Mise à jour 15.2.0 et 15.2.1

MAJ 15.2.0


Tenno Reinforcements:

RATHBONE: Archwing Melee
Using Archwing’s jets for thrust, this massive hammer crushes anything in its path.

VELOCITUS: Archwing Primary
When fully charged, the magnetized barrel of the Velocitus accelerates a metal slug to tremendous speeds, piercing hulls and obliterating armor.


New Player Quest: Introduction to Infested:

Once Awake
Intercepted Grineer communications reveal that Grineer have been experimenting with some sort of bio weapon. You must investigate.

This new quest will be immediately available to any player who has completed Vor’s Prize, and can be accepted directly from the Codex. It will also be made available to players who skipped Vor’s Prize when the quest system was first implemented, meaning that only players who are yet to complete Vor’s Prize and are brand new to Warframe will need to wait to play!


Warframe Changes:

Enemies targeted by Nyx’s Mind Control no longer take friendly damage until the duration of the ability ends, at which point all accumulated damage to the target is applied at once.
Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod has received an improved visual effect to reduce visual clutter when cast multiple times and
Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod should now properly deal Slash damage.
Excalibur’s Radial Javelin and Mag’s Shield Polarize will now check for line of sight when targeting enemies.
Trinity’s Energy Vampire now only benefits teammates who can see or can be seen by the targeted victim (victims remember who they have seen for a short duration).
Banish / Rift Walk will no longer stack energy regeneration when used on targets in a Cataclysm bubble.



Optimized Dojo memory use to improve performance and load times.
Optimized game code to improve loading times and performance.
HUD will now display the correct button mapping when using a controller with a remapped button layout.
Enemy spawn points are now spread into clusters in Dark Sector Conflicts.
Removed brown fog from Archwing missions.
Made small adjustments to flaming debris in Archwing Trench Run missions.
Previewing the front sigil will now display the default color for the sigil you are viewing without changing the color of your equipped back sigil.
Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod will now prompt Kubrow to pick an enemy near other enemies (since the charge is AoE).
Added knockdown to Huras Kubrow charge that should make enemies hit suffer an entertaining knockback.
Gilded Truth Mod will now provide a multiplier of 1.2 instead of a multiplier of 0.2.
Moved Vor’s transmissions during Vor’s Prize to sit on the right hand side of the screen to reduce obstruction.
Adjusted timers on special effects particles to prevent lingering FX (ie. smoke from destroyed crates).
Removed Neural Sensor Requirements from Large Restore Crafting Recipes.
Eximus units in the Void now require 3 scans for a Codex entry, as opposed to the original 20.
Changed all entries of ‘Fire’, ‘Poison’ or ‘Freeze’ damage elements to ‘Heat’, ‘Toxin’ and ‘Cold’ respectively to remove inconsistency.



Points can no longer sit neutral, they must be owned by either AI or players
Score now scaled directly by the number of points you have, instead of being reduced if the AI owns more.
Abandoned points (eg. was capturing but left point before completing the capture) now start to drain faster (5 seconds after leaving from 10 seconds) and drain back to the original state far quicker (at a rate of 25% per second)
Updated all point prefabs so the points will start captured by the AI and must be taken by the player, score does not start accruing until a player captures a point


Archwing Fixes:

Fixed description for Elytron’s Core Vent ability incorrectly stated that it hurts enemies.
Fixed an issue with Archwing melee weapons not extending when viewed in the Arsenal.
Fixed color changes on Archwing weapons appearing to revert when modified in Arsenal, changes now correctly saved.
Fixed Archwing parts loading into non-archwing missions.
Fixed Odonata’s Disarray not affecting Dreg Spheres.
Fixed Elytron’s Core Vent not affecting Dreg Spheres.
Fixed the activation of Odonata Archwing abilities not properly issuing 25/50/75/100 Affinity respective of ability used (1/2/3/4).


Fixed an issue with a checkered wall blocking progression on certain areas of the Infested Ship tileset.
Fixed a UI Bug that made Affinity Orbs appear to give 100 Affinity in the ‘pickup ticker’ when a Affinity Booster is active, when 200 Affinity was in fact being rewarded.
Fixed pause menu becoming inaccessible when viewing mission progress.
Fixed a crash that would occur for players with pending recipes available on login.
Fixed an error where Kubrow would still be heard when using Arsenal or when muted.
Fixed issue where using the search bar for Mods would always display Fusion Cores in the results.
Fixed a game freeze that could occur when selecting an event from the World State Window.
Fixed scrollbar inaccuracies in Events tab of World State Window.
Fixed inbox messages breaking after transmissions have played.
Fixed some profiles appearing incorrectly as Grand Master.
Fixed Trench Run minimap issues to correctly display objective marker and load correct room.
Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where charge would end after 5 frames of no movement.
Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where all Kubrow in mission would share the same cooldown recharge time.
Fixed issue that caused Sigils to never display warframe energy color.
Fixed issue that caused planets to not zoom in when on Solar Map, also reduced lingering on the full map once a planet/node has been selected.
Fixed dual wielded secondary weapons appearing in players hands in Archwing Arsenal.
Fixed menu tabs not displaying correctly when player switches quickly from one tab to the next.
Fixed login screen not displaying last used Warframe, should now be corrected after one login.
Fixed defense objective on Ceres alerts spawning off the lift, breaking enemy pathing.
Fixed loading issue with Grineer shipyard zones.
Fixed Europa incorrectly displaying 500-1200 conclave requirement, now properly reads 500-1000.
Fixed pathing error on Infested Corpus Ship tileset that would occur when entering certain hallways.
Fixed various gameplay freezes and crashes.
Fixed continued issues with Stalker not spawning properly.



Localized the Limbo Theorem and Archwing quest summaries for Russian and Japanese.
Localized final Archwing mission transmissions to French.
Resized Syndicate names to not be so long in Russian.
Various localization fixes and updates.



MAJ 15.2.1


Syndicate Changes


  • Added standing multiplier to Sigils – the higher the tier of Sigil, the higher the multiplier.
  • Added sigil multiplier to Syndicate mission bonus if sigil matches the Syndicate hosting the mission.
  • Syndicate Standing gain per day now capped at 2000 + (2000 x Mastery Rank Number).
    • For example, I am a Mastery Rank 15 player.
    • My personal Syndicate Reputation Cap is 2000 + (2000 x 15)
    • Using BEDMAS: 2000 + 30000
    • 32000 is my Daily  Syndicate Standing cap as a Mastery Rank 15 player.
  • (Coming in next build, missed build cutoff!) Base Syndicate standing gain is now ten times faster than before


Warframe Changes


  • Removed LOS checks for Radial Javelin, Energy Vampire, and Shield Polarize (reverted the 15.2.0 change).


Archwing Changes


  • Reduced AI ‘sprint’ acceleration and max ‘sprint’ speed to make enemies easier to target.
  • Updated Velocitus firing sounds.
  • Reduced lens flare effect on Velocitus.
  • Bigger hit effect on the Velocitus’ projectile.
  • Small buff to Velocitus’ damage, included ability to sweep a sphere giving some ‘slack’ on the shot.
  • Enemy spawns will be staggered so enemies are not as bunched together.
  • Small optimization made to AI pathing in Archwing.




  • Adjusted holster position for staff weapons on Hydroid.
  • Relocated capture and spawn points on Viver, Interception missions.
  • Improved the weapon trail on the Fragor/Brokk attack animations.
  • Viver, Eris is now a Infested Hive mission to return Eris to a purely Infested region.




  • Fixed Flappy Zephyr missing from leaderboards.
  • Fixed Rathbone requiring two handles to craft, now reduced to one handle.
  • Fixed Sigils not showing their proper selected color.
  • Fixed Rathbone having 9 Mod slots, reduced to 8.
  • Made improvements to Archwing enemy navigation, should no longer get stuck in asteroids when being fired at.
  • Fixed Gilded Truth Mod giving higher fire rate than intended, now gives up to 80% when fully maxed.
  • Fixed issue that caused Zephyr suddenly stopping mid air due to physics bug.
  • Fixed VIP not spawning in quest defense missions.
  • Fixed World State Window not accessing a Syndicate Mission on a planet you haven’t unlocked.
  • Fixed script error that would stop progress on Capture missions.
  • Fixed portions of Ice Planet tileset near crashed ship where players could fall out of map.
  • Various localization fixes and updates.
  • Fixed Interception point D on Corpus Ship, no longer floating off the ground.
  • Fixed issue regarding host-migration, items will no longer be lost during host-migration mid Defense or Interception missions.
  • Joining an Archwing mission that’s already in progress will no longer mute Archwing sounds.
  • Fixed inaccurate collision on crashed ship on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed players not receiving Archwing during space extraction cinematic on Archwing quest mission.

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