Mise à jour 16.11 + 16.11.1 + 16.11.2 + 16.11.3 + 16.11.4



An elusive and lethal force, Ash Prime storms into Prime Access.  Get Ash Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours — instantly — including Ash Prime, Vectis Prime and Carrier Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!


Packages include:

  • NEW ASH PRIME WARFRAME:  Add the lethal abilities and power of distraction to your Arsenal with Ash Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.
  • NEW PRIME SENTINEL:  Upgrade your Sentinel with the new Carrier Prime Sentinel.
  • NEW PRIME WEAPONS:  Add the deadly Vectis Prime to your Arsenal.
  • PRIME ACCESSORIES:  Modify your Warframe with the Yamako Prime Syandana and enhance your Sentinel with Unda Prime Sentinel Accessories. Add Exclusive Ash Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.
  • See our hidden drop tables here – locations will be revealed as Tenno find the new Prime Gear


Conclave Changes:

  • Ash and Ash Prime are now available for use in Conclave.
  • Vectis and Vectis Prime are now available for use in Conclave.


Excavation Changes:


  • The Excavation spawn logic has been replaced with the logic Survival has been using since February; rather than a slow stream of enemies they will now come in slightly more coordinated waves with gaps between them for pacing.
  • Not only does the new spawn logic improve the feel of the spawns but it also made a measurable improvement to host frame-rate on CPU-bound systems.
  • The first dig-site will now be available for activation immediately when the Mission starts but the identification of subsequent dig-sites is now delayed until the first excavator is started.
  • Improved the spawn placement strategy so that enemies don’t have to travel as far to reach the action. Similarly improved the arrangement of enemies spawned before excavation starts so that they are only placed between the players and the first excavator (rather than towards extraction).
  • Resolved numerous collision issues with the excavators that sometimes shielded attacking melee units from gunfire.
  • Fixed an issue where enemy units could get lost after the excavator they were attacking was destroyed or completed. Fixed a similar problem for enemies that were spawned before the first excavator was started.
  • Reduced the amount of Kubrow dens that appear in Excavation Missions on Earth.



  • Mag’s Greedy Pull Augment will now only draw in items for Mag.
  • Time-mission Nightmare variants will no longer appear in Assassination Missions.
  • English Oceania chat and Hubs and English Asia chat and Hubs have now been merged, but still have independent matchmaking.




  • Fixed some weapons not properly adding damage to Nova’s Antimatter Drop.
  • Fixed some projectiles not properly doing damage to Nova’s Antimatter Drop and Grineer door sensors.
  • Fixed Fusion MOA’s ranged attack causing issues with damage absorbed by Nova’s Antimatter Drop.
  • Fixed Ember’s Accelerant HUD timer not showing the effect of duration Mods.
  • Fixed multiple typos in Dojo room descriptions.
  • Fixed alarms in Capture Missions repeating over and over.
  • Implemented fixes to prevent crashes related to PhysX.
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Gold Skull Badge from being visible for both Warframes and Sentinels.
  • Fixed an issue caused by trying to host a Dojo while in a Squad, forcing players to disband their squad first.
  • Fixed players being unable to pass through destroyable level features on the Infested Corpus Ship tileset.
  • Fixed players being able to fall through the floor of the Oracle Dojo room.
  • Fixed the Angstrum always showing as having 0 magazine capacity.
  • Fixed incorrect visual effect showing on Trinity’s Energy Vampire.
  • Fixed overlapping text appearing in the Dojo Biolab.
  • Fixed weapons completed in the Liset’s foundry showing the same energy color as the Liset’s colors.
  • Fixed Ember’s Noble stance causing thrown weapons to appear to be floating in her hands.
  • Fixed Scanners and Kubrow Dens not appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed Clients being unable to pick up the key in Void Sabotage Missions after killing the miniboss.
  • Fixed Clients not being able to see any excavator effects when it is powered, or when it explodes.
  • Fixed Host Migrations at the end of a Conclave match allowing players to continue playing.
  • Fixed the ‘Energy Surge’ warning in Conclave appearing as the Host’s language.
  • Fixed an issue that would occur when joining a Conclave match just as the match was ending.
  • Fixed various localization issues.



Hotfix 16.11.1



  • Fixed Ash, Vectis and Carrier parts not dropping for players in the Void.
  • Fixed Mag, Boar and Dakra parts still dropping for players in the Void.




Hotfix 16.11.2 :



  • Crewman Lore has been entered to Simaris’ database.



  • Fixed default textures that appear on the loading screen.
  • Fixed the Boar Prime appearing in ultra rare Loot Crates. It has been replaced with the Scindo Prime Blueprint.
  • Fixed the Carrier Prime’s Carapace description reading the description for Wyrm Prime.
  • Fixed Ash Prime Helmet not available for Arcane Enhancements.



Hotfix 16.11.3 :



  • Some Endless Nightmare missions now function like their Alert counterparts in completion criteria to be eligible for a Nightmare Mod. Specifics as follows:
  • Nightmare Interception now requires 2 Rounds to be eligible for extraction/Nightmare Mods, like their Alert Counterparts.
  • Nightmare Defense missions now require 10 Waves to be eligible for extraction/Nightmare Mods, like their Alert Counterparts.
  • Nightmare Excavation (Nodes & Alerts) now requires 500 units of Cryotic before extraction is enabled.



  • Fixed players being unable to put Arcanes on Ash Prime’s helmet (for real this time – this fix resolves anyone who had purchased Ash Prime vs crafting!) This should also fix some users with un-Arcaneable Volt Prime helmets.
  • Fixed Nightmare Defense Missions not properly giving Nightmare Mod rewards.
  • Fixed left-side Badges falling to the floor when equipping the Harkonar Chestguard in Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Ukrainian option in the launcher language selector not working properly.
  • Fixed issue with the launcher not properly starting Warframe.
  • Fixed a variety of issues in the deployment of certain types of Specters.



Hotfix 16.11.4 :



  • Reduced the frequency of Forma Blueprints dropping in T3 Defense Rotation C.
  • Bo Prime Blueprint and Ember Prime Helmet Blueprint have been added to T3 Defense Rotation C.



  • Fixed issues with the Prisma Cleavers not having proper audio effects in a variety of attack/holster scenarios.




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  1. Ash Prime
    BP : T3 Defense RotC
    Casque : T4 Sabotage
    Chassis : T4 Survie RotA ou T2 Survie RotC
    Systemes : T3 Survie RotC

    Carrier Prime
    BP : T4 Interception RotA
    Cerebrum : T2 Extermination
    Carapace : T3 Extermination
    Systemes : T4 Sabotage

    Vectis Prime
    BP : T1 Defmob
    Canon : T4 Interception RotB
    Culasse : T4 Extermination

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