Résumé du DevStream 94

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 94 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).



La vidéo :



Le résumé :

Harrow Gameplay
• More Harrow gameplay was shown on the newly re-mastered Earth tileset
• Simultaneous Lex Prime and Kestrel gameplay shown
• New Nox Grineer Chem enemy (from Oberon Prime trailer) was shown
• The new Tenno Speargun weapon W’Rath was shown — this weapon is able to place Bullet Attractors on enemy’s heads
• Watch gameplay HERE
• Hoping to release Harrow before Tennocon



Friend Notes
• You can add notes to Friend Requests sent, and you can edit notes of all your friends to keep track of them easier



Other Stuff
• Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal are still planned to return, but the specifics of their release is still undecided
• The Prime Vault will open again this Summer – around Tennocon time – to make Mag Prime and Rhino Prime available again, along with their Relics
• The devs would like to make cinematic trailers for older Prime Warframes, but it’s difficult to find the time to devote to it – perhaps if it was coninciding with an unvaulting or a new system or something else that put more emphasis on it
• Still no plans to include a Mod slot for Augments, although some utility focused Augments such as Nova’s Wormhole can be used in the Exilus slot
• There are still plans to have Clan recruitment areas in Relays as well as more Relay features as mentioned long ago – this might be teased at Tennocon
• There may be new Archwing content teased at Tennocon including revamped Corpus Archwing enemies
• There are plans for Operator-only gameplay options, although these can’t be discussed at this point
• Oberon is getting a visual update so that his power produces grass — Oberon Prime will produce larger ferns like in the cinematic trailer
• There is something new to collect that is coming to Earth to encourage players to experience the re-mastered tileset – there will be hints in the upcoming Top Cow comic book
• Grineer Dropship shown

Short Ballas Teaser






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  1. Dans la vidéo à 33:15, on peut lire sur l’écran de navigation :

    Tactical Alert : Longshadow
    Rewards :
    1 – Credits + Endo
    2 – Exilus Adapter
    3 – Orokin UPGRADE PACK
    4 – Stratos Emblem

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