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Mise à jour 15.6.0


Tenno Reinforcement:


Kohm:  The Kohm is a primary plasma shotgun with a unique held-trigger function.  For every shot fired in rapid succession the Kohm releases an additional bolt, growing more lethal with every pull of the trigger!


Tenno Relays are now open to all!


These past few weeks many of our Founders, Prime Access supporters, and players with Mastery Rank 10+ have had the opportunity to help us test what our Relays were capable of handling.  With our preliminary testing of Tenno Relays coming to a close we invite all Tenno to take part in our next phase, keeping in mind that Relays may still experience some adjustments over the coming weeks.


Please be aware that there may still be some fine tuning that needs to be done in making Relay Stations a safe place for Tenno to congregate.  Rest assured we will notify everyone immediately of any downtime Relays may require during this time.


To make Tenno Relays a little easier to navigate, here’s a list of currently available features that range from brand new content to tips that will help make your stay on the Relay a little more pleasant:


  • Relay Stations are available on many planets, and are a great way to meet other Tenno looking to complete Missions in that sector.
  • Players can create or join a squad while inside the Relay, then use the Relay’s Mission Control in the Northern Wing to start a mission.
  • Players can also alter their loadout in Mission Control, should they need a different build for a more specialized mission.  These changes will reflect to other nearby Tenno.
  • Each Syndicate has their own room on Tenno Relays, and are more than happy to trade their usual rewards in-person instead of through the Liset’s console.
  • Syndicate rooms each have a special representative that collects Medallions, a new Currency for earning Standing.
  • Various art and lighting updates have been made to Tenno Relays!  Be sure to explore and take in the new look and explore each of the multiple floors available in the Concourse.
  • Various NPCs within Tenno Relays will be a little more lively now that they have animations.


Void Trader


Baro Ki’Teer is a man of rare and luxurious tastes, willing to trade a wide variety of his acquired goods in exchange for the unique items that Tenno often discover when traveling the Void.  While he is often in demand his appearance on a Relay is rare, heralded by Ducat Kiosks in the main Concourse.


  • Players can trade in unused Prime parts for Orokin Ducats, the only currency that Baro Ki’Teer accepts.
  • Orokin Ducats can be traded to Baro Ki’Teer alongside a sum of credits for unique Mods, weapons, and cosmetic items.
  • Baro Ki’Teer’s presence on a Relay Station is random limited to only a few days.
  • Some of Baro Ki’Teer’s goods are tradable with other Tenno.


Darvo’s Market


While exploring the Relay Tenno may discover Darvo’s Market, which is sadly not open for business at this time.  Even still, Darvo is never one to turn down a good opportunity to advertise!  Be sure to say hello should you stumble upon his developing storefront.


New Syndicate Medallions


Medallions are now available on Syndicate Missions.  Medallions act like their own currency, similar to Credits.  Each Syndicate’s Medallion may have their own unique look, but regardless of their appearance all Medallions count toward the same currency pool: Standing!


When you’re ready to turn in Medallions simply head to your Tenno Relay of choice, visit your Syndicate trader and select how many you wish to turn in.  Different ranks of Medallions can provide greater Standing than others; so keep an eye out for Medallions and plan ahead when you spend them, Tenno.


New Warframe Mod Augments:


We’ve been working with our Design Council to put more Augments together, as well as adding some of our own! The following Mod Augments are now available through the Syndicate Offerings:


  • Ash: Shuriken: Seeking Shuriken: Hits expose weaknesses on enemies, reducing their armor by 35%/45%/55%/70% for 2/4/6/8 seconds
  • Banshee:  Sonar: Resonance: Killing an enemy by shooting the weak spot will trigger another sonar for 50%/65%/80%/100% of remaining duration.
  • Ember: Fire Blast: Fire Fright: Each tick has a 40%/60%/80%/100% chance for a panic proc.
  • Excalibur: Slash Dash: Surging Dash:  Each enemy hit has a chance to increase the melee counter by 1/2/3/4.
  • Frost: Ice Wave: Ice Wave Impedance:  Leaves a frozen trail that will slow down enemies that walk over it for 4/6/8/10 seconds.
  • Hydroid: Tidal Surge: Tidal Impunity:   Clears procs and grants proc immunity for x seconds for yourself and allies that come in contact with it for 3/4/5/6 seconds.
  • Limbo: Rift Surge: Rift Torrent:   Damage multiplier is increased by 5%/10%/15%/20% for each enemy in the rift.
  • Loki: Radial Disarm: Irradiating Disarm:  Enemies will be affected by radiation for 3/6/9/12 seconds.
  • Mag: Shield Polarize: Shield Transference:  Creates a small shield dome around Mag that protects for 15%/25%/35%/50% of depleted enemy shields.
  • Mirage: Eclipse: Total Eclipse:  The effect applies to nearby allies within a 3/3/4/5 meter radius for 25%/50%/75%/100% effect.
  • Mesa: Shooting Gallery: Muzzle Flash: Shooting Gallery does a blinding burst within 5/6/7/8 meters for 4/5/6/7 seconds before switching players.
  • Nekros: Desecrate: Despoil:  Desecrate no longer consumes energy, but consumes 80/70/60/50 health instead.
  • Nova: Antimatter Drop: Antimatter Absorb:  Antimatter Drop absorbs enemy bullets, increasing its damage when it explodes.  2/3/4/5 meter absorb bubble radius.
  • Nyx: Mind Control: Mind Freak:   Mind controlled target does 60%/120%/200%/300% increased damage.
  • Oberon: Hallowed Ground: Hallowed Eruption:  Casting a second blessed ground will consume the first one dealing all the damage remaining in a burst.  30%/40%/50%/60% proc chance on burst.
  • Rhino: Iron Skin: Iron Shrapnel:  Detonate Iron Skin dealing 40%/60%/80%/100% of its remaining health as puncture damage.  30%/40%/50%/60% proc chance.
  • Saryn: Molt: Regenerative Molt:  After casting Molt, Saryn regenerates a percentage of health over time. Lasts 8 seconds, with healing occurring every 2 seconds.
  • Trinity: Link: Abating Link:  Reduces armor by 15%/20%/25%/30% on enemies targeted by Link.
  • Valkyr: Rip Line: Swing Line:  After using Rip Line, the next 1/2/3/4 rip lines while remaining airborne will have no energy cost.
  • Vauban: Bastille: Repelling Bastille:  When at max capacity, has a 50%/65%/80%/100% chance to repel new enemies that enter the radius.
  • Volt: Speed: Shocking Speed:  Enemies touched while sprinting under the effects of speed will take 75/100/125/175 electrical damage with a guaranteed proc.
  • Zephyr: Turbulence: Jet Stream: Turbulence increases movement by 15%/20%/25%/30%  and projectile speed by 50%/65%/80%/100%  for Zephyr and her allies.


New Game Mode:


Corpus Hijack is now live on Sorath-Europa!


The Corpus have begun salvaging their crashed ships on Europa for valuable goods, loading up heavy all-terrain vehicles with cargo for shipment off planet.  Their most treasured shipment of recovered goods has just been readied for extraction, and it’s your job to make sure those secrets go to Tenno hands.


  • Locate the Corpus shipment, then guide it safely to extraction through the frozen remains of a Corpus ship’s crash site.
  • The Corpus shipment’s vehicle has been re-routed to draw power from Warframe Shields.  Defending the shipment (and one another) from weapon’s fire is the key to victory.




  • Polychrome is here! How to get started? Read on!
    • Research colours in the Tenno Research Room. Each colour requires Pigments to complete. Pigments are dropped by a listed enemy only during the time that Research is selected.
    • Once your colour is researched and contributions complete, use the “Paint” option for a given room and contribute resources to begin the painting process!
  • Orokin Void and Derelicts dynamic music is now live!  Make sure to have your music enabled when listening for our latest update to Orokin Void and Derelict tilesets, or if you’d like to hear the WIP preview check out our post in the Developer Workshop subforum: https://forums.warfr…-derelict-void/
  • Market Batch Purchasing is here! Now you can buy in quantities from the Market instead of 1 at a time!
  • The Dojo Obstacle Course now has leaderboards!




  • Updated Mesa’s Longhorn helmet icon in Marketplace.
  • Players can now upgrade Rifle, Arrow, Shotgun and Sniper Ammo Mutation Mods from max Rank 3 to max Rank 5 with increased effectiveness.
  • ‘Dangle’ cosmetics will now use the same collision detection as Syandanas.
  • Mesa’s Regulator pistols will now need to be holstered before her Peacemaker Ability is considered to be finished / deactivated.
  • Mutalist Navigation Coordinate now has an updated icon.
  • Lowered the damage of Tar-Mutalist MOA’s tar damage over time effect.
  • Defense objectives are now be immune to Tar-Mutalist MOA’s tar damage.
  • Changed Tar-Mutalist MOA’s damage type from Radiation to Corrosive.
  • Reduced the number of shots required to shrink the Nullifier Crewman’s protective shield.
  • The Natural Talent Mod has had its Conclave Rating adjusted to 10 at max range.
  • Large Team Ammo Restore items now give 33% more ammo than Medium Restore items.
  • Addition additional terrain elements to Orokin Void Defense.
  • Rare Loot Crate scan requirement has been reduced to 5, and Ultra Rare has been reduced to 3.


Archwing Changes:


Dual Decurion Buff


  • The latest Archwing Reinforcement will be receiving boosts on stats for damage and clip size.
  • Firing rate has been changed from semi-automatic to automatic.


Velocitus Buff


  • Increased Magnetic Damage from 500 to 1200
  • Increased Critical Multiplier from 2 to 3


Innate Vacuum for Loot pickup


  • All players in Archwing game modes will now have a default radial ‘vacuum’ effect for loot, making pick-ups easier to grab.  This should also improve the general flow of movement in Archwing Missions.


Archwing Interception Rewards


  • Interception Rewards are now exclusively Archwing Mods.  No other mods will be presented in the Reward Table.


Stunlock Reduced


  • Overall stunlock intensity from enemy attacks reduced in combat.


Buffed Mods


  • Critical Chance Mods for Archwing melee and rifles have been buffed.
  • Health/Shield/Armor Mods for Archwing have been buffed.


Overall Archwing Changes:


  • Warframe Stats and Mods no longer carry over onto Archwing performance.  All Warframes will now perform equally well while piloting an Archwing, eliminating the need to use a specific Warframe for optimum Space Ninja performance.
  • All Archwings now have different base Health/Shield/Armor stats that can be modded (with the newly buffed Mods).



Warframe Changes:


  • Saryn’s Molt now removes Brood Mother Maggots, Nanite Swarms, Seeker Latchers and Leeches.




  • Fixed visual overlap on some objects within the Dojo.
  • Fixed players being able to see into the Void when in the Dojo’s Tenno Research Lab.
  • Fixed the Marketplace not properly updated item quantity when player enters a new amount they wish to purchase.
  • Fixed several locked doors in the Orokin Derelicts showing up in green.
  • Fixed player Liset decorations floating in midair in the docking station of the Relay Station.
  • Fixed players waiting longer than necessary to enter a Relay when in a party.
  • Fixed players not being able to see any visual effects when picking up an oxygen tank in Survival.
  • Fixed players being unable to enter a Dojo through the Clan menu when in a Relay.
  • Fixed enemies only appearing in small groups of 2-3 when playing on Ice Planet Defense.
  • Fixed enemies targeted by Trinity’s Energy Vampire becoming stuck in an animation loop.
  • Fixed issue that would occur from leaving a squad at the exact moment the host disbanded the squad.
  • Fixed certain Syndicate Mods not functioning correctly, or not displaying new buffed modifiers as per: https://forums.warfr…te-mods-thread/
  • Fixed load time delays during Archwing Mission deployment cinematics.
  • Fixed all visual issues related to Warframe Reddit thread: http://www.reddit.co…karpfen_i_have/
  • Fixed Mesa’s Shooting Gallery buffing enemy players in Dark Sector PvP.
  • Fixed players becoming stuck in Mesa’s Peacemaker after repeated use of the Ability.
  • Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm targeting enemies immune to Abilities after the initial target is killed.
  • Fixed some Archwing weapons dealing no damage to Sabotage Mission objective.
  • Fixed Liset Foundry flashing an update for players staying on the Liset during a content Update.
  • Fixed the Tenno Lab not appearing on the minimap of the Clan Dojo.



HOTFIX 15.6.1


  • Fixed an issue with mods of similar effect not being equippable simultaneously (channeling and Sentinel mods).
  • Fixed various crashes and issues with Relays (including forced logouts).
  • Fixed an issue with unfinished content appearing for purchase in the Market.
  • Fixed an issue with pressing “I” to inspect causing issues on Companions (Kubrows/Sentinels)
  • Fixed Spanish and Portuguese localization for the latest augment mods.




HOTFIX 15.6.2




  • Reduced color research time for Dojo Polychrome to 36 hours.
  • Only one color can be researched at a time in the Dojo.
  • Removed weapon trail effects in Relay.


Archwing Changes:


  • Applied Shield/Health/Stamina/Energy upgrades to Archwing that increase with each level (like Warframes), dramatically increasing the base stats of a level 30 Archwing.




  • Fixed Dojo Obstacle Course leaderboards not properly holding all player times.
  • Fixed issue caused by changing loadout when in the Relay.
  • Fixed issues caused by logging out while stuck on loading screen when entering a Relay.
  • Fixed only Nullifier Crewman and Scorching Osprey spawning after the portal is destroyed in Orokin Sabotage.
  • Fixed elements of the Dojo’s color research UI panel not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue that would allow players to jump out of Cephalon Suda’s Syndicate room.
  • Fixed Alerts and Syndicate Daily Missions as being a selectable choice for Mission auto-repeat.
  • Fixed Medallions not appearing in Syndicate Daily Missions.
  • Fixed UI issue that allowed for incorrectly priced Mod fusion.




HOTFIX 15.6.3 :



  • Added Invite button to the Profile screen.




  • Baro Ki’Teer now has a spawn effect when entering / leaving a Relay.
  • Baro Ki’Teer, after complaining of some claustrophobia, will now stand a little higher on his own custom soap box.
  • Liset capacity for decorations has now been doubled.
  • Relay Stations will now display events, and which relay those special events may be occuring at.
  • Relay ambient music volume has been lowered slightly.
  • Updated animations for NPCs in Syndicate rooms.




  • Fixed adding and removing an item in your sell pile will cause your cursor to disappear.
  • Fixed a typo in Nekros’ Despoil Augment Mod.







  • Fixed Void Trader running away!
  • Fixed doors in the Void not opening properly.

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