HOTFIX 15.14.1

La Saint-Valentin est ici !

Que cela vous donne le désir de déclarer votre amour du haut des Relais, ou bien d’aller tuer des dizaines de Grineer, nous avons quelques cadeaux pour vous !

Éliminez les avec de l’amour !
Montrez votre amour envers vos ennemis avec l’aspect de flèche Éros. Cet aspect ajoute des flèches d’amour à n’importe quel arc équiper. Même Cupidon serait jaloux !
Les aspects Eros sont disponibles dans le marché !
Peu importe votre colouer préférer la Saint-Valentin c’est un temps pour le rose et le rouge. Décorez alors votre Warframe avec les colours de l’amour afin d’impressionner votre autre moitié !
Ajoutez les couleurs de l’amour à votre arsenal !
Achetez le Sélecteur de Couleur Saint Valentin dans le marché pour 1 crédit.

Sautez dessus ces objets avant qu’ils disparaissent !



Eros Arrow Skin and Color Picker


Valentine’s Day is upon us! Whether that makes you feel like declaring your love from the top of a Relay or taking headshots on the Grineer, we’ve got some love-day items coming your way.




Kill them with kindness!


Show the enemy you care with the Eros Arrow Skin. This adds heart-shaped tips to any Bow Weapon you have equipped. Even Cupid will be envious!


Pick up some Eros Skins in the Market for 5,000 Credits each.  To use your Eros Arrow Skin simply purchase the item in the Market and equip it in your Gear.  Once in a Mission use the Arrow Skin just like a normal consumable item.




Does Valentine’s Day have you seeing red? Or, does it make you tickled pink? Wear your heart on your Warframe’s sleeve — and well, all of your Warframe — with the Valentine Color Picker.


Add a selection of love-ly color choices to your Arsenal!  Purchase the Valentine Color Picker in the Market for One Credit.


Grab these Valentine-themed items before they’re gone!




  • Added more enemies to Crossfire Missions to help increase the carnage.
  • The Stalker, Gustrag 3 and Zanuka will no longer be summoned in Syndicate Missions.
  • Life Support drop rates in Survival have been slightly increased at lower difficulties and when solo.
  • Syndicate Allies will no longer fire at enemies unless the player engages combat or they’re attacked.
  • Syndicate Allies will hold fire while players are doing stealth kills.
  • Syndicate Allies should less frequently walk in front of the player when firing their weapons.
  • Kubrow should less frequently walk in front of the player while the player is shooting/attacking.




  • Fixed game freeze that would occur when accepting a gift in a Relay.
  • Fixed players receiving inbox messages regarding Vey Hek Frequency Triangulator Blueprints.
  • Fixed an issue caused by picking up Life Support when your Oxygen remaining was at 0%.
  • Fixed MK1 Paris being sold in the Market for Platinum.
  • Fixed players being kicked from Missions they are unqualified to join, instead of just preventing them from joining in the first place.
  • Fixed an issue caused by purchasing the Soma in the Marketplace.
  • Fixed various weapon idle animations playing in Hubs, when all weapon animations should be inactive.


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