Mise à jour 15.15 + 15.15.1



Découpez vos ennemis avec vitesse et précision lorsque vous vous servez du Tonbo. Lors de l’ancienne guerre, plusieurs Tennos se servaient uniquement du Tonbo.
Le voici en action:



Add the Tonbo to your Arsenal by visiting the Market or starting your Clan Research today!




  • Basic information about each Mission will appear when highlighting a node that has multiple Missions.
  • Corpus and Grineer Spy Vaults will now have greater variety in difficulty scaling on higher difficulty.
  • Added objective marker to door hack panel of in Grineer Spy Missions.
  • Changed Corpus vs Grineer Spy Missions on Europa to be Corpus only.
  • Players will now receive a notification when trying to chat in a channel they’ve been banned or muted in.
  • Reduced the number of scans required on the Bomb in the Once Awake Quest.




  • Fixed lasers not disabling in Corpus Spy Missions after the lasers have been destroyed.
  • Fixed inaccessible Rare Loot Crates and Syndicate Medallions on Grineer Spy Missions.
  • Fixed force fields in Spy Missions not disappearing when destroyed / deactivated.
  • Fixed alarms still being triggerable after data has been extracted in Spy Missions.
  • Fixed Neural Sensors and Neurodes having the wrong descriptions in the Market.


  • Ratka Ballistica now deals 30 damage per uncharged bolt. The damage type is broken down to 15 Puncture, 7.5 Impact and 7.5 Slash.



  • Fixed the Tonbo not appearing in Tenno Research Lab.


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