Mise à jour 17.4.5


Tenno Reinforcements


Spira Throwing Daggers available now!


A flash of red ribbons dancing in the breeze is the last thing seen by victims of these deadly throwing daggers.


Add the Spira Throwing Daggers to your Arsenal by visiting the Market today!




  • Darvo and Clem Missions:  Players can now take a special weekly Mission from Darvo in the Relays that will reward players with an additional Clem Blueprint.  This Mission is only available after the completion of the Man of Few Words Quest. Please note upon completion, a 7-day cooldown will take effect before being able to re-run the mission.
  • New Noggles are now available in the Market!  Add Oberon, Valkyr and Zephyr to your collection today!


Conclave Changes


  • The Amphis and Tipedo are now available for use in Conclave.
  • Changed the Spry Sights Mod polarity back to V.
  • Reduced the damage of all non-dagger melee weapons in PvP.




  • As vaulting is currently disabled in-game we are temporarily removing the auto-vault toggle option from the options menu.  This feature (and ability) may return in the near future.
  • Liset Noggle capacity has been increased by 3x the amount.
  • Increased the angle that players can mount a Rampart from.
  • Added new idle animations to Noble and Agile stances when using throwing daggers.




  • Fixed an issue where reviving in Archwing missions would put you back at the beginning mission spawn.
  • Fixed several crashes related to cache corruption.
  • Fixed the Odonata Archwing’s Seeking Fire Ability doing damage to the player on use.
  • Fixed some collision issues on various areas of the Relay Concourse.
  • Fixed Tranquil Cleave not properly having a stun/stagger component in the Breathless Lunge combo branch.
  • Fixed the Simulor creating too many explosions when used with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors and fire rate Mods.
  • Fixed a minor lensflare in the Sabotage diorama.
  • Fixed Drekar Heavy Gunners dropping incorrect rare resources.
  • Fixed Trinity being available for use in Conclave.
  • Fixed some clipping issues in Cephalon Simaris’ Guardsmen Capture Target projection.
  • Fixed an error caused by players installing the Liset’s Incubator Upgrade without having the base Incubator.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur during enemy targeting.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to become locked on a black screen when exiting a Relay.
  • Fixed the camera becoming stuck inside the player’s head after using the Menu, a hacking panel, or experiencing any other perspective-altering events.
  • Fixed an error enabling players to use color customization they had not yet unlocked.
  • Fixed Grineer Blunts floating in mid-air for Clients after being destroyed by a Client.
  • Fixed secondary weapons appearing as invisible in hand after picking up a Data Mass when players have their secondary set to not appear when holstered.
  • Fixed an issue with icons appearing in chat.
  • Fixed various localization issues.

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