HOTFIX 15.13.1 => 15.13.6

  • * Defense and Interception Syndicate Missions are now worth 50% more Standing, due to a lack of Medallions in this Mission type.
  • * Updated AKJagara’s store icon to display two pistols instead of one.
  • * Added new reverb effects to the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • * Added new reverb effects to the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • * Fixed an issue where Defense Key missions were not saving progress.
  • * Fixed crash caused by audio reverb settings.
  • * Restored Torid’s 20% base status chance.
  • * Fixed an issue with End of Quest screens being inescapable, resulting in a Force Quit.
  • * Fixed an issue where claiming an item in the Foundry with no slots could freeze the UI.
  • * Fixed AFK players not receiving End-of-Mission Quest rewards.
  • * Fixed players being unable to redeem Syndicate Medallions.
  • * Fixed issues with Syandana placement on Loki Prime.
  • * Fixed the Uru Sugatra’s size being extra large.
  • * Fixed Wyrm Prime’s energy colors not displaying properly.
  • * Fixed Boltor Prime’s material colors not displaying properly.
  • * Fixed various particle effects not functioning properly.
  • * Fixed an issue caused by inviting a player to a Clan that has not logged into the game.
  • * Fixed Quest Keys not appearing in the Key category of the Foundry.
  • * Fixed some Grineer Vaults containing Corpus style stairways instead of the proper Grineer type.
  • * Fixed various crashes.




  • Fixed Orokin Sabotage missions not being complete-able.
  • Fixed an issue where Red Veil Syndicate allies in missions were using Kunai instead of Rakta Ballistica.
  • Fixed an issue with Medallian redemption on accounts showing ‘0’ in inventory.
  • Fixed various crashes.





  • Updated the Telos Syandana to accept custom tints.
  • Updated sound of Warframe footsteps in water.
  • Adjusted Volt’s Shocking Speed Augment visuals to be a little more subtle.
  • Improved silenced weapons (with use of Mods) audio from -4dB to -6dB.
  • Players should now be able to clearly see the short pulse of Frost’s Snow Globe that indicates its invulnerability period.




  • Fixed broken lighting in the Grineer tram tunnel on the Asteroid tileset.
  • Fixed various Warframe color customization issues.
  • Fixed various objects that players could get stuck on when playing the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed the Stolen Dreams Quest being replayable after completion.
  • Fixed an issue on Grineer Spy Vaults where players could go through a wall and get stuck when wall running.
  • Fixed enemies setting off the alarm in Spy Missions without Player interaction.
  • Fixed various localization issues.





  • Updated reverb sounds to Grineer Forest tileset.




  • Fixed broken facial texture on Steel Meridian’s leader in the Relays.
  • Fixed Maroo having a male Red Veil agent body instead of an intended female one.
  • Fixed the Prisma Veritux being untradeable.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when the player camera was too close to a ceiling.
  • Fixed progression being halted in Void Sabotage by enemy alarms.
  • Fixed HUD alignment issue if Exterminate triggers as an alternative objective during a Spy Mission.
  • Fixed crash caused by trading with Baro Ki’Teer.
  • Fixed credits picked up during Mission currently displaying incorrectly on the Mission Progress and End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed the Minimap in the final Mission of Stolen Dreams being misaligned.
  • Fixed tileset on Corpus Spy Missions occasionally showing Infested decorations.
  • Fixed Mission objectives not properly updating in Codex for the Stolen Dreams Quest.
  • Fixed issue occurred by host migration in Archwing Missions.


V 15.13.5 + Survival PSA 

Survival Mission PSA
Through our gameplay this evening as well as reports coming in from players, there appears to be a bug affecting the displayed reward vs. actual received reward in Survival Missions.
We noticed this when the UI said one thing (Forma), then we ended up with something else in the end-of-mission screen (Paris Prime Lower Limb).
We are currently investigating this issue and will have it fixed ASAP!
Thanks for your patience, it’s very appreciated. More than you know!
  • Added teleport triggers on Corpus Ice Planet to help escape certain holes in level.
  • Fixed an issue where moving quickly and vaulting over objects would result in getting stuck in place.
  • Fixed an issue with Defense missions not showing key type name in the rewards screen.
  • Fixed female Steel Meridian characters having broken facial textures.
  • Fixed an issue where viewing profiles could freeze the UI.
  • Fixed Nova Prime missing Gold tinting on her orbs.
  • Fixed missing Reverb elements across multiple tilesets.

 V 15.13.6
  • Fixed Survival rewards showing one thing when announced during mission, but awarding something different at end of mission.

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