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C’est un résumé en anglais , court et en images.

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Proto-Excalibur and Nemesis Nyx are out now… what’s next?
• Not sure… but we’re not done with these yet


Any chance of cutting Nemesis Nyx’s tail?
• Nope, it’s part of her design


PS4 Update
• Sorry it’s so huge (11GB) it won’t happen again!
• Testing the Vay Hek Trial on PS4 to make sure it’s running ok


False Profit event
• We’ve had a few problems/oversights on launching the event, fixed some, working on fixing others
• Scoring is going to change; there will be a score multiplier for higher level Bursa to reduce grind
• The different levels of Offering have no effect on the event score, only the time it takes to transmit, and the amount of credits received from hacking
• Going to tweak the spawning of random mobs as well
• The Riot MOA will be tweaked further based on feedback; blinding attack already will have greatly reduced range, and telegraphed more


Nef Anyo
• Nef Anyo won’t arrive as a boss for a while (beyond U17), but expect more appearances from him until then
• Nef Anyo and Derf Anyo are still going to be a duo, in the final boss encounter with him


• The sound team is working on boss battle music
• Click HERE to see the sound team getting underwater sound samples


Underwater Tileset
• Designed to be very « vertical »
• Will feature many parkour areas
• Will debut Sabotage 2.0; initially exclusive to Underwater tileset, will expand later
• Click HERE to see a pre-view of the tileset


Underwater Enemies?
• Grineer Frogman is the basic « Lancer » enemy
• Frogman is a Sharkwing enemy with a speargun


Tyl Regor
• Release within 2 months
• Click HERE to see Tyl animations!


Kela de Thaym
• Release date is beyond U17
• Grineer women are the most intelligent and scary enemies; expect her to be a real threat
• Although her graphic design is done, still working on her actual boss fight mechanics


What goes into making a boss fight (invulnerability phases, knockdown, etc)
• The damage in Warframe, dealt to bosses and to players, is « too spiky »
• Nobody (devs included) enjoy anything that denies damage, but it’s currently one of the few ways to combat the inflating damage economy in Warframe
• Always discussing possible changes to address this, but the scope is too large for a devstream
• The newly implemented « diminishing returns » is a possible way to not render players helpless while extending the boss battle
• In the future, it would be nice to implement resistances, such as « boss is resistant to CC »


Parkour 2.0
• Was hoping to show it off, but it’s not quite ready
• Expect to see some more next stream (Reb demo’ing)


J-3 Golem
• J-3 Golem is the next Trial (Raid)
• Archwing/normal gameplay transition
• Like Law of Retribution, there will be multiple stages, as you travel inside it
• Click HERE to see lots of J-3 animations!


Orbiter Compartment
• Click HERE to see a short clip of the orbiter compartment


Warframe Nexus (mobile app)
• Will be able to check foundry and craft things
• Minigames that will allow you to earn things in the main game
• Access clanchat
• Deploy Extractors (might be something else you can do in U17 with them)
• Will not be able to alter Warframe colour schemes


New Syandana
• Working on in still, got distracted by Trial optimization


From Design Council: Hints and Tips are coming!
• Might include things like elemental combinations and other useful tips
• These tips are from players, so will be of actual value


Dark Sectors PVP
• Will get a big overhaul
• Probably not coming back until the next major update
• Expect more on this next devstream


• Not worried about Syndicate bosses until the current bosses get re-worked
• Syndicate assassins drop Specter blueprints (I guess this is live on PC now? News to me)


• Armour coming
• Tweaks with Stabilizers, Stasis, and Genetic Foundry coming
• Looking at balance versus Sentinels in general
• There’s a new breed of Kubrow coming


More Archwing content?
• Yes, there’s stuff coming
• Also, J-3 is coming


What will make Sentients unique?
• When they land in the trailer, you can see they are linked together, they share experiences
• When one dies, it transfers that experience to the rest
• That’s all for now

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