltor, Telos Boltor, Telos Akbolto, and Twin Gremlins.
  • Fixed bolt weapons not using the correct energy color for the bolt’s trail.
  • Fixed Loki and Ash being unable to damage themselves with explosive weapons while invisible.
  • Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not properly interacting with the Martial Magnetism Mod.
  • Fixed the Heartseeker Mod not functioning properly with ‘offhand’ attacks.
  • Fixed the Rakta Cernos not properly playing its draw charge audio FX.
  • Fixed Derelict Sabotage Missions inappropriately giving players cache rewards regardless if players have discovered caches.
  • Fixed muzzle flashes on the Akbolto using the wrong energy color.
  • Fixed the Vulklok not properly receiving adjustments to magazine size, fire-rate and reload time via Mods.
  • Fixed the ‘default’ feature in the Options Menu not resetting the ‘Allow Invites’ and ‘Region’ settings back to default.
  • Fixed various localization issues.


HOTFIX 17.4.1



  • Fixed a crash that would occur after the latest Update as per: https://forums.warfr…23#entry5894923
  • Fixed the Ninkondi staying in-hand after a finisher has been used.
  • Fixed the incorrect finisher animation being used by the Ninkondi.
  • Fixed some weapons that expand on use not properly collapsing when use is finished (Glaive, Orthos, etc).
  • Fixed the Prisma Tetra being absent from the Codex.
  • Fixed building the Nami Skyla rewarding players with the Ninkondi instead.
  • Fixed players being able to transmute Legendary Fusion Cores.


HOTFIX 17.4.2

Vulklok Weapon Changes:


The following changes have been made to the Sentinel Vulklok weapon as per: https://forums.warfr…ge-adjustments/

  • Weapon damage has been reduced.
  • Weapon accuracy and rate of fire has been reduced.
  • Proc chance for electric procs has been increased.
  • Weapon crit chance and crit damage has been increased.




  • Slightly altered the Simulor’s reload sounds to prevent audio overlap when firing.
  • Tweaked the combo animations on the Ninkondi to feel more fluid.




  • Fixed the UI displaying 5 runs required for a complete Invasion instead of 3 when hovering over nodes in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed the Ninkondi sometimes remaining in a blocking stance when no longer blocking.
  • Fixed the Ninkondi’s bullet parry animations continuing to play after the parry has ended.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to crash or lag when blocking before a slide attack with the Ninkondi.
  • Fixed the Ninkondi remaining closed when interrupting an idle animation to block.
  • Fixed Ninkondi finishers not immediately closing the weapon after use.
  • Fixed an error allowing players to remain clinging on a wall after using a melee attack with any gun equipped.
  • Fixed an issue causing a Host would be unable to invite new players to a Squad in a Trial after cancelling a countdown timer with four squad members.
  • Fixed players being unable to detonate grenade weapons while in Nyx’s Absorb as per: https://forums.warfr…ile-channeling/
  • Fixed multiple ragdolled enemies appearing when an enemy is killed by a weapon with slash damage.
  • Fixed Arcane Revives not being visible in the Revive UI of Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed players being able to summon underwater enemies in the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Absorb Augment Mod not being affected by power range Mods.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Prisma skin showing excessive bloom when customized with lighter colors.
  • Fixed floor buttons in the Law of Retribution Trial not changing the blue when stepped on.
  • Fixed clients being unable to pass through an explosive barrel on the Infested Corpus Ship after it’s been destroyed as per: https://forums.warfr…lients-on-eris/
  • Fixed Volt’s Electric Shield giving every ranged projectile a 70m default range. Important note: we will be revisiting the design to allow for interesting range interactions with Volt’s Shield and guns ASAP.
  • Fixed players being able to equip the same weapon Mod on both a Warframe and a Sentinel.
  • Fixed visual FX issue on the Conclave Sigil as per: https://forums.warfr…ers-pvp-sigils/
  • Fixed various localization issues.

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