Preview MàJ de Nekros


Voici les changements que Nekros va avoir dans la mis à jour 15.12 d’aujourd’hui (normalement)




If you watched Devstream #45 or caught the post-stream discussions, you may recall the talk of Nekros ability changes. We are planning on releasing the first pass of changes to Nekros in 15.12 (on PC today! January 29).


Soul Punch Changes:


Soul Punch can be cast from any direction/orientation, meaning that Nekros doesn’t have to orient himself to cast on a selected target.


Terrify Changes:


Terrify casting time reduced.

Terrify will now affect a greater number of targets.(Before: Maxed Terrify = 12 targets. After: Maxed Terrify = 20 targets.)

Terrify can now be recast.

Terrify will prioritize unaffected targets on cast.

Terrify range has been slightly reduced.  (Before: Maxed Terrify = 20 m. After: Maxed Terrify = 15 m.)


Shadows of the Dead Changes:


Increased the damage output (x2.5 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.

Increased the health (x2 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.


As with all Warframes, modding can be used to enhance different aspects of Nekros’ abilities.


1:22 PM EST Edit:
This just in: one thing that may make it into the first pass today (if not today, then second pass will likely have this):
– Adding the ability for players to walk through Shadows of the Dead clones.

Also of note: dev-experiments are ongoing for bullets to be able to go through Shadows of the Dead Clones.


Keep in mind that details are subject to change! Discussion on these changes are welcome. Please be respectful and constructive in your discussions – leave your weapons in your Liset as you enter the discussion chambers.

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