Mise à jour 17.12 + 17.12.1

Palatine Bonus Weekend


Spend this weekend recovering from your turkey coma by making space a more hospitable place to be.  From November 25 to November 30 we’ll be holding a special Palatine Bonus event available to all players!


For more information on this sale please visit our full news post here:  https://warframe.com…ention-tenno-19


Soft Launch: 2 Factor Authentication


As an additional security measure for our players 2 Factor Authentication has been integrated into Warframe.  This feature is currently optional, but we encourage players to opt-in and give their account an extra bit of protection against malicious attempts at account access.


Accounts can opt-in at www.warframe.com/user shortly after this Update is live. Be sure to check your spam folder for any confirmation emails. If you still aren’t receiving emails, add no-reply@warframe.com to your whitelist and allowed contacts.


New Warframe: Wukong




A primal warrior with the heart of a trickster.  Wukong’s powers include:


  • Iron Jab:  Explode the Iron Staff to its true length, knowing down anything in its path.
  • Defy:  Escape death by receiving a boost of health when killed.
  • Cloud Walker: Evaporate into a cloud of mist and float through the battlefield.
  • Primal Fury: Summon the Iron Staff and unleash fury.


Wukong is available in the Market or can be constructed through Dojo Clan tech.


New Customizations


The following Deluxe skins have been re-introduced into the Market and are here to stay!


  • Proto-Armor Excalibur
  • Proto-Glaive Weapon Skin
  • Nyx Nemesis
  • Valkyr Gersemi
  • Saryn Orphid


The following Deluxe skins are now available in the Market:


  • Rhino Palatine Skin: Pay homage to warriors of a more chivalrous time with this skin.
  • Jat Kittag Palatine Skin:  Transform the Jat Kittag with this forged steel skin.
  • Palatine Syandana:  A Syandana fit for a knight.


New Resource:


  • Nitain Extract:  Each vial is produced by the painstaking expression of billions of rare, ocean-vent dwelling microorganisms.  Locations of Nitain Extract will be made available through your Landing Craft’s navigation Alerts.




  • Made improvements to the purifier interaction on the second nerve in Stage 3 of the Jordas Verdict.




  • Fixed players being able to teleport through terrain using the Itzal during Stage 3 of the Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause extreme FPS after framerate hitches due to auto-vsync being disabled.
  • Fixed some instances where Loki could exit terrain via switch teleport.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Rest & Rage Ability ending early when switching forms as per: https://forums.warfr…witching-forms/
  • Fixed incorrect pricing on the Drac Chroma Helmet.
  • Fixed an error causing the Lotus’ Invasion announcement VO to play continuously when an Infestation Outbreak spreads to other nodes.
  • Fixed some limited-time reward weapons not properly taking color customization.
  • Fixed finisher attack animations appearing in Archwing.
  • Fixed the Corpus Frozen Outpost tileset missing some alarm consoles on Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed players being unable to gift a discounted item if they don’t have enough Platinum to cover the item’s original price.
  • Fixed the price of discounted items changing anytime a player exits then re-enters the gift confirmation screen.



Hotfix 17.12.1 :




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