Specters of the Rail: Update 1 + U1.1

Specters of the Rail: Update 1




Heliocor – Obtain enlightenment with this massive hammer that performs a Codex scan on each fatal strike. Scans require an equipped Codex Scanner and an available charge.

Available for purchase in the Market or Simaris Offerings!



The Tekelu Collection – Forged by masters from the Tekelu School of weaponsmiths, these skins feature intricate designs of an unmatched quality.



Xiphos Skins – Get the unique and stylish Xiphos Ifrit and Henipa Skins for your Landing Craft.




  • Glaive Prime and Bo Prime have received the PBR treatment!
  • Improved system stability slightly for 32-bit systems (note: if you’re running 32-bit Windows without a discrete Graphics Card this optimization probably won’t save you).
  • Improved the camera positioning during Archwing melee attacks.
  • Adjusted the Archwing camera
  • The function of auto leveling your Warframe’s view in Archwing auto level now only triggers when moving, as opposed to being stationary.
  • Cooldown on Trial rewards now resets at Midnight UTC – which is the standard reset time for Login Rewards, Standing cap refreshes, etc. They are no longer tied to individual Trial completion times. We hope this better allows you to coordinate groups!
  • Tweaked some pet behavior logic related to cloaking and targeting. This should sort out some targeting issues for Kubrows and Kavats where they would become targetable when leaving their stealth state but were still visually cloaked by a player ability.



Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Conclave mod ‘Emergent Aftermath’ can no longer be used with the Vectis sniper rifle.
  • Reduced the duration of Buzlok’s alt fire projectile in Conclave.
  • Slightly increased the damage of Lato Vandal in Conclave.
  • Increased the blocking percentage of Silva and Aegis in Conclave.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in Conclave.




  • Fixed End of Mission screen persisting when transitioning between Trial missions and causing a prog stopper as per:https://forums.warframe.com/topic/679601-specters-of-the-rail-hotfix-13/#comment-7581090
  • Fixed the Orthos icon in the Market.
  • Fixed a progression stopping bug when attempting to scan Cephalon Fragments as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/675531-solution-cant-complete-cephalon-fragments/
  • Fixed key-based missions (i.e. Derelict, Law of Retribution,etc) always appearing as « incomplete » (glowy-blue icon).
  • Fixed the Reactant UI counter not displaying for Clients.
  • Fixed receiving an error when purchasing combo packs that are on your wish-list (ie: Color Packs)
  • Fixed lower-rank Syndicate titles appearing in descriptions of high-rank Syndicate missions (e.g. « Rescue Mission (Crusader) » would be displayed instead of  « Rescue Mission (Maxim) »)
  • Fixed when fighting an Arctic Eximus, the enemy inside the bubble wouldn’t take damage from any gun or melee until the bubble outside was popped.
  • Fixed incorrect camera positioning when attempting to pet your Kavat companion.
  • Fixed failing a Void Fissure Sabotage mission when reaching extraction and choosing your reward with less than 15 seconds left.
  • Fixed a title issue in the Void Relic selection screen.
  • Fixed not being able to invite people to your squad after initiating a Junction node and cancelling it.
  • Fixed joining a Void Fissure mission in progress and seeing previously dropped Reactant with objective markers on them.
  • Fixed enemies appearing to run in place like they are slipping on ice after your Kavat has used Pounced.



Specters of the Rail: U1.1


  • Arid Heavy Gunners will now drop the Gorgon Blueprint!
  • Rebalanced the enemy spec for Belenus; Corrupted Bombards on the first wave was a bit more spicy than intended.
  • Buffed mission rewards for Mot (Level 40-45 Void Survival); it will now yield a richer mix of Axi Era(Tier 4) Relics and large Credit-bundle rewards similar to high-level Dark Sector missions.
  • Tweaked the Xiphos Ifrit Skin to improve flame tint color visibility.
  • Tweaked Kavat behaviors to get them to attack more consistently.


Lunaro Fixes

  • Fixed being able to score immediately by jumping into the zone that your team just scored against before the replay in Lunaro.



  • Fixed the Vectis Tekelus skin not being rewarded on purchase and instead giving another Skin.
  • Fixed default polearms placement either clipping through thighs or hovering away.
  • Fixed script error when fusing multiple Mods in a row.
  • Fixed not being able to adjust numerous alternate holster styles.
  • Better fix for Syndicate missions being listed with the wrong title.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur in the Arsenal when using an « at max energy » Mod (e.g.Searing Leap) with other Mods that increase your max energy.
  • Fixed the Codex locking up when viewing a certain enemy.





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