Mise à jour 15.7.0 + 15.7.1

Update 15.7: Nova Prime


Nova Prime and the newest Prime Gear


A torrent of offensive destruction, Nova Prime bursts into Prime Access.


Get Nova Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours – instantly – including Nova Prime, Soma Prime and Vasto Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!


Packages include:



Harness electromagnetic energy and command control with Nova Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.



Add the deadly Soma and Vasto Primes to your Arsenal.



Modify your Warframe with the Pyra Prime Syandana and the Velorum Prime Sigil. Add Exclusive Nova Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.



Give your Platinum supply a boost at a great price.

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You can begin to hunt for Nova Prime parts using our drop tables for guidance:  https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/172911-prime-gear-drop-locations/


New Enemies


More Corpus and Grineer have been corrupted by the Void!


    • Corrupted Butcher has been added to the Orokin Void Mission types.
    • Corrupted Rocket Bombard and Corrupted Nullifier have been added to T3 and T4 Void Missions



Weapon Changes:


    • Increased the Kohm’s weapon damage from 15 to 25.
    • Decreased the Kohm’s Ammo Consumption.





    • Corpus Nullifier shields will now decrease in size depending on incoming damage.
    • Players can no longer sell Large Restore Blueprints of any variety for credits.
    • Adjusted Conclave rating for resistance Mods.  The following Mods are now 15 Conclave points when fully ranked:  Lightning Rod, Flame Repellent, Insulation, Shock Absorbers, Diamond Skin, Antitoxin, and Resilient Focus. Sure Footed is now 10 Conclave points.





    • Fixed Invasion Battle Pay not being correctly awarded to players. Please note we have retroactively given all ‘missed’ payments.
    • Fixed the Redeemer playing the wrong sound when fired.
    • Fixed friendly fire damaging Sentinel’s Sanctuary shield.
    • Fixed issue caused by destroying enemy drones in Archwing.
    • Fixed Kubrows getting stuck on the Galleon Defense tileset.
    • Fixed Banshee’s Resonance Augment Mod not functioning.
    • Fixed unique case of Mesa’s Regulator pistols still being usable after Peacemaker ends.
    • Fixed the Archwing’s vacuum attempting to pull in Mods you’ve already picked up.
    • Fixed various collision issues in the Relay Station’s Mission Control room.
    • Fixed screen never returning from blackout after using Mesa’s Peacemaker while falling into a pit.
    • Fixed players being unable to purchase the Spearmint Scythes weapon skins from the Marketplace.
    • Fixed elevator not functioning properly on Deception in Grineer Shipyard tileset.
    • Fixed Tar-Mutalist MOA’s projectile still causing Radiation damage.  Also removed area damage effect from attack.
    • Fixed an infrequent lockup that would occur when using jump attacks with the Scoliac.
    • Added Orokin Ducat cost to Lex Prime Blueprint.
    • Fixed issue that would occur when a player joins a Mission just as the host is going back to a lobby.
    • Fixed issue with G3 that would cause Mission to be impossible to complete when players were spread out too far from one another.
    • Fixed Feral Kubrow dropping Oxium.


  • Fixed the Ruinous Extension Mod not being compatible with the Gammacor and Synoid Gammacor.


Trouver les nouvelles parties:

    • Nova Prime :
      BP – T1 sabotage
      Systems – Orokin Derelict Survival
      Chasis – T3 survival
      Helmet – T4 sabotage
    • Vasto Prime :
      BP – T4 survival
      Barrel – T2 mobile defense
      Reciever – T1 defense
    • Soma Prime :
      BP – T2 defense
      Barrel – T4 interception
      Reciever – T2 survival
      Stock – T3 extermination



HOTFIX 15.7.1




  • Void Mission rewards are no longer included in caches upon finding all 3. Please note we are working on a way to return this feature, but exploits prevent us from leaving it active at this time.




  • Fixed personal contributions to Dojo color Research ingredients not being properly counted in the Dojo if you had not found any ingredients during our previous Update.
  • Fixed Nova’s Antimatter Drop being uncontrollable at Rank 1 as per: https://forums.warfr…er-drop-broken/


2 thoughts on “Mise à jour 15.7.0 + 15.7.1

  1. Voici les rotations précises pour les défenses/survies/interceptions:

    >Nova Prime
    Blueprint T1 Sabotage
    Helmet T4 Sabotage
    Systems Survie Derelict (rotation C)
    Chassis T3 Survie (rotation C)

    >Soma Prime
    Blueprint T2 Defense (rotation A)
    Barrel T4 Interception (rotation C)
    Stock T3 Exterminate
    Receiver T2 Survie (rotation C)

    >Vasto Prime
    Blueprint T4 Survie (rotation C)
    Barrel T2 Defense Mobile
    Receiver T1 Defense rotation (C)

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