Mise à jour 18.11

Mise à jour 18.11 :



The following Augments are available as Syndicate Offerings:
Ash : Fatal Teleport: Teleport Augment – Teleport will perform a finisher on the target, dealing 200% extra damage. 50% of energy cost is refunded on a kill.
Banshee : Resonating Quake: Sound Quake Augment – Increase damage by 100, range by 1m and energy cost by 1, for every second this ability is active.
Oberon : Phoenix Renewal: Renewal Augment – Taking fatal damage while under the effects of Renewal will instead heal you or allies to 50% health. This effect triggers only once for each ally every 90s.
Chroma : Everlasting Ward: Elemental Ward Augment – Allies that leave the radius will retain the effect for 100% of the remaining duration.




Conclave Fixes

•    Fixed bullet jumping in rapid succession instantly killing players in Conclaves.




•    Added a minor burst FX to the Rift Strike mod.

•    Increased the speed of Oberon’s Renewal projectiles over-time to almost double. Before it moved at a speed of 15 meters per second. It now has a top speed of 30m/s and an acceleration of 5m/s/s.
•    Trimmed Renewal’s animation to be slightly faster.
•    Improved Rhino Prime’s Iron Skin to appear more metallic.
•    Slightly optimized the HUD for better performance.
•    Optimized level-load times for clients.
•    Optimized frame-rate while loading or streaming data (particularly for dual-core or dual+hyperthreaded CPUs).
•    Tweaked the Sweeper Prime’s audio to make it feel more ‘Prime’.
•    Increased the max health of all Kela De Thaym’s Executioners.
•    Improved the lighting in numerous Archwing tilesets.
•    Changed the Roller Sentry Codex diorama to be in an open firing position.
•    Improved the lighting in The Jordas Verdict.




•    Fixed slow-loading Clients not being able to accept the next mission picked by their squad. This resulted in having to start the mission countdown timer to get the mission started.
•    Fixed Hosts getting incorrect prompts when returning from a mission and activating the navigation panel.
•    Fixed the Synoid Syandana clipping through the backs of certain Warframes.
•    Fixed receiving a script error when sacrificing to a Syndicate who fully despises you.
•    Fixed seeing a white bar when typing in the chat window.
•    Fixed missing UI indicators for degrading armor and Antiserum counter in the 1st stage of The Jordas Verdict.
•    Fixed a missing tintable area on the Ki’Teer Kubrow Armor.
•    Fixed certain enemies being able to continue their attack while downed or staggered.
•    Fixed being visible while Ivara’s Prowl is active with an Arcane Trickery installed.
•    Fixed the Pakal shoulder attachment not appearing on Banshee.
•    Fixed assassinating Jordas Golem possibly resulting in a mission failed.
•    Fixed the Mutalist Quanta store icon being too small.
•    Fixed Panthera’s alt fire consuming less ammo when equipped with a fire rate increase mod. (Speed Trigger, etc.)
•    Fixed a map hole in Phobos that let players fall out of the tileset.
•    Fixed Itzal’s Fighter Escorts counting as squadmates in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict, leaving other players stuck outside not able to progress.
•    Fixed Infested enemies trying to pass through locked doors.
•    Fixed melee combo timer not counting down during an ultimate ability that transforms a weapon. (Hysteria, Exalted Blade, etc.)
•    Fixed the Incubator light color being default blue.
•    Fixed squadmates appearing in a bleedout state after a Host migration in Kela De Thaym’s Arena.
•    Fixed Bursa’s not eventually dying after being hacked in Corpus Extermination missions.
•    Fixed Channeling not activating after running out of Energy if ‘Toggle Channel’ is on.
•    Fixed an incorrect texture in stage 1 of The Jordas Verdict.




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