Mise à jour 16.10.2

Hotfix 16.10.2 :





Ember Changes:


The following changes have been made to Ember in both PvE and Conclave:


  • Casting animations for World on Fire have been shortened to match Fire Blast’s.
  • The base duration of Ember’s Accelerant is now 30 seconds regardless of rank.
  • Ember’s Accelerant now provides a buff to casting speed for the duration of the Ability (Equivalent to a max-rank Natural Talent).
  • Ember’s Accelerant will now display a duration timer in the player’s HUD.


Infested Changes:


  • Tar-Mutalist’s AoE tar and Nanite Swarms can now be destroyed by AoE or melee damage.
  • The Nanite Swarm’s screen-darkening visual effect and duration has been reduced.
  • Nanite Swarms have a reduced duration when travelling to players and now last 6 seconds when travelling in the environment.




  • Reduced the Aksomati’s reload time from 2.8 to 1.4.
  • Removed enemy scaling from some Mastery Rank tests available in the Relay.
  • Improved handling of cache corruption for certain resource types; in the event of corruption there should be less need to do a manual verify pass from the launcher.
  • Nightmare assassinate missions will no longer select the « mission time limit » challenge mode.




  • Fixed charged beams from the Opticor not aiming properly when fired by Mirage’s clones.
  • Fixed a crash that would occur in the Dojo relating to the leaderboard in the Obstacle Course.
  • Fixed enemies focusing their attacks on player Sentinels after Banshee’s Silence has been cast.
  • Fixed the shadows of Infested enemies lingering behind after disintegration.
  • Fixed Ordis consecutively repeating the same transmission.

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