Mise à jour 18.9

Mise à jour 18.9 :


Sleek and stylish, Banshee Soprana sings a song of devastation.


Give the Sonicor — Banshee Soprana’s signature Weapon — a new Skin.


Wear Banshee Soprana’s sigil with pride.


Conclave Changes & Fixes

•    Fixed Inaros’ Sandstorm staying active after death until the player respawns in Conclave.
•    Reduced the damage and range of Ash’s Bladestorm in Conclave.
•    Reduced the explosive damage by half of the Thundermiter mod in Conclave.
•    Fixed Loki getting stuck behind a laser gate by Switch Teleporting behind it in Conclave.



•    Changed the damage radius of hull breaches in Corpus tilesets to affect the entire room, not just a small area near the breach. (For real this time!)
•    Added intended tendrils to Nekros’ Lazarus helmet.
•    Improved AI movement patterns in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
•    Changed the FX of Nova’s Molecular Prime and Antimatter Drop explosions to improve both visuals and performance.
•    Removed Ivara’s custom Quiver HUD while in the Dojo.
•    Infested Sortie missions on Corpus Ship and Grineer Galleon tilesets will now have a more creepy atmosphere, yay!
•    Landing Craft Blueprints are now tradable!
•    Offensive Sentinel abilities will no longer attack targets that are friendly/unaware.
•    If you do not have a Focus Lens in your Inventory, you will now be given the option to purchase one when attempting to put one on an item.



•    Fixed the way in which the melee Lifestrike Mod interacted with Lifesteal on procs. Players were able to receive free Lifesteal if they channeled after triggering a proc at no energy cost. Now, the Lifesteal on procs will continue to grant you health after you’ve stopped Channeling until the DoT ends so long as Lifesteal was active when you started the attack.
•    Fixed the Foundry’s energy color always displaying as default blue.
•    Fixed Oberon’s leg clipping through his Feyarch Skin skirt.
•    Fixed Clients seeing the Host cast Nyx’s Absorb on the ground when she is actually in mid-air.
•    Fixed Clients seeing no hit effect when shooting into the Host’s Absorb bubble.
•    Fixed Client projectiles not registering in certain areas on larger Nyx Absorb bubbles.
•    Fixed stutter-falling when running with high framerates. This would look like you were landing an on invisible object in air before dropping to the ground.
•    Fixed a join-in-progress crash.
•    Fixed a potential crash caused by a Kubrow death.
•    Fixed Ember’s Accelerant not applying a casting speed buff.
•    Fixed Mesa’s cape turning blue and sticking to her face when casting Peacemaker.
•    Fixed Oberon’s Smite displaying as default blue for Clients.
•    Fixed Helios’ Deconstructor not continuously firing as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/626340-broken-deconstructor/
•    Fixed Sortie missions occurring on Crossfire nodes defaulting to Extermination instead of the intended mission type.
•    Fixed overlapping explosive sounds on the Concealed Explosives mod.
•    Fixed Clients not seeing the laser eye FX on enemies in the final stage of the Sands of Inaros quest.
•    Fixed hearing headshot sounds during while Banshee’s Silence is active.
•    Fixed Excavation dig-site indicators being in the wrong place.
•    Fixed missing available Excavation dig-sites on the Grineer Settlement tileset. You should now see dig-sites you’ve never used before!
•    Fixed Banshee’s Silence freezing Sargas Ruk during his boss fight.
•    Fixed Sargas Ruk not firing his arm cannon flamethrower due to being stuck in melee mode.
•    Fixed seeing ice materials through walls on Europa.
•    Fixed visually incorrect fluid in Uranus tubes.
•    Fixed the Panthera’s alt fire consuming more ammo when equipped with a punchthrough mod.
•    Fixed the Power Throw mod sound effect cancelling prematurely upon return.
•    Fixed arrow skins not visually applying to the Zhuge.
•    Fixed automatically switching to your Primary weapon when giving your Secondary to a Rescue Target.
•    Fixed not being able to craft numerous Warframe Helmets.
•    Fixed Time Stream and Temporal Storm (Zenurik) missing buff HUD indicators.
•    Fixed chat buttons not repositioning when returning to the Liset.
•    Fixed the Energy Conversion Mod buff displaying in Archwing missions.
•    Fixed Madurai’s Focus powers not damaging Nullifier bubbles.
•    Fixed numerous doors displaying black.
•    Fixed default shoulder attachments restoring on Oberon’s Feyarch Skin when exiting the Arsenal.
•    Fixed Gear item descriptions not updating upon replacing with another item.
•    Fixed a rare crash upon login.
•    Fixed the Huntress Bundle missing its diorama in the Market.
•    Fixed Clients hanging on a black screen when loading into the Save the Reservoir stage of the Second Dream quest.




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