Mise à jour 15.5.1 + 15.5.2 + 15.5.3

HOTFIX 15.5.1



  • Increased the range on Tar-Mutalist Moa’s ‘slow goo’ deactivation once destroyed.
  • The Bright Purity Augment Mod can now be used on Skana Prime.
  • Made various sound tweaks to Gammacor shots.
  • Event name will now display on star chart node for Event Alerts.
  • Mutalist Alad V can no longer be stun locked with electric damage procs.
  • Vauban’s Ability grenades have received their own unique texture!
  • Hiding Beep Boop Paint Bot, wasn’t meant to be live yet! Those of you with a fresh coat of sneak-peek paint, enjoy!
  • Added new hip fire poses to the Gammacor.




  • Fixed a hole on Ice Planet that players could fall into.
  • Fixed UI Codex dioramas displaying unintended elements of the UI.
  • Fixed Patient Zero quest not completing for some players.
  • Fixed a positioning error on Warframe Launcher
  • Fixed floating NPC spawn points on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions
  • Fixed Mesa’s Peacemaker costing zero energy to use, in addition to power allowing players to still move during bleedout.
  • Fixed enemy pathing that would cause enemies to sometimes to leap into pits to their death.
  • Fixed Infested Ancients getting stuck at spawn points on Grineer Asteroid Defense tileset.
  • Fixed Dual Decurion blueprint appearing in Clan Tech, removed blueprint from Clan Tech Research. This is a Market blueprint for you to craft once you obtain the parts!
  • Fixed an issue with the Gammacor appearing in the codex as a duplicate ‘Lato’ entry.
  • Fixed issue with Helios not scanning properly.



HOTFIX 15.5.2 :




  • Cache Optimization thresholds reduced to not occur as frequently. The launcher will now only Optimize Cache if approximately 1/3rd of the data is in need of optimization.
  • Made additional tweaks to Gammacor firing sounds.
  • Added in stealth takedown sounds for the Redeemer when used on enemies frozen via the Glaxion.
  • Removed unreleased/unfinished mods from the Codex (Vermillion Storm/Astral Twilight).




  • Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead ability when spawning Kubrows.  Kubrows spawned now have the correct visual effects and will die once Shadows of the Dead has expired.
  • Fixed an issue where Brood Mother Maggots stayed on players that enter Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed an issue with missing back buttons for Dioramas/messages which would require players to reload game.
  • Fixed players seeing two ‘C’ points during Archwing Interception after a host migration.
  • Fixed energy efficiency Mods not applying to Nekros’ Desecrate and Valkyr’s Rip Line.
  • Fixed enemies not spawning as frequently on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions.
  • Fixed Infested Ancients not melee attacking players.
  • Fixed transmutations not working when using more than one type of Mod.
  • Fixed error that would occur when attempting to select Patient Zero quest through World State Window if player had not yet unlocked Eris.
  • Fixed Warframe Ability timers ceasing to update after players have been captured / released by Alad V’s collar.
  • Fixed an issue with players getting hurt by Mutalist Alad V attacks while in Limbo’s Rift.
  • Fixed rewards from aborted Alert missions appearing in future Mission Results screens.  This used to occur after a player would abort an Alert and then proceeded to start a new mission.


HOTFIX 15.5.3



Tenno Hubs: Players that are Founders, Mastery Rank 15 or higher can now can access our Player Hub stress test the Vesper Relay available on Venus.  Please keep in mind this test does not represent the final version of the hubs, and we appreciate the help participating in the testing process!  A few reminders:


  • Make sure your Matchmaking is set to ‘Solo’
  • There may be some hitches, please be patient!
  • Be mindful of falling off of ledges!




  • Tar-Mutalist Moa’s slow goo will no longer affect Defense objectives
  • Infested minions will no longer make sounds after dying.
  • Reduced frequency of Lotus transmission notifications.  Lotus will now remind players about unstarted quests once every three days.
  • Multiple NPCs can now use the zipline at once.
  • Renamed Infested Alad V Nav Coordinate to Mutalist Alad V Nav Coordinate.




  • Fixed leveling up and Power Strength Mods making Mesa’s Shatter Shield damage reduction less effective.
  • Fixed issue in Archwing Interception that would cause enemy team to gain points when owning no territories.
  • Fixed Infested Brood Mother Maggots not detaching from Limbo once he enters the Rift.
  • Fixed Mutalist Alad V’s powers affecting players in Limbo’s Rift, when Alad V is not in the Rift.
  • Fixed Infested jumping off level to their death after a host migration as per: https://forums.warfr…suicide-glitch/
  • Fixed an error causing a false entry in the Codex
  • Fixed an issue in Hive Infestation that caused Excalibur’s Radial Javelin to cease functioning.
  • Fixed Clients not counting achievements that track deaths due to damage dealt.
  • Fixed a rare instance of item keys falling through the floor.
  • Fixed enemy drones getting stuck on objects / running in circles. This should fix the common cases in Void Defense where Orokin Drones get stuck at spawn.
  • Fixed enemies aiming at your actual position if they cannot see the player.
  • Fixed some terrain geography that was causing Mutalist Alad V to get stuck.
  • Fixed crash in the new launcher when when pushing play button.
  • Fixed error caused by Grineer Scorpions.
  • Fixed placement of Dendra Armor on Mesa.
  • Fixed numerous unusual AI navigation issues.

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