Mise à jour 20.6.0 + + 20.6.1

Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.6.0


The delicate form of this Tenno Rapier conceals its ferocious and resilient force.

Nidina Armor Set
Broad swooping curves are the essence of the Nidina armor set.


Broca Syandana
This flowing Tenno cape is supported by an intricately sculpted brooch.

Inaros Noggle is now available for your Landing Craft decorating pleasure! 

Halftone Glyph Pack – A collection of Glyphs sure to give your profile the comic-book styling you’ve been searching for. The pack includes the following:
•    Nidus Halftone Glyph
•    Inaros Halftone Glyph
•    Octavia Halftone Glyph
•    Ivara Halftone Glyph
•    Maroo Halftone Glyph
•    Atlas Halftone Glyph

Machete Stance – Cyclone Kraken – Brutal strikes with deft movement
*Find this new Stance in Grineer Fortress Caches!

Machete is back for a limited time! Don’t miss your chance to grab the Machete or the Machete Blueprint in the Market before it’s gone on June 1st at 2 p.m. EST.

Clan Contributions are now tracked and viewable! Credit, Platinum, and Resource contributions can be viewed per individual by any Clan member.
*Please note that contribution tracking is not retroactive for things already completed, but is retroactive for anything currently in the pending state.


  • Chat now includes a max character indicator for the current channel like so:

  • Veiled Riven Mods can no longer be equipped on Sentinel weapons. This was causing the Unveiling progress to not be tracked/completed.
  • The Ayatan Sculpture screen now has a search bar and sorting options.
  • Nova’s Antimatter Drop will now auto-detonate upon Nova dying.
  • The Defense objective in the Grineer Fortress now begins the same way as all other Defenses by walking up to the circle and initiating the auto start.
  • Improved handling of corrupt cache data.
  • Optimized several things to save 5MB of RAM and accelerate content update.
  • Removed unintended 25 Impact damage AOE when Mutalist Quanta orb expires (it still does 100 Electrical damage). The Impact damage never scaled with Mods and would only have hit if the target was inside the orb.
  • Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead can now summon Eximus units! This fixes the issue of Nekros being unable to summon Eximus units at all.


  • Fixed various doors appearing stuck in a half-opened state for Clients.
  • Fixed Banshee’s Sound Quake doing slightly less damage at low frame-rates (1.7% less at 30 FPS, 0.8% at 60 FPS).
  • Fixed the Sancti Tigris Health buff not working for Clients and only lasting 10 seconds in total for the Host.
  • Fixed (for real this time) interrupting Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage animation causing the FX to repeat.
  • Fixed not receiving any messages if a Chat channel only had exclude filters.
  • Fixed extracting as the Operator not saving Syndicate Standing in cases where the player’s Warframe had a Syndicate Sigil equipped in a regular mission.
  • Fixed Chat not suggesting linked Prime Warframes.
  • Fixed Operator running out of Void energy at high FPS in Captura.
  • Fixed the Zaikhya Syandana and Incubus Syandana not moving independently from each other.
  • Fixed the Covenant Syandana appearing stiff and clipping.
  • Fixed Operator hair rendering/blocking in front of the Operator’s face when in a room that has had the windows broken (ie Corpus Ship).
  • Fixed flickering glass on some Grineer Sealab extraction tiles.
  • Fixed buttons in some lists becoming offset after scrolling.
  • Fixed some list entries sometimes extending through the scroll bar after scrolling.
  • Fixed the Sentinel Regen Mod not working when controlling the Operator.
  • Fixed Focus icons appearing over numerous Market items.
  • Fixed not being able to see what gender your Pet is when it’s out of Stasis.
  • Fixed not being able to hear Syndicate Status effects while invisible.
  • Fixed Sortie Defense targets dying to Grineer Fortress traps.
  • Fixed the Igaro Syandana clipping into Volt’s legs.
  • Fixed Chat filters shortening the available text area.
  • Fixed Credit balance display precision for the exceedingly wealthy.
  • Fixed Ember’s Flash Accelerant Augment Mod description reading ‘Fire’ instead of ‘Heat’.
  • Fixed Operator Void Blast costing more Energy for Clients than for Host.
  • Fixed Warframe mesh being applied to Operator when changing loadout in the Navigation screen.
  • Fixed various Clan room titles using the description as the room title.
  • Fixed some animation pops when casting Oberon’s Reckoning.



Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix


  • Removed the Mastery Rank requirement from the Nidina Armor Set.
  • Removed the Mastery Rank requirement from the Endura Collection
  • Changed the Endura to be Mastery Rank 7 required instead of 8.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.6.1

Oberon Changes

Obaeron, Broberon, Goat Lord…these are just a few of the names bestowed upon our faithful Oberon. With the dedicated amount of continued feedback and passionate discussions about Oberon’s changes, the time has come to release another round of changes! Oberon Prime is right around the corner so the spotlight will be on him like never before. The changes below were brought forth from Dev discussions and by you, our devoted Tenno. Our goal has always been to give synergy to Oberon’s abilities, while still giving him a way to fill multiple roles in battle. We hope these further changes do just that.
Hallowed Ground

  • Tweaked Hallowed Ground FX to reduce performance issues.
  • Range Mods now apply 75% to Range (distance from Oberon) and 75% to Arc Angle of Hallowed Ground (before was 25% to Range and 75% to Arc before).


  • Oberon’s Renewal now heals friendly summoned units (IE Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead) at 1/3 the rate but consumes 1/3 the Energy drain for doing so. The change to have Renewal not affect friendly summons was met with varying opinions, and is now further tweaked to meet a happy middle ground.
  • Oberon’s Renewal Armor buff will be applied to allies anytime they step on Hallowed Ground while Renewal is active on them as opposed to them having to be on Hallowed Ground when Renewal hits them.
  • Renewal no longer affects Nidus’ Maggots as to not prevent them from exploding (their intended behavior).


  • Oberon’s Reckoning Armor debuff is now based on the target’s base Armor instead of current Armor (meaning no more diminishing returns).


Mag Changes

  • Pull, Magnetize, and Polarize can now be cast while in motion – their animations now only take place on the upper body.
  • Removed the .75 second delay at the end of Mag’s Crush cast.



  • Eximus units can now be summoned as Inaros’ Sand Shadows.
  • Tweaked the Endura Idle FX to better display ‘leafy particles’.
  • Saved 10MB of RAM and reduced update and startup time for players that installed from Steam or used the Offline-Installer.




  • Fixed being unable to craft the Destreza. This also fixes other items requiring Argon Crystals not being craftable.
  • Fixed crashing or failing to join when using the /join command to enter a player’s mission.
  • Fixed crashing when attempting to enter the Dojo.
  • Fixed extracting as the Operator not applying Boosters to obtained Kuva.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Randomize your Warframe appearance in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed retaining the Fissure Primary Weapon buff permanently with Ivara’s Artemis Bow.
  • Fixed the Nidina Armor not properly applying chosen Energy color.
  • Fixed the Nidina Armor clipping into Frost/Frost Prime and his Skins.
  • Fixed some texture issues on the Ivara Youkai Skin.
  • Fixed some texture issues on the Repala Syandana.
  • Fixed seeing an empty screen when attempting to place a Decoration in the Obstacle Course. It’s fully intentional that Decorations are not placeable in the Obstacle Course, but the empty screen was not intended to appear.
  • Fixed underlying/default node’s requirements being checked when taxiing to a Sortie mission (ie Kela’s Judgement Points).
  • Fixed being unable to select a Relic in an Endless Fissure mission if a Relic was not brought in the mission from the start.
  • Fixed Hosts seeing Clients firing multiple bullets when they only fired one.
  • Fixed some Pistols having a weird left hand movement when firing.






3 thoughts on “Mise à jour 20.6.0 + + 20.6.1

  1. Aha, ils l’ont fait :’)

    Il faut faire gaffe avec les rêves. Parfois ça se réalise.

    Je prédis de bons moments dans le chat clan en perspective, on va enfin savoir via preuve béton qui justifie le salaire du clan à eux tout seuls.

    Dommage que je puisse pas venir plus souvent ces temps-ci, je paierais cher pour pouvoir admirer ces élans de franchise et de clareté.

    Par contre, « rétroactivement sur les recherches en cours »… C’est pas au point leur truc apparemment. Ca me calcule les dons de personne.

  2. Oui la rétroactivité ne marche pas. J’étais à « que dalle », j’ai foutu 12 samples (j’ai probablement fait 24 missions sur Eris depuis mon dernier don… :D), et j’suis bien à 12.

    C’est logique d’un côté, cette information devait pas être stockée avant. Mais du coup jcomprends pas pourquoi ils précisent que ça marche.

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