Résumé du DevStream 53

Ceci est un résumé court, en anglais et avec beaucoup d’images réalisé par AM_Bunny (Source).

La vidéo du DevStream :



Le résumé :

New pet: Cat!
• Name pending, feel free to suggest something
• Mostly feline, but some reptilian qualities
• Will be supported by the Genetic Foundry like Kubrow
• There will be feral version
• There will be grineer version, accompanied by a new (female) grineer handler enemy
• Various pattern combinations, like Kubrow
• Eventually it may be possible to breed Catbrow and Kubrow?



• Armour incoming
• Retriever breed of Kubrow is coming, similar to Carrier



Any new Warframe specific cosmetics incoming (like Valkyr’s bonds or Nemesis skin)?
• Restored Valkyr skin incoming



How is Parkour 2.0 coming?
• It’s developed well, but overall not satisfied with where it ended up
• Didn’t feel « 2.0 » enough
• Realistically, it wouldn’t really change the game much for players since it didn’t do enough to address coptoring and other common movement methods, especially considering the cramped tilesets
• There will be a new ‘wall fling’ that requires only a small amount of wall space to utilize and will cover a large amount of distance
• Will be able to wall fling onto the same wall you started on
• There will also be wall fling from vertical wallruns, with different options for fling direction
• Will be able to fling off of enemies as well (combat application)
• Experimenting with no-stamina builds, and fixed distances for coptoring and flings so that level designs can be built around these distances for more simple, consistent parkour
• Also experimenting with double-jump
• Click HERE to see a demo of some of these animations


Excalibur Re-work
• Scheduled for U17
• Excalibur’s new ult will use melee mods, like Hysteria
• His slide attack while ult is activated will be a smaller version of Radial Blind
• Slash Dash is augmented with energy waves if used while ult is active
• Slash Dash will now be aim-able, including vertically; its movement applications will be greater than Super Jump
• Gore-fest
• Also Excalibur is getting a new helmet
• Click HERE to see Rebecca demo new Excalibur build (with Sharkwing teaser)



Dual Dark Sword
• New model coming with PBR update
• Will have a holstered position where the handles of the dual version combines
• New stance that involves fighting with the blades combined (Darth Maul)



Any new Weapon Augment mods coming?
• Yes, here is a rough list of mods coming eventually


Cliquez pour agrandir


• Are progressing nicely
• Their adaptability makes them very dangerous, aimed at veteran players
• Not sure if they’re lined up for U17 yet


Starchart Re-work
• Still heavily under design re-view, nothing set in stone, not ready to talk about it
• All possible content/rewards should be available at all times, not subject to RNG



• Certification for (16.5) build is happening early next week (possibly Mon-day)
• Contains many radical performance improvements


Other Stuff
• Full body Lotus (and mysterious Lotus throne)
• New Statue incoming: Mag (Design council decides the next two statues)
• Tyl Regor’s piston fists coming as an Archwing weapon
• Trading UI is being overhauled
• Burston is receiving a new model
• Mios is aiming for post 17.0 release (17.5?)
• Focus system is not progressing (still being cannibilized)
• Return of charge attacks is not being looked at until after U17
• Cloth physics syandana is still not working properly
• New obstacle course might be incoming when Parkour 2.0 comes
• There is work being done on Stalker
• PS4 theme will be detailed next devstream, will be free


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    • Grosse fuite en effet ^^ ! La salle était rempli d’eau …

      Maintenant la question a 1 million de dollars : Mais d’où vient l’archwing ??
      J’ai bien une hypothèse … mais ça supposerait l’existence de rangements secrets ‘quantiques’ sur nos warframes :/ ..

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