Mise à jour 15.5.4 + 15.5.5 + 15.5.6

HOTFIX 15.5.4


* Made Hub use FOV attenuation instead of override so user setting still works
* Optimized Hub servers to allow more concurrent players
* Removed unfinished Nullifier Spaceman from spawn tables
* Added sound effect for weapons being jammed
* Fixed a several client-side crashes when hanging out in Hubs
* Removed some hitches and optimized memory usage for connecting to Hubs
* Fixed cloth physics
* Fixed some sound problems with Mesa’s Ballistic Battery and Shooting Gallery

HOTFIX 15.5.5

“Tenno Hubs” Stress Test:

Vesper Relay stress testing continues! “Tenno Hubs” are now available to any player that has supported development through Prime Access, as well as any player that is Mastery Rank 10 and up!  Remember:

  •  Eligible Tenno can access the Vesper Relay on Venus.
  • There may be some hitches, please be patient as we continue to fine-tune hubs!          


Holiday decorations have been added to the Dojo and Liset!  Check out some of our festive additions to the Marketplace here


Weapon Changes:

The Paracyst, Gammacor, Synoid Gammacor, and Redeemer have all received stat increases as indicated below:



  •  Base Slash damage increased from 40 to 60.
  • Gunshot” damage increased in range and deadliness, from 15 to 30.


  • Increased damage dealt in beam per second.
  • Increased fire rate of beam.
  • Reduced ammo consumption.
  • Increased Magnetic damage from 30 to 42
  • Increased proc chance from 10% to 20%.
  • Increased Ammo Capacity and Clip Size to 375 and 75 respectively.


  •  Increased burst fire rate from 200 to 500 as well as reduced the delay between delay between burst rounds.
  • Increased Critical Chance to 5.0%
  • Increased Critical Damage Multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Reduced required ammunition for secondary fire.
  • Increased rate of fire for secondary fire.
  • Significantly decreased the charge time required on secondary fire.


  •  Tightened controller / gamepad timing for using the crouch / dodge maneuver.
  • Decreased the amount of explosive damage dealt by Tar-Mutalist Moa’s projectiles.
  • Increased the radius of Infested Hive ambient sounds.
  • Updated animations on the Redeemer finishing attacks.
  • Updated animations on new Thrown weapon combos.
  • Updated map navigation to upper areas of Ice Planet, Mobile Defense that was previously unavailable.
  • Added extra security terminals to Ice Planet tileset to help prevent players becoming trapped in any rooms.
  • Exiting the Tenno hubs should no longer trigger an End of Match screen.
  • Removed ally markers from various NPCs located in the Tenno hub.
  • Adjusted the timing on Tenno emotes.
  • Weapons that have secondary fire abilities can no longer use their primary fire while the secondary is active.  This fix affects weapons that require the secondary fire button to be held down.
  • Nyx’s Mind Control is now a toggable ability.
  • Updated artwork and backdrop in Tenno Hub Hangar.
  • When opening the Gear or Emote menus the previously used item / emote will automatically be highlighted.


  • Fixed Mesa’s Ballistic Battery effects showing as being used when activating the ability.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery buff animation pathing incorrectly when standing near a wall.
  • Fixed an error that would occur when ranking up a Syndicate playing in Russian.
  • Fixed an error on Dark Sector battlepay that inadvertently caused Defender information to be erased once there was no reserve pay available.
  • Fixed Infested Swarm Armor buff overriding player’s Corrosive Projection Aura.
  • Fixed uncommon issues with players falling out of Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed hole in Archwing Corpus Trench Run tileset as per: https://forums.warfr…-tilesets-hole/
  • Fixed the main menu occasionally becoming blocked by other text elements on screen (ie – objectives, player names, markers)
  • Fixed Tar-Mutalist Moa’s goo damaging Limbo when he is in the rift.
  • Fixed pathing on enemies walking through Ice Planet tileset ship tunnels.
  • Fixed Paracyst not using burst fire animation when fired.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker, Nyx’s Psychic Bolts, and Limbo’s Cataclysm affecting enemies that are immune to Tenno abilities.
  • Fixed weapons with fire rate below 1 not accurately displaying stat changes when Mods are applied.
  • Fixed an issue where several weapon types did not have a proper slide-attack event hooked up, resulting in a ‘broken’ feel when attempting to use advanced maneuvers.
  • Fixed an issue where Mesa’s Alt Helmet was given, for free, to anyone who crafted the frame or purchased her independently. Helmets acquired this way are no longer in inventories.



HOTFIX 15.5.6



  • Swarm Mutalist MOA’s nanite cloud visual effects will now only become thicker when attaching to players, not enemies as well.
  • Made ambient Archwing music a little quieter.
  • Added controller / gamepad support for Liset customization screen.
  • Made various visual improvements to ‘Tenno Hub’ concourse skybox.
  • Consumables and Gear will no longer be usable when in the ‘Tenno Hub’. Coming later.
  • Various adjustments have been made to AI footstep audio.
  • Missions that have been aborted or failed no longer reward players with Syndicate Standing.




  • Fixed Infested Brood Mother not being able to get up after being knocked down.
  • Fixed Infested Boiler infinitely spawning enemies.
  • Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Javelin not stunning enemies who survive the attack.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s beam visual effect persisting when using melee during a slide.
  • Fixed Infested Maggots latching on to invisible targets, or targets that are too far away from their leap.
  • Fixed incorrect calculation on Fire Rate for charged weapons when equipping Mods that affect Fire Rate.
  • Fixed various broken objective markers on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed enemies shooting through crates surrounding Mobile Defense console on Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed error caused by aborting a Survival mission mid-mission when not hosting.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s continuous fire sometimes using default energy color when players stop running while shooting.
  • Fixed holes in Archwing Corpus tileset as per: https://forums.warfr…08#entry3966508
  • Fixed Velocitus weapon fire sound ending prematurely, also corrected various weapon fire animations.
  • Fixed navigation bars in the Codex overlapping when backing out of a selection under Enemies.
  • Fixed players getting stuck in the air when recovering from Mutalist Alad V’s control.
  • Fixed issue with sprinting being activated after entering the New Loka Syndicate pond in the Hubs. The fountain of sprint is no more!
  • Fixed various crashes.

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