Résumé du DevStream 46

Our last Devstream cast a wide net on what our Year of Quality is all about, and Devstream 46 is our first look into some of those details. Updates to our PvP format, a slight tease on our next Warframe, plus some awesome visuals for the latest community-created enemy were just some of the topics we had in store. Our Devstreams embrace the candid flow of ideas, so keep in mind everything is subject to change!

For anyone that missed our recent livestream and would like to see all the action, we recommend watching Devstream 46 on Youtube. Otherwise, here’s a quick breakdown on some of the topics we covered last week:


Vey Hek has moved- what’s next?
A recent PC update has changed Vey Hek from being accessible only to players with the Vay Hek Boss Key to now being a main boss on the Earth tileset for Mastery Rank 5 and above Tenno. This change makes both the boss fight and Hydroid parts more accessible than ever — while we don’t have any definitive plans to make future changes to other key-requiring bosses we are currently considering giving the same treatment to other encounters.


Dragon Frame Details
• Next Warframe will have a Dragon theme, something many of our players have requested.
• As a reminder, the color of your energy will change the elemental damage type.
• You will not need to buy a color pack to be more effective with this Warframe.


Fish Pushers Ahoy!
The level design team has been working on the new underwater tileset for a bit, and is currently right on track. We expect to have more news on the tileset for everyone on our next Devstream and how Archwing will play a role as an under-water movement device!


PvP Overhaul

PvP will now have a separate loadout with Mods, weapons and existing Warframes tweaked exclusively toward PvP
• These tweaks will be independent from the rest of the game.
• Some PvE Mods will be available in PvP, but it will never go vice versa.
• Capture the Flag will be the first PvP mode released. Initial release will just have a test node with just CTF, but eventually all other Dark Sector locations will be replaced with various PvP game types.
• Energy is a resource that will spawn in a specific location. Controlling these areas are of strategic importance.
• Death animations are being made for Tenno in PvP.
• A new arsenal loadout is being created to help players move between PvP, Normal and Archwing builds.


Raid Update
• Raids will still feature a host, and will have 7 other clients
• We are still deciding if we want matchmaking to be open, or premade only initially.
• Raids can and will have bosses and puzzles.
• Raids will require a lot of coordination, and figuring out. There won’t be any hand holding here!
• Raids will provide a unique set of Rewards never before seen in Warframe!


Manic Grineer
• We’ve done a lot of work on the Manic Grineer, and he’s almost ready to fight!
• The Manic Grineer has a lot more agility than most Grineer units, moving in and out of combat.


Relay Updates
• Our latest addition to the Relays will be a library where Tenno can access unique quests and Warframe lore.
• Every week a Cephalon will designate a specific type of enemy to be collected.
• Once the community completes the collection, lore will be opened up for everyone. New players can complete older quests for personal goals.
• This Librarian will have unique rewards, Sigils, and items for trade.


Parkour 2.0
Parkour 2.0 will feature a new set of maneuvers. These maneuvers will help improve player movement over objects, and may require us to take a second look at older levels. We’ll continue to give more information on Parkour 2.0 as we get closer to release.


Void Rotations
There’s been a bit of talk about Reward rotations in the Void, and although we’re not currently going to make any changes Void drops have been a much discussed subject for us. Please note that we will continue to monitor Void rotations, and that changes may be made in the future.


Networking Improvements
• The improvements to networking we’ve been working on for PC will be coming to console.
• Players behind university firewalls that have had difficulty connecting to groups should rejoice!

That wraps up the big reveals and talking points of Devstream 46, but we hope everyone enjoyed this exciting look at what’s to come. We’ll be back with more exciting reveals on Feb 20 for Devstream 47, where Fish Pushers should swim their way to the spotlight for some underwater action!

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