Mise à jour 15.16

Tenno Reinforcements


Gemini Nikana Sheath available now!


The energy flowing within this sheath changes to match the blade within it. The Nikana will cause the energy to flow like the current of a river, while the Dragon Nikana causes the sheath to rage with molten fury.


Add the Gemini Nikana Sheath to your Arsenal by visiting the Market today!


Phoenix Intercept Tactical Alert




We have received reports of a factory that is developing artificial genomes for Tyl Regor. These genomes can restore broken links in the Grineer DNA sequence, producing many stronger clones.  You must stop this from happening! Assault the forces at Tyl Regor’s factory and intercept any intel that can tell us more about his experiments.


Shut down the factory, Tenno!


New Warframe Augments


New Augments have been added for the following Warframes, and can be purchased from the appropriate Syndicates:


  • Ash, Rising Storm (Arbiters of Hexis, Red Veil) – Blade Storm’s Melee multiplier lasts 100% longer before it resets.
  • Hydroid, Pilfering Swarm (Cephalon Suda, New Loka) – Enemies killed by tentacles have a 100% chance at additional drops.
  • Rhino, Piercing Roar (Steel Meridian, Perrin Sequence) – Enemies within 25 meters will suffer from a puncture proc.




  • Eyes of Blight Dojo Trophies have arrived and have been given to all Clans who participated in the event!


Weapon Changes


  • Increased the Base Damage on Aklato from 12 to 18.
  • Increased ammo capacity for Sicarus Prime to be a proper multiple of 3 (from 20 to 21).
  • Increased charged bolt damage of Rakta Ballistica from 100 to 300.
  • Increased uncharged bolt damage of Rakta Ballistica from 25 to 75 per bolt.
  • Rakta Ballistica is now a fully Silent weapon.




  • Lowered hacking difficulty on Void Sabotage Missions.
  • Visual improvements have been made to the Yamako Syandana.
  • Warframe can once again be launched by using a gamepad or controller.
  • Crossfire Missions now have unique Lotus Transmissions.
  • Various changes and additions have been made to Corpus and Grineer spy vaults.  Better keep an eye out when exploring Spy Mission maps!
  • Orokin Ducat has been renamed to Ducat.




  • Fixed issues that would occur with AMD cards during Archwing Missions.
  • Fixed intense lens flare effects.
  • Fixed menus not displaying after completing a Mission where pigments have dropped.
  • Fixed long delay that would occur before a ‘Join Session’ option would open up after opening a Friend or Clan member’s details.
  • Fixed issue where Stolen Dreams would become permanently stuck in the Quest log.
  • Fixed error caused when a Quest item in the player inventory has not been used, but is registered as being used by the active Quest.
  • Fixed login reward Blueprints not being properly labeled as Blueprints.
  • Fixed melee finishers placing players underneath stairs at the end of the animation.
  • Fixed melee finishers not registering on targets when the player is standing below the target on a staircase.
  • Fixed physics related crash that would occur.
  • Fixed a rare crash that would occur when loading into an Event Mission.
  • Fixed the bent visual on the Harkonar Syandana.
  • Fixed hip and syandana collision on Mesa.
  • Fixed enemies aiming at Hall of Mirrors aiming behind themselves, instead of at Mirage’s image.
  • Fixed Sentinels not aiming properly at some enemies.
  • Fixed an issue where extra melee dangles were being added to weapons.
  • Fixed dynamic music no longer playing after host migrations.
  • Fixed an issue where a host cannot rejoin a Mission they were disconnected from due to their player information still being registered to the squad.
  • Fixed clients becoming stuck in the capture animation during Capture Missions.
  • Fixed players being able to access the ceiling on Void Defense tileset.

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