Résumé du DevStream 98

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 98 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source). Toujours pas de date précise pour ‘Les Plaines d’Eidolons’ , mais ça arrive « très bientôt ».



La vidéo :



Le résumé : 


Focus Rework
• Rework is coming with Plains of Eidolon
• All Focus points gained until now will be refunded
• The new Focus mode will revolve on the physical Operator that you play as rather than the ‘Ghost mode’ and Warframe that Focus currently augments
• Focus will make your Operator more combat-oriented, adhering to a different combat role depending on the school
• None of the old Focus system will remain — Energy Overflow and Shadow Step are gone
• More details will be revealed in a coming Dev Workshop



Glass Warframe
• Glass Warframe’s default helmet has been swapped — the one shown previously is now her alternate
• Will be obtained via Plains of Eidolon Quest
• Passive has a chance to cast a small radial blind while in bright light
• 1st power shoots a line of glass that does damage and keeps enemies impaled while maintained
• 2nd power causes the glass decorations on the Warframe to shatter and hover around her (or ally/enemy if cast on them) that causes a DOT damage area around the target
• 3rd power creates a number of mirrors that attract enemy attention, reflecting damage they deal to them — when the mirrors are shattered it makes a large AOE damage
• 4th power is a toggle that creates an expanding radius that covers enemies within in molten glass which will slow/freeze enemies and that will create AOE shatter if they are hit by her 1st power
• Click HERE to see her powers previewed



Plains of Eidolon Updates
• One shopkeeper sells Gene-masking kits for pets — Feral Kubrow skin seen
• Cetus will function as its own Syndicate with Standing that is earned by helping them
• Custom weapon parts can be purchased with Cetus standing
• Warframe masks for Operators can be purchased
• Jobs for Cetus can be accepted from a Job board that will provide a steady stream of tasks to award Cetus standing and other rewards
• Some of the Job rewards may seem meager, but many are aimed at beginning players that still need credits, etc
• There will be a prospector NPC that will be involved in a new line-tracing mining mini-game that will touch on a rework of the Arcane system
• There will be dynamic alerts that pop up within the Plains that offer smaller objectives
• Enemies further away from the Cetus gate will grow higher level
• Archwing controls are being reworked for Plains
• A bit of the Teralyst boss battle previewed HERE
• There will be a new merchant for players that have completed War Within that offers Operator gear that allows players to battle the Teralyst
• You will be able to fuse Arcanes to Operator armour pieces (including old Operator gear) to make your own loadout as well as craft custom Operator weapons
• Watch the (lengthy) Plains demo HERE



Deluxe Skins
• Octavia deluxe skin shown
• Mag Deluxe skin shown – should release in Plains of Eidolon along with matching Syandana and tonfa skin



New Stances
• There are 4 new weapon stances launching with Plains of Eidolon
• Contains new stances for sword, dual swords, polearm, and dagger/dual dagger (not specified which)
• Preview new stance combos HERE



Twitch Drops Promotion
• There is a new promotion for Twitch streamers and their viewers that awards exclusive items
• When a Twitch streamer accomplishes certain Plains of Eidolon related goals, all the viewers of the stream will be awarded with a prize
• This requires that the viewer has their Warframe account linked to their Twitch account and to watch the stream for at least 1 cumulative hour



Halloween Tennogen Winners
• Mesa Devil Ranger Skin
• Himavat Frost Helmet
• Limbo Vistyxio Skin
• Venari Limbo Helmet
• Titania Unseelie Skin
• Dominia Banshee Helmet
• Valkyr Delusion Skin
• Nezha Yaksha Skin
• Atlas Graxx Skin
• Valkyr Pandora Helmet



Other Stuff
• Outside of urgent hotfixes, there will be no more updates until Plains of Eidolon launches – release date is very soon
• Next console update is in cert; contains up to the newly released Arca gear and Tennogen Round 9
• Reddit AMA thread is going live after the stream HERE






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