Mise à jour 15.5.7 + + 15.5.8 + 15.5.9

HOTFIX 15.5.7



  • Emotes are now live for use in missions! With the Stress Testing of ‘Tenno Hubs’ progressing well, we have now added functioning emotes (host/client) to the game which can be activated via your ‘Gear’ menu.
  • Added emote for ‘Follow’!
  • Syndicate Weapons can now be traded!  Players may now trade ONLY unranked and unused Syndicate weapons with one another.




  • Made various Localization updates.
  • Infested Tar Mutalist MOA, Swarm Mutalist MOA, Boiler and Brood Mother have all been added to regular Infested missions throughout the star chart!
  • Removed Nightmare Mode from final quest mission in Patient Zero.
  • Accessing the Gear / Emote wheels has now been changed!  Using a keyboard players can access their inventory and emotes by holding down the appropriate key (defaulted to Q), while anyone using a controller / gamepad will be able to toggle the menu.


Weapon Changes:


Braton Prime:


  • Increased Physical Damage from 25 to 35
  • Increased Status Chance from 10.0% to 20.0%
  • Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0
  • Increased Fire Rate
  • Increased Magazine Size from 50 to 75
  • Decreased Ammo Capacity to 375




  • Fixed emotes allowing players to move freely when used during an Ability.  Emotes will no longer play when a Warframe is in an already existing animation.
  • Fixed Archwing Interception missions force extracting players still within mission bounds.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker displaying ‘Invalid Target’ where there are no enemies nearby to fire at.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse removing her festive holiday skin.
  • Fixed issue caused by falling off the edge during the Mastery Rank 15 test, causing players to be caught in a teleport loop.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker not applying camera shake effect when firing.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker shooting toward player crosshair instead of directly at enemies.
  • Fixed performance issues that would occur in long sessions where Vauban’s Vortex was often used, resulting in FPS issues.








  • Fixed Warframe launching/minimizing in full-screen by reverting prior DirectX 11 fixes.
  • Fixed Conclaves being unplayable.




HOTFIX 15.5.8


Warframe Changes:




Changes to Energy Vampire are being made as per: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/357844-trinity-energy-vampire


  • Damage dealt is now direct-to-health damage instead of Slash (ignoring armor).
  • Damage is now only scaled off of HP instead of HP + Shields.
  • Damage will scale off of their current HP or ¼ of their max, whichever is greater.
  • Damage will always be at least 5 HP per pulse.
  • You will no longer be able to cast on targets that won’t take damage from it; this specifically applies during the invulnerability phases of certain bosses.
  • Multiple Trinities can no longer drain energy from a single target simultaneously.
  • Players can no longer gain energy while in Nyx’s Absorb or Mesa’s Peacemaker.




  • Emotes are now able to be interrupted by other emotes.
  • Infested Alad V’s mind control ability should no longer attack the players in a bleed-out state and should instead return to Alad V.
  • Enemies that spawn from enemies already inside of Limbo’s Rift will now also be considered within Limbo’s Rift (eg: Boilers).
  • Made various animation tweaks to the Kubrow Charge Ability.
  • Mission nodes will now always display the specific mission type during an Alert / Event when players highlight a node affected by an Alert / Event.
  • Made various audio tweaks to Mesa’s Regulator pistols, in addition to some visual tweaks to Peacemaker’s effects.
  • Optimized the performance of beam weapons when fired at groups of enemies.
  • Improved Glaive ricochet targeting.




  • Fixed a number of issues with NVIDIA® Optimus™ and DirectX 11.
  • Fixed the non-Syndicate Gammacor being a tradeable weapon.
  • Fixed various issues that Mutalist Alad V’s mind control power would cause on player Warframe Abilities.
  • Fixed various issues with Mutalist Alad V’s mind control power affecting players that are mid-air when hit.
  • Fixed an issue when a player uses Alt-F4 when affected by Alad V’s mind control power, preventing Alad V from using the collar for the rest of the fight
  • Fixed Dojo decorations not appearing immediately when you first load into a Dojo.
  • Fixed Gammacor’s laser not appearing when fired.
  • Fixed newly spawned enemies being able to attack Limbo when he is in inside the Rift, but not Cataclysm.
  • Fixed players not being able to trade Arcane Helmets.
  • Fixed various issues with opening / sorting through Gear inventory.
  • Fixed various issues on Ice Planet, including zoning and elevator related problems.
  • Fixed various improper localization on Mastery Rank 15 / 16 test completion.
  • Fixed UI displaying friends in an incorrect mission, if their mission was on a node with a simultaneous event occurring.
  • Fixed issue with Gammacor caused by using the Barrel Diffusion, Lethal Torrent and Seeker Mods all at once.
  • Fixed various crash-related issues making space a safer place for us all.
  • Fixed issue where using a Thrown weapon when on a ledge would cause Tenno to step off the ledge.
  • Fixed players being unable to scroll beyond 54 Warframe slots.
  • Fixed Mutalist Alad V’s mind control message not appearing in appropriate language for host.
  • Fixed Rhino Prime Codex entry showing as not properly localized to German.
  • Fixed Daedelus Shoulder Plates not attaching to Mesa properly.
  • Fixed both Attackers and Defenders seeing a ‘Mission Complete’ at the end of a Solar Rail Conflict match regardless of outcome.


HOTFIX 15.5.9


  • Mesa’s Peacemaker will now automatically target enemies that enter her range when holding down the trigger button. Ramp up time will not reset when all nearby enemies are killed.
  • The Drahk Master will now only steal your weapon if you have a pistol or rifle equipped.
  • Sent Nullifier Crewmen into Cerberus to help reinforce the Corpus forces there.
  • Adjusted spawn rates for the new Infested enemies in some of the earlier Missions.
  • Reduced stun rate of various NPC weapons used in Archwing Missions.


  • Fixed some cases where the last reward shown in a defense or interception mission was not given to some players.
  • Fixed crash that would occur when Mirage used Hall of Mirrors with a Torid equipped as a client.
  • Fixed players not seeing Dojo decorations when entering a Dojo.
  • Fixed Invasion Missions not counting toward Battle Pay when quota for Invasion is completed when mid-Mission.
  • Fixed chat connection problems from machines with various operating system services disabled.
  • Fixed issues with gray square appearing in place of obtained item details (at the bottom of the screen).
  • Fixed Mesa’s Regulator pistols not being removed upon deactivation if the player has no other weapons (e.g. stolen by Beastmaster).
  • Fixed Mesa becoming stuck in Peacemaker while being mind controlled by Mutalist Alad V.
  • Fixed various crash-related issues.
  • Fixed various localization issues related to Mods and Mastery Sigils.

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