Mise à jour 22.14.0 + 22.14.1 + 22.14.2



Hotfix 22.14.0

Hotfix 22.14.1

Hotfix 22.14.2


Mise à jour 22.14.0 :


Get ready for an encore with this reprise to Octavia’s concerto of mayhem. The audience awaits their Maestra.

A themed instrument pack for Octavia’s Mandachord. The score to war, with a danceable beat.
*This pack can be found by accessing the Mandachord in Octavia’s Appearance screen.

A new look for the Boltor, and one worthy of a diva.
*Please keep in mind that due to technical limitations and differences between firing/reloading animations on other Weapons, the Boltor Bravura Skin can only be equipped on the Boltor. While previous Skins have typically worked on multiple Weapons, we think it is better to optimize this Skin specifically for the Boltor.

Make a breathtaking entrance with the syncopated design of the Verismo Syandana.

Everything for a virtuoso performance: Octavia’s Maestra skin, Verismo Syandana and the Boltor Bravura Skin. Also includes the Horos Collection of synthetic Mandachord notes: the score to war, with a danceable beat.

Submissions for Octavia Augment ideas is now open to all! We are asking the bonafide Mandachord experts out there to show the Devs their design chops here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928298-community-sourced-octavia-augments/



Advanced Captura Tools


It’s time to live your Guillermo Del Toro cinematic dreams with the new Advanced Captura Tools! Slow it down, speed it up, interpolate visual effects and more to make YOUR OWN Hydroid Prime trailer! The possibilities are 200 Camera positions wide and full of text that we know you’ll make a meme out of.


What’s New/Changed: 

  • Place up to 200 Camera Positions, adjust Camera Speeds, and more.
  • Place up to 5 in-world Text lines (30 char limit per line), with the option to change text color as well.
  • Added a Cinematic Mode button that removes UI, plays Camera track, etc. You can return to the Captura menu by pressing ESC.
  • Added Lotus Glow and Edge of Shadows filters.
  • Added Filter Opacity and Filter Depth sliders for filters.
    • These options will appear disabled if your Filter is Neutral.
  • Change the Time of Day and Rain volume in the Plains of Eidolon Scene (applies to each Camera Position).
  • Moved the Filter option to the top of the list so it doesn’t go offscreen, making some Filters unclickable.

Also worth noting that you can still host an 8 player Captura simply by inviting 7 other players once you’ve loaded into Captura. The Trials lobby is no longer needed! 



Arcane System Overhaul
It’s been quite some time since we really dived back into Arcanes. Moving Arcanes to the Teralyst, Gantulyst and Hydrolyst was just the first step in a much bigger movement to improve the Arcane system that some Tenno might not even know exists.

If you need an Arcane refresher, this spoiler is for you! https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928296-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22140/


What’s New/Changed:

  • Upon logging in, all Arcanes installed on Cosmetics/Helmets will be Distilled because Arcanes can no longer be installed on Cosmetics/Helmets.
    • Old Legacy Arcane Helmets will keep their Arcane installed but you can not equip the Legacy Arcane Helmet on a Warframe with 2 Arcanes already installed.
  • Arcanes can only be installed on your Warframe, Operator, Operator Amp, or Zaw.
    • You can install 2 Arcanes per Warframe and per Operator.
    • You can install 1 Arcane on Operator Amps and Zaws.
  • You can now trade Upgraded Arcanes!
  • Arcanes have received a visual overhaul! Arcane Rarity now matches the style we use on Mods and Relics. Hopefully this is a much clearer representation of their Rarity than before: CosmeticEnhancersPBR.jpg
  • You can now search/sort within the Arcane Manager screen.
  • You must be at least Mastery Rank 5 or have an Arcane owned if below Mastery Rank 5 to install an Arcane.




General Additions:

  • Added 6 new Narta Emote from the Maestra herself!
    • Manibus Narta
    • Degage Narta
    • Noble Narta
    • Terpischore Narta
    • Cruzar Narta
    • Systole Narta
  • Added 7 new Captura Syndicate Scenes:
    • Lua Nursery Scene (Arbiters of Hexis)
    • Corpus Ice Planet Wreckage Scene (Cephalon Suda)
    • Grineer Shipyards Manufactory Scene (New Loka)
    • Corpus Gas City Conduit Scene (Perrin Sequence)
    • Infested Ship Bridge Scene (Red Veil)
    • Grineer Settlement Reactor Scene (Steel Meridian)
    • Orokin Derelict Plaza Scene (Cephalon Simaris)
  • Added FX to Hema headshots to give it a nice leechy feel!
  • Added a pulse FX on player arrow (YOU!) upon opening (and every 5 seconds after) the Advanced Plains Map.
  • Added the Filter Opacity slider to Displays.



General Beam Weapon Changes and Fixes:

  • Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies (alive but in a ragdolled state) when being affected by certain ‘crowd control’ Abilities.
  • Damage now ramps up over 0.6 seconds and after moving off target there is a delay of 0.8 seconds before it starts to decay over 2 seconds.
  • All Beam weapons now start their Damage ramp up at 20% (instead of 10%) with the following exceptions:
    • Convectrix
      • Primary fire starts at 60%.
      • Alt fire starts at 80%.
    • Phage
      • Starts at 70%.
    • Embolist
      • Starts at 30%.
  • The Multishot chance should now apply more consistently with Beam weapons.
  • Weapon Range Mods (like Sinister Reach) no longer affect the distance of chains for chainable Beam weapons (like the Amprex). Main Beam distance is still affected by them.
  • Fixed Beam weapons continuously firing when quick Meleeing.


Specific Beam Weapon Changes:


  • Chain Range increased from 7.5m to 10m.
  • Damage reduced from 24 to 22.


  • Range increased from 20m to 24m.
  • Mag size decreased from 60 to 40.


  • Chain Range increased from 4m to 7m.


  • Increased Range from 20m to 27m.
  • Increased Damage from 18 to 20.

Flux Rifle

  • Tweaked Flux Rifle controller rumble on recharge.



Excavation Objective UI Changes:
In the simplest of terms, UI for Excavation missions has been cleaned up and simplified!

  • Endless Excavation missions now display ‘Digs Completed’ instead of ‘Total Cryotic Excavated’. The number of ‘Digs Completed’ is what counts towards the tiered Rewards in the Endless modes, and this change saves you some mental math!
    • You can still see the total Cryotic Excavated on the Mission Progress screen.



Dargyn Changes and Fixes:

  • Upon mounting a Dargyn, your Warframe will now become ‘invincible’ and enemies will attempt to destroy the Dargyn first instead of you.
  • Removed the ability to mount a Dargyn during Transference. Although this resulted in an amazing bug where a Warframe would fly away in the Dargyn and do work while you watched from your Operator on the ground, it’s not intended!
  • Removed dust FX on idling Dargyns.
  • Fixed not exiting Archwing mode when mounting and dismounting a Dargyn when Archwing is active.
  • Fixed being unable to place a waypoint when driving a Dargyn.
  • Fixed exiting a Dargyn reviving your Sentinel.
  • Fixed AI/Sentinels attacking unmanned Dargyns, which destroyed your hope of mounting one before you got the chance.
  • Fixed Dargyns passing through the Plains barrier wall.




  • Removed The Law of Retribution/Nightmare, and The Jordas Verdict Trials.
    • Upon logging into Warframe, you will receive an Inbox message thanking you for your dedication to the Trials over the years and a new Invati Sekhara (if you have completed at least 1 Trial). All your items used to craft Trial keys over the years have also been refunded back to you. 
  • Slightly adjusted the Teralyst Arcane drop tables based on new Arcane rarity calculation. Even though this adjustment is very slight and actually increased some changes of more rare Arcanes, we have included the values for you here for transparency: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/928296-shrine-of-the-eidolon-update-22140/#
  • Quill Onkko’s Offerings are now categorized by Arcanes, Amps, Appearance, and Misc.
  • After placing an Orbiter Decoration, you now have the option to place another of that type without having to go through the Decoration item menu again (when not looking at any Decoration).
  • Enemies on a Dropship that die due to the Dropship being blown up now count towards the « Kill X enemies that are on a Dropship » Riven challenge. Rough day for the Grineer!
  • Reduced the number of Kuva Codex scans required from 50 to 3.
  • Vacuum now sucks up Atlas’ Rubble!
  • The Operator can no longer pick up Atlas’ Rubble due it to breaking the custom HUD.
  • The Stolen Dreams quest is no longer given when reaching Mastery Rank 3 because it is a reward for completing the Phobos Junction.
  • Updated Arcane Agility description to match new functionality. Now gives parkour speed instead of movement speed.
  • Updated the Razorback Armada Inbox message with a more clarified message of what to do/where to go.
  • Picking up a Cetus Wisp now includes an FX.
  • Improved the quality of transparent edges in Clan Emblems.
  • When you complete a Bounty stage or Incursion, Reviving won’t make you lose the Affinity that you earned before that checkpoint. To offer an example:
    • Old behavior: Earn 1000 Affinity, finish Bounty stage, earn another 500 Affinity, then die and Revive, you’ll lose 10% of your total 1500 Affinity, so 150 Affinity lost.
    • New behavior: Earn 1000 Affinity, finish Bounty stage, earn another 500 XP, then die and Revive, you’ll only lose 10% of the 500 Affinity since the 1000 Affinity that you earned before you finished the Bounty stage is already « saved ».
  • Tweaked force feedback sound of the Arca Plasmor.
  • Improved the equip sounds of the Gunsen to be more fan-like.
  • Increased headshot sound on the Hema.
  • You now need a minimum of 3 Health to reload the Hema. Ammo capacity stat is also hidden as it is not required.
  • Updated descriptions for Hydroid’s Tempest Barrage and Tentacle Swarm abilities.
  • Updated Trinity’s Blessing ability description to read: « Restore the health and shields of allies within Trinity’s Affinity aura while giving them some damage immunity. »
  • Removed un-Gilded Zaws/Amps from Profile stats since only Gilded Zaws/Amps count towards Mastery.
  • Sped up scrolling speed when in inventory screens where scrolling is needed.
  • Improved controller support when scrolling through the Bounty rewards:
    • Left/right arrows and left/right analog stick toggle between Bounty and reward list (when present).
  • Moving the Chat window around the screen is now significantly less frustrating:
    • When dragging the Chat window to the top of the screen, it no longer closes if the drag is released while the cursor is outside the game window.
    • When dragging the Chat window too fast, you no longer are forced to stop dragging.
    • When dragging the Chat window against the edge of the screen, you no longer are forced to stop dragging.
  • Removed redundant ‘EXIT’ button from Simaris’ conversation screens.
  • Node blinking effects in Star Chart now follow the node when dragging it around.
  • Small performance improvement for enemies searching for context actions (ex: sounds the Alarm).
  • Added instructional objective UI to Fomorian Assault missions.
  • Ash’s Smoke Screen ability sound will now affect (muffle) the sounds for the entire duration of the ability.




  • Fixed not receiving a Corrupted Mod from opening the Orokin Vault if you extract after 10 minutes of an Orokin Derelict Survival mission.
  • Fixed Mirage not gaining Warframe Affinity when getting kills with her Hall of Mirrors clones.
  • More fixes towards reducing max Ammo Mods affecting the Hema Ammo pool leading to incomplete clip reloads.
  • Fixed getting knocked down while firing a Gunblade weapon (Sarpa, Redeemer, etc) resulting in the weapon no longer firing rounds and the firing audio being incorrect.
  • More fixes towards the Commander not spawning in Assassination Bounties.
  • Fixed enemies spawning on the wrong side of the portal in the final stage of The New Strange quest.
  • Fixed Mesa’s Ballistic Battery ability’s interaction with Beam weapons to behave like other weapon types: the Damage bonus is now only applied to one Damage hit, but it is not affected by the Beam weapon ramp-up and always applies full Damage.
  • Fixed Atlas’ Rubble not having any physics, which resulted in Rubble floating in the air if that Petrified enemy died there.
  • Fixed Ash’s Shuriken applying numerous Slash Status Effects to every enemy (even ones not hit) if in a group together (using Ferrox’s Alt Fire to group enemies closely).
  • Fixed Zephyr’s Tornados remaining indefinitely if player goes into a bleedout and then self Revives.
  • Fixed markers for Lures and player placed markers sometimes being hidden when there’s too many markers on screen.
  • Fixed Arcanes not listing Teralysts (+ variants) as drop locations, and vice versa.
  • Fixed Clients entering Archwing while quick-meleeing causing weapons locking up until animations are reset.
  • Fixed Teralyst fight session not locking after the first Synovia has been destroyed when not in the Teralyst Hunt Bounty.
  • Fixed instances where you shouldn’t have been able to use Transference.
  • Fixed spamming Transference at the Cetus gate turning you invincible.
  • Fixed potential script error when entering the Plains with a scoped Primary weapon (e.g. Sniper Rifles).
  • Fixed Appearance and Upgrades resetting to your ‘A’ loadout even if you had ‘B’ or ‘C’ loadout selected previously.
  • Fixed Clients not seeing markers on Shield Generators in Archwing Pursuit mission.
  • Fixed the Solida Syandana not having a spinning animation as intended.
  • Fixed not being able to use Finishers or ziplines in Captura.
  • Fixed missing fire FX when using the Ignis/Ignis Wraith with Blast Damage.
  • Fixed rebinding a key to ‘Open Chat’ resulting in incorrect colored button hint.
  • Fixed players being able to hear Vectis/Vectis Prime zoom in/zoom out sounds from other players’ weapon.
  • Fixed a script error when equipping a Pet in the Relay Arsenal then trying to Upgrade said Pet.
  • Fixed Rescue Targets, Specters, and Pets who attempt to follow your wall climbing, being stuck mid-air if becoming downed in the middle of such movements.
  • Fixed not being able to climb over ledges while sprinting.
  • Fixed blurry Elevator control consoles in various Grineer tileset.
  • Fixed ‘ARMOR’ not being localized in Atlas’ custom HUD.
  • Fixed missing Cycron ‘charge complete’ sound.
  • Fixed the Gunsen playing equip sounds during Combos.
  • Fixed the Sell/Dissolve Mods screens displaying full stack count instead of the selected amount.
  • Fixed some Chat linkable items not having descriptions.
  • Fixed Void tileset images appearing when hovering over Orokin Derelict nodes in the Star Chart.
  • Fixed AI getting stuck in a low ceiling area in the Grineer Forest tileset.
  • Fixed clipping of Corpus Gas City Defense tileset guns.
  • Fixed an escapable level hole in the Grineer Forest tileset as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/806d7r/today_i_was_doing_a_spy_alert_on_uranus_for_a/duu8z6t/?context=3
  • Fixed incorrect values in the World State Window when exceeding your Simaris Synthesis Task.
  • Fixed capitalization discrepancies in the World State Window for Simaris’ Synthesis Task.
  • Fixed text getting cut off in the Operator Amp stat screen.
  • Fixed adding waypoints in the Advanced Plains Map when the mouse/key was not pressed with the Advanced Map open.
  • Fixed Long Warframe names clipping with the Focus passive UI icon.
  • Fixed the Bounty Reward text exceeding the UI box.
  • Fixed seeing a UI blur when taking screenshots with the UI disabled.
  • Fixed typing in the Mods Console search bar resulting in flickering text.
  • Fixed context action icons being misaligned.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Bladestorm as Ash Prime.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Gara’s Mass Vitrify ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Chroma’s Spectral Scream ability.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Zephyr’s Tail Wind ability.
  • Fixed a script error when Mesa’s Peacemaker is cast by NPCS (Specters).



Conclave Changes and Fixes:

  • End point of Ignis weapons are now 1m from 3m in Conclave.
  • Ignis magazine capacity reduced to 30 in Conclave.
  • Ignis Wraith mag capacity reduced to 40 in Conclave.
  • Spectra magazine capacity increased to 30 in Conclave.
  • Amprex magazine capacity reduced to 40 in Conclave.
  • Glaxion magazine capacity reduced to 30 in Conclave.
  • Nukor ammo capacity reduced to 60 in Conclave.
  • Synapse damage reduced from 19 to 18 in Conclave.
  • Synapse magazine capacity reduced from 30 to 25 in Conclave.
  • Embolist ammo capacity increased to 50 in Conclave.
  • Synoid Gammacor damage reduced from 20 to 19 in Conclave.



Missed Change from Update 22.12.0:

  • Removed the mission preview screen from Dark Sector nodes occupied by Clans. This screen was removed in preparation for the new Dark Sectors, and to help new players who were confused by what they were clicking on. You’ll have your time in the sun again, Taylor Swift.




Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.1

We are currently working on improving the UI when Upgrading Arcanes to alleviate issues of confusion and accidental Upgrading. The intention is to have Arcanes work similar to Mods, where you see how many Arcanes it will cost you to Upgrade to the next rank. Stay tuned!


  • The Boltor Bravura Skin now has its own custom reload animation!
  • Operators (if Transference has been used at least once) now receive Affinity for each Synovia of the Teralyst/Gantulyst/Hydrolyst destroyed. Our intentions here are to help with leveling up Operator Amps.
  • Increased the amount of Affinity you earn from killing Vomvalysts by 5x to help Operator Amp leveling.
  • A popup warning will appear in the launcher when Cache Optimize cannot complete due to lack of disk space.
  • Polished up some Narta shoulder animations.
  • Updated Healing Return Mod to read: « Healed by X for each status type affecting the target hit ».


  • Fixed missing reload sounds for the Boltor Bravura Skin.
  • Fixed some in-progress Trial Keys not being removed.
  • Fixed missing Druk Instruments. If you owned these before they disappeared, they will reappear in your Mandachord!
  • Fixed rotating Octavia before entering the Mandachord resulting in the Mandachord not displaying correctly and parts of the Orbiter clipping into the UI.
  • Fixed Leaderboard list UI overlapping after scrolling the Leaderboard menu, selecting a category, then returning to the Leaderboard menu.
  • Fixed incorrect UI when purchasing Hok’s daily Zaw special.
  • Fixed a script error when Gifting through the Arsenal.
  • Fixed a potential script error when using the Opticor.
  • Fixed a script error when attempting to Gild a Zaw.
  • Fixed a script error that would cause Clients to be unable to see/use Captura settings when paused.
  • Fixed a crash when entering the Foundry.
  • Fixed a crash related to waypointing.




Shrine of the Eidolon: Hotfix 22.14.2

Arcane Manager Changes:
As mentioned in yesterday’s Hotfix, we have made some changes to the Arcane Manager screen to alleviate confusion when Upgrading. We will continue to monitor this for further necessary changes! 


  • When Upgrading an Arcane, you can now specify to what level you want to Upgrade it to.
  • When Upgrading an Arcane, you can now do multiple Ranks in a single operation.
  • The ‘NEXT RANK’ button will appear grayed out if you do not have the required amount of Arcanes to proceed to the next rank.
  • Changed the Arcane Rank indicators to be Arcane icons instead of numbers.


  • Fixed a crash that occurred when returning to Cetus after acquiring an Arcane.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when in the Dojo or a Relay.
  • Fixed being able to equip a single Magus into both Arcane slots on your Operator. You must own more than one copy of the Magus in order to do so.
  • Fixed Atlas only getting 50 Rubble from Petrified enemies when it should be 75.
  • Fixed a case where you could equip 3 Arcanes on your Warframe.
  • Fixed Beam weapons not doing damage if you ran Warframe at roughly 10 FPS or less.
  • Fixed Beam weapons not being able to damage enemies affected by a crowd controlled Warframe ability for Clients.
  • Fixed the UI locking up when equipping an Exodia on a Zaw.
  • Fixed the UI locking up when Upgrading your Warframe and then changing your currently equipped Arcane to « none ».
  • Fixed Boltor Bravura Skin spawning multiple clips during the reload animation.
  • Fixed Clients seeing incorrectly sized Pets when transitioning from Cetus to the Plains.
  • Fixed commas removing placed text in Captura.
  • Fixed ability to escape below the level in the Grineer Shipyards Spy tileset.
  • Fixed Moa’s getting stuck in Corpus Outpost doorways as reported here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/80hdmt/bug_this_door_on_a_corpus_survival_on_venus_is/






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