Devstream #60

Voici la vidéo du devstream en attendant le résumé 😉

0:15 The perfect start

2:06 Warframe Instagram/Comic con

4:31 ( what’s gone be below here)

5:24 G3 Golem in space trial

6:48 Archwing Update

10:59 Arcane Update

13:22 2 New frames Wukong & Atlas(21:05)

14:50 Syndicates Emotes

16:23 StarChart ​2.0 3.0

17:19 Warframe App(18:23)

17:28 BOAR!

19:01 Syndicate AOE

21:03 Atlas & Wukong

36:49 Valkyr Pre-Coprus (hot hothtohothothot)(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ

45:16 Charge Attacks

46:59 Warframe Skins

47:31 Rhino Alt.Skin Set – Hammer Skin

50:24 Atlas Professional Sound Creation

52:45 Multishot

55:05 Multishot 2

55:59 Smart Building

1:00:09 Left Oversss

1:02:49 lisit Decoration


  • New Trial/bossfight will include Archwing.
  • Archwing mechanics will get QoL changes/polishing, Afterburner mode discussed for archwings, 2 new mission types coming.
  • Arcanes get a dedicated screen for managing, crafting times will be done away with, and distiller will get a price drop to 50,000 standing.
  • Monkey King frame not part of 17.5.
  • Syndicate emotes will be just one Handshake emote, syndicate will be decided by which one has the highest standing.
  • Void keys will still be relevant post Starchart rework.
  • Boar is getting love from the art team, after 17.5 but soon.
  • Syndicate blast stealth problems (e.g. Rakta Cernos blast breaks stealth) are being worked on.
  • Brawler frame’s name is Atlas!
  • Monkey King frame’s name is Wukong. Also, new Corpus laser rifle teased.
  • Atlas confirmed for 17.5! His 1st ability is essentially a Slash Dash punch, but grows stronger as you chain to enemies. Can be recast for half energy, double damage if you aim right. 2nd ability creates a stone barrier, which he can then launch at the enemy as a big boulder. His 3rd ability is Stone Gaze, which slows, then turns enemies to stone in a Medusa-esque fashion. Atlas’ ult summons two rock golems to fight for you! Power strength makes the golems bigger.
  • Wukong’s Cloudwalk ability drains energy only when moving. His fourth ability is called Primal Fury.
  • Corpus wrist laser crossbow secondary teased!
  • Exalted Blade has made it clear that players like more active play with abilities, so Slash Dash and Bladestorm might get looked at.
  • Peacemaker is being worked on; firing will narrow to field of view, but damage racks up in turn. Not nerfed, but you will be rewarded for managing the huge reticle with extra damage that builds up.
  • Pre-Corpus Valkyr is almost done.
  • Snipetron hinted at.
  • Valkyr’s ripline is now faster to cast and flies faster, Hysteria power based off mods VS weapons, and is now a toggle ability.
  • Modular Corpus have warframe-disrupting helmets [they make your UI glitch, for example] that can be broken in one shot. They spawn in higher level Corpus missions.
  • Mend fixed, also restores shields now.
  • Temple Guardian Rhino skin gets a full set. Hammer skin.

  • Auto mod install is going to get improved to help with specific builds!
  • Investments in the form of e.g. formas in weapons will be respected, and fairly compensated if they end up being affected by changes.
  • Meditate is now a toggle emote.
  • Brawler frame is obtained from a quest/boss battle!
  • New Day of the Dead skins coming for Halloween!


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