Résumé du DEVSTREAM 58

Excalibur Umbra
• Umbras are coming, starting with Excalibur
• Umbra Prime is exclusive to China, but a practically identical Umbra will be released in the Global build
• Steve hopes that Umbra becomes « a thing » and that there will be more coming
• No other info regarding how Umbra will be available or whether it will be a skin or a frame
Kavat (Catbrow)
• Feral Kavat dwells in Infested areas, they feed on Infested meat
• Feral Kavat has cloaking abilities, can be revealed with the scanner, which causes them to become aggressive
• Kavat has been domesticated by Grineer, they are used as an Anti-Infested unit
• The Kavat Handler Grineer unit can see through the Kavat’s cloaking, which extends to seeing through Warframe cloaking (i.e. Loki or Ash) as well
• Upon scanning Kavat, you can collect Kavat DNA signatures, which is injected into regular Kubrow eggs, not Kavat eggs
Corpus Units
• Female Corpus units are well in progress
• They are modular units that have many characteristics that can be swapped out (Mr. Potato Head), including a male variant
• Around 700 visual variations, around 32 gameplay variations
Next Warframe: Brawler
• The next Warframe will be pretty simple, in contrast to the complexity of the last few
• Almost is developed to the point where they could’ve shown the 3-D asset
• The actual in-game model has a more beefy upper body
Next Frame Re-Work
• Valkyr and Saryn are in progress
• There are some ideas for a Volt re-work as well
Kela De Thaym
• ETA is *maybe* U18
• There are a few contenders for the next boss re-work after J-3 Golem
• The Orbiter is the section of the Liset below the ramp
• It may be subject to aggressive re-design, but all the functionality will remain
• The Orbiter is incredibly large, and may allow players a further level of personalization
Bullet Jump
• It’s admited that Bullet Jump damage should be displayed in UI
• Bullet Jump damage should have some measure of scaling, but not considering tying it to weapon damage
Pre-Corpus Valkyr skin
• Like Excalibur, Valkyr is going to get some quality of life tweaks when the skin comes out
• Rip Line will come out faster
More Alt Skins
• Temple Guardian Rhino skin
• Saryn skin
• Trinity skin
• These skins were produced by community artists that DE has reached out to
Moon Tileset
• Coming in U18
• It is Earth’s moon, in a state of disrepair
• An abandoned Orokin colony
• Expect a lot of love for the Orokin Faction
Warframe Nexus App
• It’s in progress, just finalizing some of the animations
• This app will be free
• Around 17.5 release timeframe
• Click HERE to see Warren pre-view some animations of the app
Update 18
• As mentioned, it will involve the Starchart re-work
• This should give veteran players things to do, solve Void grind, help new players figure out what to do next
• Will have « The Second Dream » Quest that is the follow-up to Natah, it will feature Lotus in the flesh, and the biggest answers to the Tenno’s true nature
• The Second Dream will involve player choice
Syndicate Updates
• Syndicate Primaries are coming
Liste 2.0
• You will be able to change your Liset’s appearance
• They will be able to assist you one time in a mission, with an air strike or similar benefit
Console Updates
• Will be sent for cert on next Tues-day
Extra Stuff
• Have considered melee equivalent to Multishot mods (Multistrike?), thinks it’s a cool idea
• A lot of older weapon designs may be updated visually as they are given their PBR updates
• Considering Exilus mod slot for weaponry, haven’t completely thought through all the ramifications
• Alt fire on Tigris isn’t coming back, it was a bug
• There are 4 Warframes in active development, in addition to re-works
• Working fervently on re-enabling Dark Sector battles
• Working on clan size downgrading, hopefully will be in U18
• New Sentinel coming! (pictured below)

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