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Voisi le résumé en anglais du DevStream 100 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).



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Le résumé :

Focus Revamp
• The Focus gains are difficult to balance so that it is reasonable for casual players and also not easily completed by hardcore farmers
• The ability point capacity for Focus will be universal rather than per school
• The way Focus is gained may be completely altered
• The Focus cap will probably be removed, but after the current cap there will be diminishing returns
• There will be a boosted period for the initial Focus points gained each day to make the system more reasonable to casual players – there will be a larger ‘boosted period’ for higher MR
• Experimenting with allowing different mission types to also extend the Focus boosted period to reward diverse gameplay rather than farming the same mission type
• Heavily looking into altering the costs and progression curve of Focus in general



Login Reward Revamp
• After the initial 50 days, you will be able to select a ‘track’ that you can work towards
• Once you select your ‘track’ you are locked onto that track for the next 50 days
• Each of these track rewards are the regular landmarks that are available now, but you will be able to select which reward you want to work towards



New Warframe – Khora
• The original concept by Skyers was drawn from a lot of  ideas including melee, metal manipulation, and spider thread
• Can summon a unique Kavat, has an Exalted Whip, and can alter damage (IPS) types which will also affect her visual design



New Eidolon
• There is a new Eidolon coming
• This Eidolon is much larger than the Teralyst and may involve some flying components
• This Eidolon is missing its head — it has replaced it with one of the Ostron meat-mattresses
• There are going to be different visual variations of this Eidolon as well as different variations of the Teralyst with something besides the tree-arm



Operation Plague Star
• This Operation is the result of the Infested Meteor — it has not begun yet though
• Snipetron and Ether Daggers will return as rewards
• There will also be Infested Zaw pieces as rewards



Two-Handed Katana
• Two-handed large katanas are coming as an entirely new weapon class
• Click HERE to see some animations of two-handed katanas



New Grineer Ghoul enemies
• New Grineer enemies are coming
• How they will be implemented is still TBD
• See animations for these enemies HERE



Other Stuff
• Console build for Plains of Eidolon seems complete – hopefully submitting for cert today
• Still planning on making a Hydroid Prime trailer when there’s time
• Acolytes will return in December along with their mods
• The devs are open to the idea of adding the PoE’s individual extraction system to other endless mission types
• There are plans to allow Clans to create Dojo obstacle courses that allow people to add their own hazards, timers, and more
• There are Syndicate themed decoration sets for Dojos coming, along with similarly themed Landing Craft decorations
• Bounty rewards are being upgraded so that you receive a reward after each objective within the Bounty is completed – only the last two objectives will be drawn from the entire reward pool with the rare rewards
• Plains of Eidolon added a small (3m) universal Vacuum — if you want a larger Vacuum, use a Sentinel for now
• Shieldgating has been experimented with, but it didn’t seem to make significant enough of a difference to the gameplay to really settle on a solution
• Operators are getting selectable idle sets, the ability to interact with pets, and more melee animations
• There’s a new Event coming which will allow Relays to be re-built and will allow player’s to choose which Relays re rebuilt, how they will look and more
• Excalibur Umbra/The Sacrifice update is not coming this year
• No new Raids are in development or even discussion — there just isn’t enough interest in them; hopefully new Eidolons will appeal to that audience
• Working on a texture upgrade for the next update that will greatly improve the textures in the game, particularly on skin and details like scuffs









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