Mise à jour : Lunaro Hotfix 6 & 7 & 7.1

Lunaro: Hotfix 6


Mag Prime, Boar Prime, and the Dakra Prime have been added to the Void for a limited time: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/665042-prime-vault-unsealed-mag-prime/


  • Blueprint : Tower IV Survival C
  • Helmet : Tower II Capture
  • Chassis : Tower II Exterminate
  • Systems : Derelict Defense C



  • Blueprint : Tower I Sabotage
  • Blade : Tower IV Capture
  • Handle : Tower IV Interception C



  • Blueprint : Tower IV Mobile Defense
  • Barrel : Tower III Defense C
  • Receiver : Tower I Mobile Defense
  • Stock : Tower I Survival C


Lunaro & Conclaves Changes and Fixes

  • The minimum players per team for a Lunaro match to start is now 1.



  • The Grineer have now trained their Kubrow and Kavats to attack priority targets even if their masters have been killed.
  • Concentrated the Drekar Ballista drop-table slightly in an attempt to disperse more Toxic Flight Mods.
  • Increased the FX lifespan on Nova’s Molecular Prime as it can last longer than a minute when modded for maximum duration.



  • Fixed Volt’s Speed trail FX disappearing when recasted.
  • Fixed Lotus transmissions warning you of an approaching Prosecutor.
  • Fixed Vay Hek’s armour not being affected by Corrosive procs.
  • Fixed numerous localization issues.



Lunaro: Hotfix 7


  • Grineer Shield Lancers can now perform all standard context actions (vault-overs, jump-downs, climb ups, etc) — this should help them join the action in Uranus Defense missions.
  • Increased distance Corrupted Butchers will run to attack players. This also fixes Corrupted Butchers standing around if their target is > 25m away.


  • Fixed incorrect Prime item drop values in T4 Mobile Defense and Survival. The return of Mag Prime, Dakra Prime, and Boar Prime skewed the drop tables accidentally, and for that we apologize. (One job, Sheldon) Please note that consoles will receive this fix in a near Hotfix.
  • Fixed Operator customizations reverting to the default appearance upon login.
  • Fixed melee enemies sometimes attempting to stare you to death in Interception missions; they have been encouraged to use their weapons, teeth and claws instead.
  • Fixed female Grineer Wardens and Eximus’ using male voices.
  • Fixed incorrect localization in The Archwing quest.



Lunaro: Hotfix 7.1

Lunaro & Conclave Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed the timer being stuck at 15 seconds when placed with an uneven team in Lunaro.


  • Fixed incorrect description on the Hydraulic Barrel Mod.





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