Mise à jour 21.7.0 + 21.7.1

Hydroid Prime: Update 21.7.0


Stagger targets with blasts from this Corpus engineered plasma shotgun. Surviving enemies are consumed with radiation.

This scoped pistol analyzes strikes, learning how to damage its targets most effectively. Achieve maximum damage output after five successive hits.

Each successive kill from this massive electron hammer builds an electron charge that is unleashed with slam attacks.

Newly discovered composites are what makes this striking Arca Armor set possible.

Arca weapons represent the bleeding-edge of Corpus research and fabrication. This bundle includes the Arca Titron, Arca Plasmor, Arca Scisco, and the Arca Armor set.

Find the Arca Plasmor and Arca Scisco in the Market or research them in the Clan Dojo Research Lab.
Find the Arca Titron (and Blueprint) in the Market.




  • We have added the display of the Melee Combo Counter when playing in Dual Wield mode!
  • The Razorback Armada now has a lore entry in the Codex to show you its drops!
  • Added Baro Ki’Teer’s relay location and time until his departure to the Navigation Panel and to the Alert Menu in the World State Window:
  •  dK4T4S5.png
  • GUXncHP.png
  • Added continued polish for the new player experience.
  • After defeating Captain Vor, we now block access to Navigation Console until all Lotus transmissions have completed and the Quest Complete screen has been shown.
  • The Solar Map now only blinks the « next quest mission » node in flashing blue during Vor’s Prize instead of all « unlocked-but-not-completed » nodes. We also tuned the blinking interval down to 1 second for Vor’s Prize (instead of the default of 2 seconds) so these nodes are even more prominent.
  • Added some under-the-hood diagnostics to better assess chat connectivity issues.




  • Excalibur Proto and Nyx Nemesis Skins have received the PBR treatment!
  • Overhauled all aspects of physics engine for general optimization. You shouldn’t notice anything, but since we literally touched all aspects of physics we are hoping you can keep an eye out for odd new behavior.
  • The Knell’s headshot buff now decays only 1 stack at a time and lasts for 2 seconds per stack for a total of a 6 second decaying buff.




  • Fixed issues with item linking containing Cyrillic letters in non-cyrillic languages.
  • Fixed issues with some Credit based Inbox messages not instantly increasing Credits.
  • Fixed various issues with Arcanes and some Conditional Mods not having proper line breaks.
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tornadoes not showing up for low spec machines as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/837666-zephyrs-tornados-are-invisible-with-low-graphics
  • Fixed an issue with hitching in game when switching to Dual Wield Mode for the first time.
  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Purity’ trigger from New Loka not lasting the intended length in all trigger cases – it now lasts 30 seconds.
  • Fixed issues that could occur when trying to use ESC as the Operator.
  • Fixed a script error that could occur when Host Migrating.
  • Fixed the Edo Chest Piece sticking out on the Nyx Carnifex Skin.
  • Fixed the Pakal right shoulder Armor clipping into Nyx’s arm.
  • Fixed the Embolist chest piece clipping into the Nyx Immortal, Saikou, Athena, and Carnifex Skins.
  • Fixed an effects-leak that could occur if Mag was killed at the right moment while casting Polarize.
  • Fixed getting locked in chat when opening a chat linked Riven during the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Synthesis Targets sometimes not spawning in The New Strange Quest due to a broken path in one of the procedural levels.
  • Fixed a rare script error in Mobile Defense missions that resulted in no enemies spawning and no Objective UI.
  • Fixed Maroo and Clem’s mission description not being in uppercase in the Alert Menu.
  • Fixed offset issues with Syandanas on Mag.
  • Fixed sending a Friend request via chat not updating the Pending friend list.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons that have a girth to their effective range like the Opticor were not hitting enemies in the correct order (sometimes missing nearby enemies but hitting ones further along its path).
  • Fixed a case where opening a chat link while in the store would cause the fade of the main store list to be set incorrectly.
  • Fixed not being able to view new users joining a Chat channel while the scrollbar is at the bottom without scrolling up and back down.
  • Fixed Hydroid Prime’s mesh having holes.
  • Fixed a variety of localization errors.



Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Lex headshot multiplier reduced to 1.5x in Conclave.
  • Fixed an issue with the Hirudo innate abilities not working in Conclave.
  • Increased primary fire damage of Euphona Prime in Conclave.
  • Reduced secondary fire damage of Euphona Damage in Conclave.
  • Reduced the radius of Nezha’s Warding Halo in Conclave.
  • Reduced the damage of Pandero alt fire in Conclave.
  • Nezha’s Warding Halo now only damages on touch and does not continue to damage targets that stay within its radius in Conclave.





Hydroid Prime: Hotfix 21.7.1



  • The Prisma Angstrum is now tradable! It has been fixed as per https://forums.warframe.com/topic/840283-prisma-angstrum-is-not-tradable-investigating/?tab=comments#comment-8967262.
  • Tweaked the Arca Titron’s handle to be longer.
  • Tweaked the firing sounds of the Prisma Angstrum.
  • Baro’s offerings will no longer show Operator items if you have not completed the Second Dream quest.
  • To reduce « droughts » between Fomorian/Razorback events, Grineer and Corpus now gain fractional progress towards their construction projects while they are actively invading an opponent’s location (i.e. earn progress over the course of their attack regardless of whether they end up occupying the node at the end).



  • Fixed the Arca Plasmor not damaging enemy weak spots (Lephantis, Sargas Ruk, etc).
  • Fixed the Arca Scisco beam FX disappearing when Modded for high Fire Rate.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing the Arca Scisco beams.
  • Fixed Panthera Alt fire hitting any enemy within a large radius after Hydroid casts Undertow.
  • Fixed failing the mission if you fail to complete the puzzle rooms in Void/Orokin missions before the timer runs out.
  • Fixed casting Nyx’s Absorb or Banshee’s Soundquake when hitting an enemy with a « grappling hook weapon » allowing you to move around.
  • Fixed getting stuck in the ESC menu when attempting to access the Market during Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed AI getting stuck on balconies in the Corpus Gas City tileset.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed shooting Frost’s Snow Globe from the outside with the Lenz resulting in the Blast damage applying twice instead of Cold then Blast.
  • Fixed seeing a white Defense bar in Sortie Defense missions.
  • Fixed a script error when triggering a Kuva Siphon.






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