Hotfix Specters of the Rail 7 & 8 & 9 & 10 & 11 & 12

La suite des mises à jour de la deuxième partie de l’U19.



Hotfix Specters of the Rail 7 :



  • Completing the Vor’s Prize quest missions will now mark the nodes they’re on as completed, so that you don’t have to backtrack and complete the nodes leading up to the Junction a second time before you can enter it. Anyone who is mid-quest after this Hotifx deploys will still have to backtrack.
  • We now allow progress towards Junction tasks during the tutorial, and with this we also fixed Junction tasks  not working during Quests.
  • Swapped Nanospores for Salvage as a crafting requirement for Chroma Chassis, as players cannot acquire Nanospores until later in the game.
  • Changed the Market ‘Blueprint’ Purchase option to read ‘Purchase Blueprint’.
  • Tweaked the difficulty of Spy missions.
  • Rebalanced enemy levels on Pluto to follow the order of the mission nodes.
  • You can now revisit Junctions, and see their new and improved diegetic menu!
  • Junction battles now have different  passive bonuses for players competing against Specters to make the fights more fair. The passive bonuses are:
    • Refilling ammo on respawn.
    • Passive energy regeneration.


  • Fixed an issue that would occur when Transmuting Mods where it appeared no Mods were consumed. This was a UI bug only, consumption was occurring as intended.
  • Fixed an issue where there was no way to select multiple missions that all were occurring on the same node.
  • Fixed Saryn Prime Systems Blueprint and Soma Prime Barrel duplicate rewards on Relics.
  • Fixed the missing Nova Prime Neuroptics Blueprint, and added to a Relic reward table.
  • Fixed an issue with mission rewards that occurred in groups of 5 (5 x Rare Fusion cores, for example) not rewarding properly.
  • Fixed Clients not being given bonus Void Trace when other players choose their reward at the mission complete screen.
  • Fixed the Landing Craft ramp closing on Warframes .
  • Fixed missing UI information for the Stradavar’s different fire modes in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed an issue where the Void Relic screen was unusable on controllers.
  • Fixed an issue when changing an audio device to a new device with different channels.
  • Fixed an issue with Mods received as mission rewards not counting towards the « cCollect X mods » Junction task.
  • Fixed issues with players on controllers being able to access the Pause menu in the Market.
  • Fixed an issue with the new 30 Day Resource Booster charging and behaving the same as a 7 Day Booster.
  • Fixed misleading information on the Resource Extractor Deployment UI in regions where they cannot be deployed.
  • Fixed a secret button appearing on the Gear / Emote overlay.
  • Fixed missing footstep sounds in Junctions.
  • Fixed an issue with a Grineer Capture mission having a Corpus target.
  • Fixed an issue with being unable to deploy Resource Extractors to Eris.

Please note next Hotfix will come soon, and will fix a known issue with Alerts not properly labelling added Fusion Cores in the UI.



Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 8


– Substantial performance improvements to the Star Chart on low-end machines have been added to Hotfix 8!



– Fixed an issue introduced in Hotfix 7 that created a freezing non-functioning Star Chart.
– Fixed incorrect descriptions for the Credit Bundles.
– Fixed misleading descriptions about Kavat Gene-Masking kits.
– Fixed file paths appearing for Lotus dialog in Sabotage missions.
– Fixed the Stasis description implying it only applied to puppies.
– Fixed controllers not working with the Relic manager and enhancer.
– Fixed various game freezes.
– Partially fixed a UI issue related to full information about Fusion Cores in Alerts not being displayed.



Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 9


– Fixed an issue with End of Mission cinematics freezing.

– Fixed an issue with Client Junction Tasks not tracking. This means any Clients trying to complete tasks wouldn’t see progress.

– Fixed an issue with all node icons displaying as if they are completed (i.e all white). Blue is back!



Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 10


  • Prevented Future Pet Crossbreeding
  • Minor polish to audio/visual effects on the Solar Map
  • Allow access to alerts/invasions/etc so long as the underlying node is « unlocked » (instead of requiring players to have completed the default mission at that location
  • Alerts with Fusion Cores will now only give Rare Cores (no more Uncommon Cores!)


Junction Changes & Fixes:

  • Fix for Junction progress not being saved for some clients
  • Fixed an issue with the 1000 Mastery not being rewarded when completing a Junction. If you are eligible, it’ll automatically repair on login.
  • Junction task progress will now save even if you haven’t unlocked the Junction node
  • New Junction tasks:
    • Mars Junction = complete an alert, change to:  »Collect 500 Rubedo from missions”
    • Phobos Junction = complete an invasion mission, change to « Scan 5 cephalon fragments on MARS » (Scans done before this change will be counted retroactively)
    • Europa Junction = complete an infested outbreak mission, change to « Complete TESHUB in the Void »
    • Eris Junction = defeat Phorid in an infested outbreak, change to « Find and Defeat LEPHANTIS in DERELICT »
    • Uranus Junction = Added « Craft a DERELICT KEY »


Tennogen Changes & Fixes:

  • Updated metal and diffuse maps on Mag Alta helm & body
  • Updated metal and roughness map on Zephyr Hagoromo helm & body
  • Updated metal map on Nova Visage helm and body
  • Updated metal and roughness map on Setka Syandana



  • Fixed completed quest missions not also marking the node as complete.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed Syndicate mission in the World State Panel not showing when locked
  • Fixed Void Fissure missions always showing unlocked in the World State Panel for the Void region
  • Fixed bug that was causing players to get stuck on the login reward screen
  • Fixed players who select the same reward not receiving what they chose.
  • Fixed solo players not receiving the reward they chose.
  • Fixed script error when shooting pursuit ship shield generators
  • Fixed unmatured pets suffering from genetic degradation.
  • Fixed « secret » quest missions not being loaded correctly after chosen from multi-mission selector popup.
  • Fixed “secret” (quest) missions glowing blue
  • Fixed Fluctus not being able to damage the Pursuit ship’s weak points
  • Fixed attached hit proxies not showing correct damage notification for clients (ie, Pursuit ship’s shield generators)
  • Fixed broken Archwing dioramas
  • Fixed script crashes caused by crossbreed imprints
  • Fixed Sortie rewards not showing in the World State Panel
  • Fixed the Relic selection screen appearing when you select a non-fissure mission type on a node that has a fissure available.



Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 11

Heads up: Starting July 20, PC Sortie Season 8 will be here!

Specters of the Rail Unlisted Change:

  • Archwing Inventory system now utilizes our Inventory Slot mechanic. People are grandfathered in who had a large inventory, but future slots will need to be purchased with Platinum. The way this slot Inventory works is as follows:
    • Archwings: 4 free, each Slot Purchase gives 1 Slot.
    • Weapons: 4 free, each Slot Purchase gives 2 Slots.

Void Fissure Changes


  • The Burston has received a visual rework and new reload animation!
  • Rearranged some planet/node positions in the Star Chart to improve flow.
  • All Archwing Eximus now require 3 scans to complete the Codex entry (same scan count as land based Eximus units).
  • Reworked certain menu sounds and removed pinging when a node is available (plays incessantly even if node is not visible).
  • Adjusted holster positioning of Mesa’s Peacemaker so it’s more centered on her arms.
  • Improved system performance while optimizing the cache on systems with less than 12GB of RAM; large cache blocks would eagerly consume all physical memory in the operating system IO-cache to accelerate defrag however this would force other applications into the page-file and make the system unresponsive.
  • Changed « Unexpected Server Delay » to « Network Not Responding » for a more accurate clarification when this prompt occurs.
  • The Archwing Quest will no longer be given upon a player reaching Mastery Rank 2 since is it now a Junction reward.

Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Reduced blocking value of the Impenetrable Defense Conclave mod to 30% from 40%.
  • Fixed Radial Disarm script error if Loki died and respawned while it was active, causing the effect to be permanent until death in Conclave.
  • Conclave mod ‘Follow Through’ effects changed to Respawn with +5 Energy and rarity lowered to Uncommon.
  • Reduced Mesa’s passive health bonus with no melee equipped to 25 from 30 in Conclave.


  • Fixed the missing FX indicator that showed where a Rare Mod was dropped.
  • Fixed accidentally increasing some of the Itzal’s resource crafting costs. They have been reverted back to their original crafting costs. *Please note that a script to refund those who have crafted the Itzal prior to this Hotfix is in progress. We will update this thread once the script is done.
  • Fixed completing The Jordas Precept quest not unlocking the Jordas Golem Assassinate node on Eris.
  • Fixed accounts who completed The Jordas Precept quest after Specters of the Rail was released and didn’t receive their Assassinate Jordas Golem key.
  • Fixed having Limbo Theorem quests overtake the node Excavations are on until you play it without the quest active.
  • Fixed all pole arms and some staff weapons clipping through Nyx and Nyx Prime’s chest when equipped.
  • Fixed a progression stopping Invasion bug where enemies didn’t spawn in the Grineer Ship until you got across to the Corpus Ship.
  • Fixed loading into the wrong Alert Hive level.
  • Fixed sometimes returning from a mission in a kneeling position.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker pistols being holstered incorrectly while in Archwing.
  • Fixed friendly Nullifiers nullifying your abilities.
  • Fixed Vauban’s Bastille stasis FX remaining after the ability ended for Clients.
  • Fixed a case where node info would stay on screen when zoomed out to planet selection.
  • Fixed the Grineer escape pod not functioning when playing an Invasion mission featuring Grineer vs. Corpus, which prevents mission progress as per :
  • Fixed an issue where clients could get multiple scans on the same target in situations where the host has poor upload speeds.
  • Fixed Assassination Sortie missions not working for key-based boss fights (Phorid, Lephanits, Mutalist Alad V).
  • Fixed the wrong icon appearing for Mutalist Alad V’s Sortie Assassination mission.
  • Fixed depth-testing for composited particle effects.
  • Fixed strange flickering of UI elements that could occur on AMD or Intel GPUs (eg: on the star map where the extractor icon shows what resources are on a planet or in the Syndicate offerings tab at the top once you’ve scrolled down).
  • Fixed missing ship node icons on Mercury Pantheon and Neptune Triton
  • Fixed a crash when fighting Tyl Regor.
  • Fixed a crash when fighting Vay Hek.
  • Fixed a crash related to picking the reward of a player who has left the session.
  • Fixed Paris Prime appearing « splotched » with the chosen energy colour.
  • Fixed numerous localization issues.



Specters of the Rail: Hotfix 12


  • Void Fissures now change location every 1-2 hours (down from 2-4) for more Mission variety.
  • Replaced the unreleased Rank-5 version of Link Health for Kavats with the proper Rank 10 version that is shared with Kubrows. This mod was only obtainable through Transmutation.

Star Chart Changes
In order to improve the flow of progressing through quests, every quest mission is now in a location which was previously completed or unlocked, and only in regions which are unlockable before the quest completion is required. Below you will find a full list of each quest node location including the reordered nodes:

  Reveal hidden contents

Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Fixed the Follow Through Mod not always giving energy on respawn in Conclave.
  • Fixed being able to click Cephalon Capture + Lunaro through the Challenges dropdown menu in Conclave.


  • Fixed players in the same mission not always given the same rewards at End of Mission, such as Spy, Derelict Vaults, choices in Void Fissure mission.
  • Fixed not being able to progress through The New Strange quest as per:
  • Fixed a crash when casting Exalted Blade/Hysteria/etc while you have an active Glaive thrown out.
  • Fixed Itzal’s Penumbra ability not working properly.
  • Fixed Phobos-Stickney Survival not rewarding players as per:
  • Fixed the Sands of Inaros quest countdown timer displaying the incorrect location.
  • Fixed the Crossfire mission on Mars – Augustus being Grineer vs Grineer.
  • Fixed node displaying as « Clan Key » instead of actual Clan name when selecting Dojo from the Star Chart. This also fixes the Clan screen/nodes/UI components overlapping on top of the Clan Management screen.
  • Fixed being able to move while casting Itzal’s Penumbra as a Client.
  • Fixed Lua not being zoomed when it’s your last played planet.
  • Fixed Vor’s Janus Key beam missing its parry hit effect sounds.
  • Fixed invisible Sortie Season 8 rewards in the World State window.





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  1. Par contre niveau kavat je crois soit avoir un bug soit c’est intentionnel : j’utilise oberon pour pacifier les kavats et avec plus de 60 scans j’ai eu 0 gènes…

    Je pense que je vais repartir avec une frame de contrôle comme Vauban pour tester.

    Edit : 13 scans de plus quelque soit la frame 0 codes, les 2 que j’ai je les ais eu l’autre soir en les farmant en groupe. Solo j’en ai systématiquement aucun.

    • Pas bete le coup d’Oberon .. mais c’est ptet le fait qu’ils soient alliés qui fait quils donnent pas de codes.

      Perso j’utilise une Ivara avec la flèche de sommeil maxée portée/éco pour scanner tranquillou.

      On m’a aussi dit que si tu aides quelqu’un qui a la quète d’Inaros, tu peux te faire une quinzaine de codes par run.

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