Mise à jour 16.6 + 16.6.1 + 16.6.2 + 16.6.3



New Liset Skins, Alternate Helmet and Augment Mods available now!


Tenno, show your true colors with new Customizations! Give the outside of your Liset some flare with new Skins, style Vauban with a new Alternate Helmet and add power to your Warframes with new Ability Augments Mods.



  • KOTARA: Cover your Liset in geometric forms inspired by nature’s order with the Kotara Liset Skin.
  • PAHTA: Add an explosive plumage design to your Liset with the Pahta Liset Skin.


ARMISITICE VAUBAN HELMET: Add this uniquely-styled helmet to your Arsenal and give Vauban a new look.


New Warframe Augments:


  • Nyx – Chaos – Chaos Sphere: For a % duration of Chaos, any enemy entering the effect radius will be affected by Chaos.  This effect radius decreases over time.
  • Banshee – Sonic Boom – Sonic Fracture: Enemies hit by Sonic Bomb have their armor reduced.


Conclave Changes


  • Weapons in the Conclave Arsenal will now display their Impact, Puncture and Slash values.
  • The amount of ammo collected from ammo pickups has been increased.
  • Ammo pool is now capped at the amount of ammo you start with.
  • Frost’s Freeze damage has been reduced in PvP.
  • Ember’s Fireball damage  has been  reduced in PvP.
  • Mag’s Pull damage  has been reduced in PvP.
  • Volt’s Shock damage  has been reduced in PvP.
  • Excalibur’s Slash Dash damage has been increased in PvP.
  • Oberon’s Smite damage has been decreased in PvP.
  • Strun’s damage has been increased in PvP.
  • MK1 Strun’s damage has been  increased in PvP.
  • MK1 Braton’s damage has been decreased in PvP.
  • Strun Wraith’s damage has been  decreased in PvP.
  • All Latron series weapon damage has been decreased in PvP.
  • Daikyu’s damage has been decreased in PvP.




  • Increased the time taken by AI to hack consoles in Trials from 2 seconds to 4 for the Vay Hek stage.




  • Fixed Clients being unable to see Kubrow’s revive percentages or downed timers.
  • Fixed red enemy markers appearing on the mini map/HUD after a Kubrow has been revived.
  • Fixed the visual quality of enemies dropping when fighting in thick fog.
  • Fixed an issue causing Clients to spawn outside of the level when entering a Mission on a Void Derelict tileset.
  • Fixed the Jackal sliding around on the ground or getting stuck when firing its grenades.
  • Fixed the Daikyu becoming locked in a full draw animation when sprinting.
  • Fixed an error causing Clients to be unable to see bonus Mission objectives through the pause menu.
  • Fixed an error that caused the minimap to not display properly in Interception Missions.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed the Dera to retain damage bonuses from Volt’s Electric Shield, resulting in higher than normal damage.
  • Fixed a visual bug on Kubrow dens that showed their homes being made of reinforced metal!
  • Fixed Carrier Sentinels not sucking in Sigils and other item drops.
  • Fixed Navigation segments becoming unlocked if a player completes a quest on a segment that they have not unlocked normally.
  • Fixed an issue causing shots from a weapon equipped with the Terminal Velocity Mod to freeze in mid air, becoming impossible to shoot through.
  • Fixed Nullifier enemies appearing in non-Nightmare Law of Retribution Trials.
  • Fixed the objective in Hijack Missions not properly draining shields from players.
  • Fixed Rescue Mission Mastery Tests becoming unbeatable if the Rescue target falls off the level.
  • Fixed the Law of Retribution’s second phase becoming unbeatable if a player dies before the pressure-plate puzzle can be completed.
  • Fixed Clients seeing double experience when an enemy is killed.
  • Fixed some Conclave-only Mods being usable in normal gameplay, and vice-versa.
  • Fixed Daikyu’s charged shots causing odd animations when turning to aim.
  • Fixed punch-through Mods sometimes not having a proper effect on weapon’s fire.



Hotfix 16.6.1 :

Conclave Changes


  • Respawn timers are now independent for each player killed instead of respawning players in communal ‘waves’ in Annihilation.
  • Health orbs now heal for 50 HP in PvP.
  • Reduced the range and damage of Ember’s World on Fire in PvP.
  • Oro pickups in Annihilation are now colored red.
  • Braton stats fixed in the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Warframe Ability projectiles no longer deal double damage to players on headshots.
  • The Forfeit Timer will now properly activate when there’s only one player in Annihilation.




  • Fixed a crash that would occur due to enemies self destructing.
  • Fixed an issue where cosmetic attachments would not properly display their intended location.
  • Fixed Nyx’s Mind Control removing armor from enemies.
  • Fixed items vacuumed in by the Carrier becoming stuck to the Carrier.
  • Fixed Manic Grineer becoming impossible to kill due to continued teleporting.
  • Fixed Trial Leaderboards not properly archiving.
  • Fixed minor visual issues with Oro visuals in the Conclave dioramas.
  • Fixed Annihilation Conclave matches not ending when only one player remains in the Conclave.
  • Fixed players not properly being assigned to even teams in Conclave.
  • Fixed an error caused by a host leaving a solo game of Cephalon Capture.
  • Fixed Energy Surge not properly activating in Conclave.
  • Fixed an issue causing players to immediately pick up the Cephalon after dropping it in Conclave.
  • Fixed the Braton’s stats not reading correctly in the Conclave Arsenal.



Hotfix 16.6.2 :

  • Fixes crash when launching in full-screen
  • Fix « all-time best » Trials leaderboards
  • Other crash fixes.



Hotfix 16.6.3 :



  • Fixed Grineer Rollers becoming stuck when summoned.
  • Fixed the Datamass disappearing if a player is killed while picking it up.
  • Fixed Warframes switching from default animation when changing Sigil color.
  • Fixed some visual errors in scanning if the player has the Scanner bound to a hotkey, switching away from the Scanner while in use.
  • Fixed the Strun Wraith and Gorgon weapons not showing the correct Impact / Slash / Puncture stats in the Conclave Arsenal.
  • Fixed the Prisma Skana not being tradeable.
  • Fixed overlapping chat screens that would occur in the greeting message of our chat channels



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