Mise à jour 18.8 + 18.8.1

Mise à jour 18.8 :


Renversez vos ennemis avec le glacial Marteau Sibear et la cristalline Sugatra Scyth. Complétez ce nouveau look avec l’ajout à votre inventaire des Casques Alternatifs pour Atlas et Wukong.


La glace en mouvement peut écraser des montagnes, ce marteau glacial en est également capable.

il vous faudra la Magistar pour construire le Sibear









Conclave Changes & Fixes

•    Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm lingering even after death in Conclave.
•    Increased the recovery speed of targets hit by Oberon’s Reckoning in Conclave.
•    Slowed the casting speed of Oberon’s Reckoning animation in Conclave. The Lift attack of Oberon’s Reckoning now occurs just after he raises his hand in Conclave.
•    Nyx can no longer alt fire while in Absorb in Conclave.
•    Reduced the attack damage on Staticor’s charging mechanic in Conclave.



•    Snipetron Vandal Blueprint is now tradable!
•    Players will no longer have to log in/out to receive the Daily Tribute prompt if already logged in when the login resets.
•    Improved the FX on Inaros’ abilities.
•    Improved mission loading time.
•    Tweaked Sortie Assassination fights so they will no longer be melee only.
•    Tweaked sleep/mind controlled reaction animations on bosses.
•    Removed a number of unnecessary ziplines in extraction rooms.
•    Secondary Weapons that used Sniper Ammo will now consume Pistol Ammo and use Pistol Ammo pickups. Pistol Ammo pickups have been adjusted for these weapons to deliver 10 Ammo on pickup.
•    Tweaked animation of the Flameblade’s teleport attack to not be ready to hit players the instant they teleport.
•    Tweaked the Stug and Simulor projectiles to properly appear stacked instead of hovering over each other. This also improves the projectiles landing position on objects.



•    Fixed the World State menu being cut off in certain screen resolutions.
•    Fixed receiving script errors in the Simulacrum.
•    Fixed Warframe launching multiple copies of the game accidently.
•    Fixed flashlight FX showing random blocks of shade.
•    Fixed an abnormally large flare FX in the Void.
•    Fixed Nezha’s Blazing Chakram repeatably knocking down Ambulas.
•    Fixed Kavat’s not being levitated by Vauban’s Bastille.
•    Fixed the status effects of Saryn’s Toxic Lash and the Traumatic Redirection (Naramon) skill not applying to finishers.
•    Fixed players not receiving Orokin Ciphers or Corrupted Mods after completing the Derelict Survival Vault and surviving 10+ minutes.
•    Fixed visual issue of doors clipping through walls.
•    Fixed Djinn’s Fatal Attraction activating on unalerted enemies.
•    Fixed not being able to jump through a broken glass window in the Corpus Ship tileset.
•    Fixed overlapping text in the Profile UI.
•    Fixed incorrect camera placement when viewing your Arsenal in the Relays.
•    Fixed the Mutalist Cernos and Talons consuming the same ammo pool.
•    Fixed the Dual Toxocyst getting ‘excited’ from elemental status effects as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/622296-dual-toxocyst-gets-excited-buff-on-gas-blast-and-electricity-procs/
•    Fixed rendering Ambulas defenseless from casting Loki’s Switch Teleport.
•    Fixed players getting out of bounds in certain Uranus Submersible tilesets.
•    Fixed Panthera’s blade firing backwards when aimed at the ground.
•    Fixed a UI error prompting players to extract before the objective is complete in Alert Survival missions.
•    Fixed the Dex Sybaris appearing on the ground as the regular Sybaris when disarmed from a Drahk Master.
•    Fixed small cases of companions attacking you if you were Radiation proc’d.
•    Fixed incorrect resources spawning in the Jackal boss room. It will now only spawn Ammo as intended.
•    Fixed Ripkas sitting incorrectly on Trinity’s Strega Skin.
•    Fixed missing impact sounds on Ember’s World on Fire ability.
•    Fixed a game freeze when logging out while in the ‘Customize Interior’ screen for the Liset.
•    Fixed script error when joining a Spy mission.
•    Fixed Hush and Hushed Invisibility not applying to the Ignis.
•    Fixed the Huntsman Soma Skin not applying properly to the Soma Prime.



Hotfix 18.8.1

Tar Mutalist Changes


  • Slowing tar created by Infested units now only affects movement speed.
  • The health of the tar now scales according to the level of the Tar Mutalist.
  • Increased the tar lifespan from 6 seconds to 10 seconds.




  • The Quanta Vandal and Prova Vandal are now tradable!
  • Reduced the Hyekka Master’s Ignis damage by almost half and reduced the status chance by 10%.
  • Reduced the Hyekka Master’s Firebomb damage by 5% and reduced the status chance by 20%.
  • Market Gifts can no longer be sent to players who have placed you on their ignore list.
  • Companions will no longer share XP while you’re dead in a mission.
  • Kubrows will now use the same logic as Sentinels by despawning when you have died. Upon revival Kubrows will respawn unless they were killed due to incoming damage during bleedout.




  • Fixed the Sibear not applying color customizations properly.
  • Fixed Wukong’s Cloud Walker ability leaving weapons visible for a moment when cast.
  • Fixed the datamass falling through the floor in Void Mobile Defense missions.
  • Fixed a rare case of Gear not being consumed at the end of a mission after a host migration.
  • Fixed players not being damaged by the flaming entrance beneath the J3 Jordas Golem.
  • Fixed a host migration crash.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to rejoin a previous mission after aborting during bleedout.
  • Fixed the Arsenal search bar not clearing it’s previous search.
  • Fixed using the search feature in the Arsenal resetting your scroll placement.
  • Fixed rare case of Clients missing Finisher effects.
  • Fixed missing quick attack and melee combo sounds for the Glaive Prime.
  • Fixed the Diriga Sentinel’s interaction with Arc Traps causing a game crash.





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