Mise à jour 16.5 + 16.5.1


(We must first hotfix for general stability before we start the event, stay tuned for 16.5.1)




You have the opportunity to strike at the heart of Tyl Regor’s secret cloning labs but this opportunity comes with a difficult choice.


Alad V thinks these labs contain a cure for the Infestation that riddles his body and he wants us to find it. Nef Anyo hates Alad and will do anything to keep him from becoming strong again, including destroying the cure he seeks. Both are offering to lead us to the labs.


You must decide which is the lesser of two evils.


– The Lotus




  • Visit the Grineer Ocean on Uranus.
  • You must decide if you wish to help Alad V or Nef Anyo. Helping Alad V means stealing the cure for his Infestation, while helping Nef Anyo means destroying the cure.
  • Locate the Pump Room. You will need to flood this facility.
  • Break open the pipes to allow pumped water to flood the room then start the pumping process at the nearby console.
  • Once you have activated the console, wait for the pumping process to complete. Be alert, Tenno! Enemies may attack. Keep them from interrupting the process.
  • When the pumping process is finished, use the elevator to access the caves below. Enemies may be waiting, so use caution.


Your next steps will be determined by the side you have chosen:


Destroy (help Nef Anyo)

– Locate the Genetic Experiment. Attack and defeat it.

– Proceed to Extraction.

Steal (help Alad V)

– Locate two Console areas in the DNA Room. Find nearby Toxin cells and apply them to each Console to extract important information and sabotage the cloning process.

– Proceed to Extraction.



– You may choose to assist either Nef Anyo by Destroying Grineer Research Components or Alad V by Stealing Grineer Research Components.

– This Operation starts *soon* until Wednesday, May 20 at 12 p.m. EDT.



Event Weapon –Fully support Nef Anyo or Alad V in at least 4 regional battles

o   DERA VANDAL: A customized version of the Dera, featuring a metallic finish and Lotus decal. (If Nef Anyo is victorious at the end of the Event.)

o   KARAK WRAITH: A different take on the Grineer assault rifle, the Karak Wraith features unique styling. (If Alad V is victorious at the end of the Event.)


New Tileset Preview: Grineer Sealabs


Hidden under the toxic oceans of Uranus is Tyl Regor’s genetic labs.  Built into the massive coral pillars rising up from the depths these twisting halls represent the latest in Grineer scientific achievement.


A preview of this tileset will be available during Operation Tubemen of Regor, so be sure to let us know what you think of Uranus’ latest expansion!


New Nightmare Trial Difficulty


New Trial leaderboards URL (switched http://content.warfr…htmareStats.php raid.php to trial.php):
Nightmare Trials are challenging encounters designed for experience groups of Tenno looking for a new challenge.  Harder hitting enemies, new traps and tweaks to each of the existing encounters in the Trials of Vay Hek will push your squad’s coordination to the limit.


We want all Tenno to enjoy our first attempt at a Nightmare mode of this size and intensity.  Please keep in mind that adjustments may be needed if the content proves to be too difficult.  Good luck!


  • Players can purchase the Nightmare Trial of Vay Hek Key from the Marketplace for 100,000 Credits.  Building a key costs 5000 Credits, 1000 Rubedo, 18000 Nanospores, and 2 Gallium.




Tenno Reinforcements


Boltace Tonfa, Daikyu Bow and Atomos Particle Cannon available now!


Tenno, master three new additions to the Warframe Arsenal! Equip the Boltace tonfa, Daikyu bow or Atomos particle cannon to bring destruction to the enemy.

BOLTACE: An intimidating Tonfa set designed to match the briary design of the Boltor.


DAIKYU:  The Daikyu takes great strength to draw back, but provides added power and range to every shot.


ATOMOS:  This particle cannon generates a condensed beam of super-heated plasma designed to melt rock to ore, and enemies to molten slag.


Get these new in-game additions by visiting the Market today!


New Accessories


Caggro Sugatra: Expressing the martial finesse and skill of its master, the Caggro Sugatra is based on a Grineer design.


Adventus Arrow Skin Collection: A collection of unique arrow skins, compatible with any bow. Includes the Cattrail, Sylus and Meer Arrow Skins. Each Skin is also available separately for purchase.


Conclave Expansion


Two new game modes have been added to Conclave!  Work with your fellow Tenno to shut down the enemy team in Team Annihilation, capturing Oro dropped from each player kill to earn points toward victory.  Want to prove your superiority in combat alone?  Join in Annihilation and work against 7 other tenno in a deathmatch free-for-all.


New Maps:


The following maps are now available in the Annihilation and Team Annihilation Conclave map rotation!


  • Canyon Settlement
  • Freight Line
  • Navigation Array
  • Docking Bay


Conclave Changes


  • Valkyr is now available for use in Conclave.
  • Ember is now available for use in Conclave.
  • Oberon is now available for use in Conclave.
  • New Title, Hurricane, available from Conclave Syndicate.
  • Chat channels and Waypoints are now Team Only.
  • Tempo Royale stance has been temporarily removed from PvP.
  • Malicious Raptor and Four Riders stances enabled in PvP.
  • The following weapons are now available for use in Conclave:  Dera, Dera Vandal, Boltor, Boltor Prime, Tonfa, Heat Sword, Dual Heat Swords, Glaive, Glaive Prime, Kestrel, Fragor, Wraith Karak.
  • Players will now be timed out after 60 seconds of inactivity in Conclave.
  • Rhino Charge damage increased.
  • Chroma’s Vex armour duration increased.
  • Players under control of Nyx’s Mind Control or Chaos will no longer see the FX on their Warframe.
  • MK1 Braton damage increased in PvP.
  • Karak damage increased in PvP.
  • Grakata damage increased in PvP.
  • Gorgon damage increased in PvP.
  • Magnus series damage increased in PvP.
  • Sicarus series damage increased in PvP.
  • AKLato damage decreased in PvP.
  • Skana series damage increased in PvP.
  • Martial Magnetism mod effects only applied with the melee weapon equipped.
  • Headshot damage multiplier no longer applied to radial damage.
  • Projectile weapons now display their damage correctly in the stats section of the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Slow debuffs now effect melee weapon speed.
  • XP for kills in Capture the Cephalon significantly reduced.
  • XP for capturing the Cephalon raised to 5000 XP and is awarded to every member of the team.
  • 2500 XP awarded for returning your team’s Cephalon.


Conclave Mods


  • Valkyr: Hysteria –  Hysterical Fixation- Decreases initial duration of Hysteria, but increases duration by 5 seconds for each kill.
  • Ember: Fire Blast – Purifying Flame – Allies that enter the fire will have up to 4 debuffs removed.
  • Oberon: Reckoning – Defiled Reckoning – Health Orbs created by kills from Reckoning are invisible/unusable to enemies for 10 seconds
  • Overcharge Detectors – Exposes enemies within 30 meters, who are at their maximum energy capacity
  • Surplus Diverters – Gain 6 energy, upon replenishing shields completely without interruption after they have been deactivated
  • Recuperate – 20% Chance to restore health on kill (Pistol)
  • Calculated Victory – 20% Chance to restore shield on Kill (Pistol)
  • Stand Ground – Blocking reduces damage taken from enemy abilities by 60%
  • Recover – 20% chance to restore health on kill (Rifle)
  • Vanquished Prey – 20% chance to restore shield on kill (Rifle)
  • Momentary Pause – 20% chance to restore health on kill (Shotgun)
  • Prize Kill – 20% chance to restore shield on kill (Shotgun)
  • Follow Through – 6 energy gained on enemy kill (Frame)
  • Quick Charge – -20% shield recharge delay (Frame)


General Additions


  • Audio from Warframe will no longer play when the game is minimized or not in use.  This feature can be adjusted in the Options menu, under Audio.
  • Players can now disable audio communications from the Liset Scanner in the Options menu.
  • Custom Interior Liset colors can now be edited under Customize Liset the Options.  This feature is still a work in progress, but Tenno can preview the customization today!
  • Rare Resource Blueprints have been added to the Market!  Use these permanent Blueprints to craft rare resources using more commonly acquired drops.
  • New Syndicate forum avatars are now available in the Market!
  • Warframes can now use Warframe-specific dangles at the same time as other Syandanas. This new option is available under Auxiliary, in the Arsenal’s Regalia.  (Example: Valkyr’s Bonds + Syandana)


Loading Screen Changes


  • Player tips created by your Design Council are live on Loading Screens!
  • New loading bar and player loading icons are live!




  • Slightly adjusted the hitboxes on Corpus Drones to help hit detection.
  • The Heat Sword has been given a tremendous visual overhaul!
  • A performance and physics audit has occurred on levels and abilities to ensure all content is using the most optimized physics types.
  • Grakata has been given the PBR treatment!
  • Updated some textures on the Nemesis Nyx skin.
  • The Friends List UI has been given an update to better show what friends are online, offline, or what chat requests are pending.
  • Reduced the amount of Warframes that will appear in Cutscenes in order to minimize performance issues.
  • An update to NPC behaviours when blinded has been made as per: https://forums.warfr…lind-behaviors/
  • General performance improvements have been made across Warframe.




  • Fixed excavation drills in the Excavation game mode not properly taking damage from enemy attacks.
  • Fixed players not being able to see the health of excavators in the Excavation game mode.
  • Fixed Syndicate Syandanas showing at minimum brightness when previewed in the arsenal.
  • Fixed the countdown timer in Survival being replaced by the ‘Extraction countdown timer’ that triggers when enough players step into the Extraction zone, even when players step away from Extraction to continue the Survival Mission.
  • Fixed players not getting paid for Invasions if they were still playing the final Invasion Mission when the Invasion ends.
  • Fixed error that would occur when using a mouse scroll wheel to browse through Dojo Architect options in the Architect menu.
  • Fixed players being unable to build a Specter if their equipped loadout is under the conclave requirement for the Specter they want to build.
  • Fixed issue causing projectile weapons to not properly register extra damage on headshots.
  • Fixed inconsistent upper and lower case descriptions on Knockdown related Mods.
  • Fixed ability timers getting reset when players pick up a Mod.


Hotfix 16.5.1 :

Conclave Changes


  • Adjusted the time before Teshin’s VO intro to Annihilation begins.




  • Clarified description of Rare Resource Blueprints to state that these blueprints are permanent.




  • Fixed a crash caused by crafting new weapon blueprints in the Dojo.
  • Fixed multiple crashes.
  • Fixed Oro pickups in Conclave not showing the correct visual flair color when being obtained.
  • Fixed Oro taking some time to appear for Clients in Annihilation game modes.
  • Fixed Squad HUD not properly displaying all players in Annihilation game modes.
  • Fixed chat in Conclave’s Annihilation not sending to all players.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Spectral Scream preventing players from being able to use quick melee.
  • Fixed some misaligned text in the World State Window.
  • Fixed Nullifier auras from drones in the Law of Retribution Nightmare Trial not properly breaking lingering Warframe CC abilities such as Bastille.
  • Fixed waypoint markers placed on elevators disappearing when map is toggled.
  • Fixed Arrow skins and Nekros & Valkyr’s unique attachments not using the player’s custom colors.
  • Fixed the Freedom and Discovery Conclave Sigils having the same icon.
  • Fixed waypoint markers in Interception not properly updating.
  • Fixed players being able to leave the arena boundaries in the Canyon Settlement Conclave map.
  • Fixed the Shade Sentinel’s Ghost and the Hura’s Stalk Ability not properly functioning.
  • Fixed Hive nodes in the Hive game mode not taking damage from certain attacks.
  • Fixed the Clan’s ‘Join Session’ button not functioning properly.
  • Fixed an issue causing Glaive weapons not to appear as full size when viewed in the Codex.
  • Fixed buff display on the HUD not properly disappearing after the buff expires

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  1. ça bug ou j’ai fait un truc qui va pas 4 fois la mission ça me compte 4/3 pour la partie du bas mais la partie du haut toujours 0 pts

    edit bon apparement ça a compté 1 et je viens de faire 3 fois la et ça bouge pas donc doit falloir attendre la fin du conflit sur cette map pour avoir le point
    et donc refaire encore 2 maps 3 fois chacunes

    vraiment mal expliqué leur truc

  2. Oui cette affaire de conflits à cumuler pour faire avancer l’affaire c’était pas très clair…
    On sait à quels moments se déclenchent les conflits ?

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