Résumé du DevStream 47

Although Raids easily took up the majority of our time spent on Devstream 47 there were plenty of other juicy details on our upcoming updates. A quick revisit to PvP changes, new details on Cephalon Simaris’ Library, and some awesome new changes to Mag’s Crush are just the tip of the iceberg for this Devstream Overview.

If you missed watching the Devstream in real-time and would like to properly see what was discussed, be sure to check out our Youtube link here. We covered a lot of new features on this Devstream, so it’s definitely recommended to watch if you want to see Raids, PvP or some features of the new Library in action!

In the meantime, here’s what we covered:


When is Update 16?

Due to the size and complexity of Update 16 we’ve chosen to delay its release until early March. We’ll continue to update everyone on the release of Update 16 as we get closer to launch.


PvP Changes

• This new game mode is being unofficially called Capture the Cephalon, and otherwise works like your basic CTF map. Points cannot be scored unless your flag is returned.
• The speed of this PvP mode (in terms of gunplay) won’t be ‘twitch level’. Making it impossible to shoot or attack while performing parkour would be bad, and we’re not interested in making a high-speed ninja version of Call of Duty.
• Since melee weapons do considerable damage, Stances will play a huge role in PvP, depending on individual playstyle.
• The Conclave Syndicate leader will provide quests and unique rewards for players that actively participate in Conclave.


Mag Crush Update

As of now, Mag’s Crush animation only deals damage at two points — the start and end. Our changes to Crush will ensure that the attack not only does more damage throughout each point in the animation, but also will provide some minor crowd control at the very end when enemies are recovering from the attack. This should not only help improve Mag’s damage, but also give her an obvious boost against higher level enemies.


Relay Librarian

• Each new target chosen by the Librarian will be on display, in addition to how close the community is to completing the current objective.
• The Library will allow players to try completed Mastery Rank tests, or practice on a current Mastery Rank test without worry of being locked out.
• A ‘danger room’ is being added that will allow players to summon enemies they’ve scanned using a new unique object scanner. This special scanner will function similar to a Ghostbuster trap, requiring more than just a simple codex scan to capture.
• Once the community has completed a weekly objective players will receive a lore entry related to the target in addition to Affinity with the Librarian.


Raid Details

• The new raid will function in three parts, with puzzles and bosses broken into smaller sections.
• Raids will require co-operation and communication from all players involved, as a single player not pulling their weight could mean the rest of the group will not progress.
• Some rewards will come in the form of upgrades to cosmetic armor. These upgrades will be interchangeable so players can customize their Warframe’s appearance without needing to worry about losing their raid bonus.
• Much of this Devstream was focused on showing off the Raid, but it should be noted that everything shown is still a work in progress. Everything from the Raid’s design to enemy level is still subject to change, but we genuinely hope everyone enjoyed seeing where our progress has taken us so far.


Riot Moa

Our Community inspired Riot Moa is still making excellent progress, as seen in this Riot Moa Animation video. Behold!

La vidéo est visible sur : https://warframe.com/news/devstream-47-overview


Spy 2.0 Update

With the majority of our attention being focused on Update 16 there isn’t much to say on new game modes being released. However our support for Spy 2.0 is continuing with new rooms being added to the Spy rotation. This should help keep Spy Missions from getting too repetitive or predictable.


Sentinel Overheat

Sentinel damage is a pretty straightforward affair with the exception of Overheat — a feature that every Sentinel weapon has but isn’t precisely explained anywhere. After doing some research into Sentinels we’ve determined that changes must be made to this feature to make it easier to work with, and a lot clearer in how it operates. Expect changes to come to Overheat in the near future as we look for ways to better manage this increase in damage.

That’s all for this week’s Devstream Overview, but be sure to check out our next Livestream airing directly from PAX on March 6! We’ll be talking game design and showing off some new features in front of community members at TennoLive — including our latest Warframe design.

We look forward to seeing you there, Tenno!

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