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C’est un résumé du DevStream en anglais réalisé par AM_Bunny. (Source)

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Le résumé :


Parkour 2.0
• Coming U17
• Will take a lot of re-training of old habits
• Everything can be used to jump off of, much more free parkour
• Double jump is re-triggered each time a surface is hit
• Heavy landing and Rolling landing animations can be canceled by double-jumping before impact
• Parkour 2.0 does feel slower, but with more precision and control
• This will be much easier on controls for console players
• Coptoring looked absolutely worthless
• Click HERE to see a (long) pre-view of Parkour 2.0


Frost Re-Work Updates
• Coming along well, looking at around U17 for release
• Passive: There is a % chance when Frost is struck with melee that the attacker will be frozen
• Enemies frozen in midair will fall to the ground and be smashed to bits
• Snow Globe will now freeze all enemies in the vicinity and toss them outside the area on cast, potentially smashing them
• Click HERE to see Rebecca demoing the new Frost


Solar Map
• Very early stages
• Trying to make it more like Celestial Atlas, mapping out parts of the Solar system that the Tenno have defended
• There will be 5 areas, each area encompasses a group of planets, and representing something different with the lore (each represents the 5 Tenno clans, the names mirroring the polarities)
• New players will only be able to see the areas as they unlock them
• Click HERE to hear Steve talk about the re-work



Primed Pistol Gambit
• It is currently glitched
• The correct value is 17% per rank (is this a joke?)
• Will be a fixed in a coming hotfix


Shotguns Changes
• Keeping falloff damage, but will tweak the amount of falloff damage (will never fall below half base damage)
• Will double/triple dps of shotguns in their optimal damage zone
• Will ragdoll enemies up close
• Considering different colour reticle (or something else more friendly to colourblind players) to indicate when you are in optimal range


Draco Discussion
• Greedy Pull usage is 4x higher than any other power
• Considering changing Greedy Pull; possibly so that the items pulled only move for her, other players can’t obtain
• Will never implement cooldown mechanics


Valkyr Pre-Corpus Skin
• Not sure on a release date
• Haven’t seen much progress on it


• Two armour sets coming in U17
• Can’t confirm at this time that they are 100% cosmetic only
• The retriever breed coming is indeed a new Kubrow, not a Catbrow



• Grineer Turret that are able to be hijacked
• Can launch deployable cover
• Click HERE to see Rebecca test the turret


J-3 Golem
• Aiming for 17.5 release
• One or more players may enter an orifice and fight J-3 from the inside, opening up a weakness, while a group of players outside fight the golem, keeping it busy and capitalizing on opened weaknesses
• There are several introductory stages that teach you the skills you’ll need to defeat J-3, leading up to the final stage of the fight that you have to employ everything you’ve learned
• One or more of the stages are on foot, the final stage is Archwing
• Click HERE to see a brief teaser of J-3’s final stage


App Update
• Pretty much everything you can see and do in the Liset will be accessible in some form in the app
• Will be supported on Android, Apple, and maybe Windows phone
• Click HERE to see Steve demoing the app


Other Stuff
• Yin Yang frame features heavy amounts of the new cloth physics
• Cloth physics will probably be applied to Frost and Trinity along with their PBR update, no ETA
• Recruitment will be opened officially for Guides of the Lotus, 10 people/month, stay tuned for FAQ that offers recruitment guidelines
• PS4 Theme was submitted for approval, but was rejected due to errors. Working on fixing them and re-submitting
• Mios is committed to 17.5
• Nunchakus, no ETA in sight

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