Mise à jour 18.10 + 18.10.1 + 18.10.2 + 18.10.3 + 18.10.4

Update 18.10.0 : Operation Rathuum.






The latest event is live! With it comes new Mods, a Wraith event weapon and more! Check our full Operation post in the forums for details:https://forums.warframe.com/topic/642880-operation-rathuum/


TWIN KOHMAK – Doubling their volley on each successive shot, the Twin Kohmaks decimate foes in seconds.


PBR Conversion – we’ve added PBR Upgrades on Nyx Prime, Ember Prime, Rhino Prime, and Excalibur Prime!


Rathuum Noggle Collection: A collection of Noggle Statues representing the Executioners of Rathuum.



  • Added a UI message letting players know when they’ve hit their daily Cephalon Simaris Standing limit.


  • Corrupted Orokin Grineer/Corpus now have new voices and commands!
  • You can now claim all Extractors at once that are ready!
  • The Hieroglyphics that Baro mentions in the Sands of Inaros quest have been added. I guess they do exist!




  • Improved Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion missing enemies that were very close to you.
  • Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion range has been re-scaled as you upgrade it. Previously the range maxed out at 10m at rank 3, now it scales from 6, 6.8, 7.6, 8.4, 9.2,10 meters
  • Tweaked Wyrm’s Crowd Dispersion physics to make the knock-back more realistic.
  • Improved the FX and performance of the Thunderbolt mod.
  • Removed exterior tileset Survival missions from Alerts. These were intended to be replaced by Excavation missions since they are always located in an exterior tileset.
  • Reduced the FX of the Thunderbolt mod on Mirage’s clones to improve performance.
  • Reduced disorienting amount of screen shake that occurs in Archwing when you’re slowing down from just drifting.
  • Credit pickups will no longer be shared to dead or AFK players in a mission.
  • Cryotic will no longer be rewarded to AFK players in Excavation missions.
  • Carrier’s Vacuum now behaves in coorelation to the owning player’s movement. It will not continuously vacuum the same spot for too long – your movement will trigger Vacuums.
  • Removed Beacons from the Drop tables of Prosecutors as they no longer have a use.
  • Players can now open the Pause menu (to Abort, etc) while in Spectator Mode or pre-death.




  • Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing daily limit not being properly tracked during missions.
  • Fixed Cephalon Simaris Standing not showing up in ‘view mission progress’ screen like the rest of the Syndicates do during missions.
  • Fixed issues with clumped spawning in Orokin Defense modes, enemies now spawn more equally distributed instead of skewed clumps.
  • Fixed Clients not receiving the Simaris Standing bonus shown in missions.
  • Fixed Convergence spawning on/underneath friendly objects. (Excavators, etc.)
  • Fixed the Tomb Protector Codex entry showing a quiver penetrating his chest as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/620855-bow-and-arrow-bug-with-inaros/
  • Fixed the confirm text for installing a Lens implying the selected weapon has a currently installed Lens even when said weapon does not have a Lens equipped.
  • Fixed various localization issues.
  • Fixed mission progress screen potentially showing a Cephalon Simaris Standing gain greater than the player’s daily limit.
  • Fixed Extraction becoming available after collecting 300 Cryotic in Sortie/Alert Excavation missions.
  • Fixed Torid not applying energy color correctly on certain FX.
  • Fixed various flickering glass textures in the Void.
  • Fixed abilities casted from Clients not being canceled by Corpus Nullifiers.
  • Fixed missing objective markers in the Recovery mission.
  • Fixed Crypods in Uranus Defense missions moving mid-wave.
  • Fixed certain PhysX particle effects not working on higher end graphics cards and possibly crashing.
  • Fixed Sigils looking stretched in the World State Window.
  • Fixed the Ripkas displaying it’s elemental effect on your Warframe’s neck.
  • Fixed incorrect lighting and water textures in the Uranus tileset.
  • Fixed the TennoGen Maltzur Liset displaying incorrect energy color as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/629322-maltzur-liset-skin-energy-color-bug/
  • Fixed an incorrect visual on the TennoGen Zephyr Hagoromo skin.
  • Fixed Hydroid’s Undertow resulting in enemies striking a T-pose after death.
  • Fixed a very rare case of returning to your Landing Craft and crashing.
  • Fixed Operators appearance resetting to default after a Host Migration.
  • Fixed certain Arrow trail FX not being removed after time.
  • Fixed Saryn’s Spores disappearing when casted on Molt.
  • Fixed the Kohmak muzzle flash always being default white.
  • Fixed incorrect teleport bounds on Ceres Defense maps.
  • Fixed an issue where Excavators can stall with 0.0 time remaining.
  • Fixed an issue with Landing Craft tower placement interfering with levels.



Hotfix 18.10.1 :
Kela de Thaym boss fights can no longer be joined once you enter her Arena tile.
Made numerous adjustments to event Audio levels and repetitions
Reduced audio levels on Corrupted Crewmen and Grineer until the new distance sound technology is released.

Fixed various crashes and game freezes.
Fixed a crash that would occur during the Kela boss fight.
Fixed a crash that would occur during the Tyl Regor boss fight.
Fixed an issue with Roller spark FX lingering after a host migration.



Hotfix 18.10.2 :


  • Rathuum 2 (Medium) now gives 10 Judgement Points upon completion.
  • Rathuum 3 (Hard) now gives 25 Judgement Points upon completion.
  • Reduced the accuracy of long-range Rathuum unit Executioner Harkonar.
  • Executioner Reth: Drakgoon damage reduced by 75%, Reth Roller damage reduced by 50%.
  • Executioner Nok: Damage on his Sobek has been halved, but Status Proc chance has been increased by 10%. Deth Carabus damage reduced to 1% Max Health / tick from 15% Max Health / tick, and a cool down of 6 seconds has been added so they can’t immediately attack again once the beam has been broken. Accuracy reduced at longer ranges.There was a bug in the design, the ray was only supposed to last a couple of seconds and then go on cool down. Instead they were just attacking continuously and had no cool down. Status Chance was added to help offset some of the damage lost on the Sobek and Deth Carabus nerfs. He has a chance to apply the Corrosive debuff, which will reduce armour, making his allies deal more damage.
  • Balanced Rathuum executioner weapons by reducing the enemy Drakgoon’s weapon by almost half, and increasing the enemy Sobek’s Status Chance by 10%.
  • Executioner Dok Thul and Executioner Vay Molta: Damage on the Hinds has been halved, and now falls off between 20-30m, down to a minimum amount of damage.
  • Reduced Rathuum enemy Health and Armor by 50-75%, but boosted Shields.
  • Executioner Garesh: Grappling Hook removed.
  • Carabus enemies have been physically scaled up by 50%.
  • See here for more informtion: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/643410-notice-operation-rathuum-event-faq/?page=3#comment-7198269
  • Made many difficulty and timing changes to the Kela de Thaym boss fight such as:
    • Better controlling her movements throughout her Arena to not overlap ‘spammy’ behaviours.
    • Rollers won’t jump up to the main area.
    • Increased time between Orbital strikes and target locks.



  • Fixed Vor’s Prize not being completable due to the Mercury Nav Segment missing from the level.
  • Fixed issues with volume levels of enemies in the Rathuum.
  • Fixed the new Medi Ray Mod not dropping from Kela de Thaym.
  • Fixed missing Subtitles in the Kela de Thaym fight.
  • Fixed various crashes and game freezes.
  • Fixed a crash related to Denial Bursas.
  • Fixes fo possible prog stoppers in the Kela de Thaym fight.


PSA & Notices:

  • There is currently a bug with The Jordas Verdict which is making it unplayable. We are working on a fix for approx. Monday deployment.



Hotfix 18.10.3 :

  • Fixed Kela de Thaym’s fight breaking if using Nova and Molecular Prime.



Hotfix 18.10.4 



  • Added a Range description to the Ack & Brunt Electromagnetic Shielding Mod.
  • Added damage sounds when struck by Executioner Nok’s Carabus drone.



  • Tweaked distance volume sounds on the Roller Sentries.
  • Upgraded a handful of textures in Kela De Thaym’s Arena to trilinear filtering to improve quality on low-end PCs with anisotropic-filtering disabled.
  • Removed an unintentional Kavat Mod from Transmutation. Soon Kavats… soon.
  • Tweaked Rhino’s default energy color to be slightly more blue.
  • Increase delays on Xiphos turret to reduce the constant start/stop behavior that can occur when it’s switching targets.
  • Restored detail in Nyx Prime’s textures.
  • Increased the resolution and slightly altered the tinting of Excalibur Prime.
  • Tweaked Vay Molta’s movement and attack sounds.
  • General improvements to audio mixing across all new Rathuum content. Audio elements now better respect volume control and Alt + Tab rules.



  • Fixed a crash in The Jordas Verdict which prevented any attempts from completing.
  • Fixed a common crash that would occur when teleporting an NPC that was on an emplacement (Ramparts).
  • Fixed Invasion missions being unplayable due to the UI not providing users with the option to select them.
  • Fixed energy color not being displayed on Oberon.
  • Fixed high levels of dynamic music through the Arena.
  • Fixed various other unnecessary loud sounds by enemies, weapons, etc. throughout Kela De Thaym’s Arena.
  • Fixed receiving additional Credit rewards on missions that are not won.
  • Fixed other players getting damaged by projectiles (i.e Ogris)  after Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors expires.
  • Fixed Kela De Thaym’s Mods not being labeled as ‘NEW’.
  • Fixed the Ki’Teer Syandana placing incorrectly on Equinox as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/637842-equinox-and-kiteer-syandana/
  • Fixed duplicate Codex entries for the Orokin Spectator Eximus.
  • Fixed missing Hall of Ascension Mods from the Codex.
  • Fixed a hole in Kela De Thaym’s Arena map.
  • Fixed pickups not teleporting to a safe zone after falling outside of the level bounds.
  • Fixed lasers in the Void moving around wildly.
  • Fixed respawning in Kela De Thaym’s Arena with un-upgraded Health values after a host migration.
  • Fixed various freezes and crashes.
  • Fixed UI timer not being accurate when there is a delay between a player dying and the respawn timer being activated in Kela De Thaym’s Arena.
  • Fixed the Electromagnetic Shielding Mod’s damage transfer not scaling with Fusion level.
  • Fixed taking 100% of the Electromagnetic Shielding Mod damage transfer.
  • Fixed Roller Sentries moving while opening/closing which sometimes resulted in them never firing.
  • Fixed repeating transmissions in Kela De Thaym’s Arena.





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