HOTFIX 15.13.7 + 15.13.8


Warframe Changes


  • Restored Volt’s speed trail visuals.


Mission Reward Changes


The following Missions / Rotations have been updated to include a pack of 5 Rare Fusion Cores as a reward:


  • Hard Survival Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation A .
  • Hard Interception Missions (Enemy Level 20+), reward available on Rotation B.




  • Made changes to Dynamic Lighting that should improve the quality of fog, shadow falloff, lens flair usage, and bloom.
  • Reverb options have been added to the Audio Options menu.
  • Made various tweaks to reverb effects on tilesets and against certain objects.
  • Made various tweaks to reverb effects on weapons.
  • Made changes to Grineer Spy Vaults that should make gameplay objectives a little more clear.
  • Updated audio quality on the Grakata.
  • Updated accuracy on NPCs using beam weapons.  Beam-wielding enemies will now sweep their weapon after the player smoothly, with their accuracy reduced by players sprinting, or performing general acrobatics.  This should make avoiding enemy beams much more clear, and will also make NPCs firing beam weapons less confusing to fight against.
  • Items found within Rare Loot Crates will no longer display their contents on discovery.  Players will now see exactly what they’ve received from loot crates on the End of Mission screen once the Mission has been completed.
  • Void Reward Items have been added back to Sabotage Caches as a result of the above change!
  • Cleaned up blue corners seen around rewards displayed in Survival.




  • Fixed Prisma Veritux not being Tradeable.
  • Fixed ice visual effect that appeared on other various textures.
  • Fixed Grineer Galleon ‘fly in’ cinematic playing when players start a Void Defense Mission.
  • Fixed single-shot weapons not having the appropriate default rate of fire.
  • Fixed the Objective Rooms in the Spy gametype being subject to enemy alarm lockdowns.
  • Fixed players falling through the Corpus vents in Spy Mission Objective Rooms.
  • Fixed End of Mission rewards showing as incorrect for Invasions (particularly Phorid drops giving wrong Warframe parts).
  • Fixed an issue in chat that would only allow players to talk when holding down the Enter key while typing.
  • Fixed players being able to wallrun against corners to go through terrain.









Crossfire Missions


Missions with multiple factions will now have their Node labeled as Crossfire — a new type of mission where Tenno can move amongst factions that are already engaged in combat with one another!  The release of Crossfire Missions is a little premature (players began reporting it as a bug in their Syndicate Missions) but now that you’ve experienced the joy of walking into an active battlefield we can’t possibly take it away!


These Crossfire Missions will feature multiple factions, with objectives that are independent from either faction’s goals or motivations.


  • Crossfire Nodes are only available as Exterminate Missions, for now.
  • Crossfire Syndicate Missions will still have Medallions available for pickup.
  • Crossfire Missions are Available on Mars – Arval, Silvanus, and Ultor.




  • Various changes were made to help optimize audio reverb for tilesets and weapons.
  • Audio reverb applied to Orokin Derelict tilesets.




  • Fixed issue with lensflare effects being improperly applied to objects (example:
  • Fixed hosts and clients not getting proper Loot Crate rewards when completing Earth Sabotage Missions.
  • Fixed errors in displaying Mission Rewards from Loot Crates on the End of Mission screen.
  • Fixed Archwing’s ‘item vacuum’ effect not working properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing Syndicate Missions to behave like normal Crossfire Missions, in addition to featuring no Medallions.
  • Fixed players getting pushed inside of stairs and ramps just after performing parry finishers.


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