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The Pacifism Defect: Update 19.12.0

Developer Note: « A new Clan Operation is finally here! This Clan Operation has bits of the same – a unique mission, a call to action, a Wraith weapon… and a bit different! The Operation link will have all the information for you on what to expect – but for even further explanation: We’re trying something exciting and different with rewards for the most interesting Competitive aspect in a Clan Operation to date. There are a multitude of Personal and Clan rewards – Cosmetics and The Ignis Wraith! The Ignis Wraith as a reward has a few different avenues – an avenue for more casual clans, more coordinated clans, and a Hardcore avenue for the most competitive clans. Visit the Operation link to find out more! »


THE PACIFISM DEFECT: Emergency Evacuation (begins at 5:45 p.m. ET)

The Infestation has overrun a convoy of allied ships and forced the surviving crew into emergency safe rooms. They’re holding on for now, but without your support, they’ll die on those ships.

Before you go, you should know something; the crew is Grineer. But not just any Grineer, they’re Kavor Defectors, pacifists who deserted Sargas Ruks army when they could no longer bring themselves to kill for him. They don’t want to fight anymore, not for the Grineer, and not for Steel Meridian. All they desire is a peaceful life, but that won’t come easy; Sargas Ruk is hot on their trail and desperate to make an example of them.

The Kavor need evacuation, will you answer this call?

Read The Pacifism Defect rules and scoring here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/768548-operation-the-pacifism-defect/
Harkonor Weapon Skin Collection
A collection of skins forged by the Grineer’s leading weapon manufacturer.


Provvok Shoulder Guard
Cobbled together from vanquished Grineer, this Steel Meridian armor sends a clear message to the enemy.




  • Replaced the Ash Prime Neuroptics Blueprint with Ash Prime Systems Blueprint in the Neo N5 relic as intended.
  • Mobile Defense Terminal markers now blink to portray which Terminal is currently hacked and requires your expert guarding skills!
  • Flight Speed Mods can now be used on the Euphona Prime.
  • Deconstructor Prime can now be used on non-Prime Helios.
  • Optimized a frame-time spike that would occur in busy levels whenever you killed a power-cell carrier.
  • Optimized a few temporaries out of sentient attack precept
  • Improved the visibility of the flowers near the bottom of the Bodo Syandana.
  • Reduced the volume of the Latron and Latron Prime 3D firing sounds.



Conclave Changes:

  • Reduced the primary fire damage of the Javlok in Conclave.




  • Fixed the Euphona Prime doing no damage to ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed file paths appearing for Helios Prime when crafting it in the Foundry.
  • Fixed Tyl Regor not attacking and just staying in his invisible teleport behavior.
  • Fixed Lephantis (and possibly other enemies) not attacking resulting in incompletable Assassination missions.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Trinity’s Blessing ability.
  • Fixed Banshee Sound Quake ability causing her Syandana to fly straight up.
  • Fixed Banshee Prime’s Helmet antennas flying straight up during her Sound Quake ability.
  • Fixed the objective marker for Rescue targets not appearing when outside of the Rescue room.
  • Fixed Clients unable to see Rescue marker on the mini-map.
  • Fixed Interception enemy markers not being red and having smaller icons.
  • Fixed Relic selection screen not being visible when selecting a Relic from the pause menu.
  • Fixed getting double End of Mission rewards by disconnecting and rejoining.
  • Fixed Mirage’s Eclipse HUD buff icon being removed and not re-added if you recast as Client.
  • Fixed being able to equip Deconstructor on a Sentinel that is not Helios.
  • Fixed objects (Datamass, etc) falling through the floor in the Grineer Shipyards tileset.
  • Fixed the Ambulas boss room waypoint marker pointing the wrong direction.
  • Fixed a section of weird AI navigation pathing in the Grineer Galleon tileset.
  • Fixed Kavat interaction sounds sometimes not playing.
  • Fixed Jackal boss fight being triggered by Operators.
  • Fixed Syandanas clipping through the Frost Harka skin.
  • Fixed positioning of the Quaro Armor on Ash’s Koga Skin.
  • Fixed an incorrect tileset object appearing in Pluto Spy Vaults.
  • Fixed an escapable hole in the Infested Ship tileset.




The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.1

The Pacifism Defect Changes:

CLAN PARTICIPATION TIER thresholds for the Ignis Wraith Blueprint have been reduced significantly. If you reach the new Point thresholds, your Clan’s participating members will get the Ignis Wraith Blueprint at the end of the Operation.

Please see the full Operation FAQ here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/768886-faq-coming-changes-for-operation-the-pacifism-defect/

  • The Resources available in The Pacifism Defect mission are now the same Resource table as the Orokin Derelicts! Heads up, this change didn’t take! Another Hotfix is coming your way to make this dream a reality! 



The Pacifism Defect Fixes:

  • Fixed Host migrations causing Kavor Defector rush consoles to become out of sync and sometimes being disabled (when they should be enabled) and sometimes enabled when you already have a group (letting you double up a group once).
  • Fixes towards rogue Kavor Defectors losing interest in escaping the ship and wander aimlessly off their navigation.
  • Fixed The Pacifism Defect Emblem showing the wrong description.
  • Fixed the Harkonar Wraith Shoulder Armor showing the wrong description.




  • Fixed attempting to give the Rescue Target a weapon in Rifle/Melee-only Sorties would instead give everyone their secondary weapon. It’s quite thoughtful of them to attempt to return the favour, but the Tenno must politely decline.
  • Fixed loading into the default mission type when attempting to load into a variant on that node (Operation, Nightmare, etc) due to Clients loading in before the Host does.
  • Fixed Health Bar UI becoming broken after using Transference and performing a Void Dash.
  • Fixed FXs that rely on time sometimes running at half rate after pausing.
  • Fixed Frost’s Augment Mod not having a description.
  • Fixed a script error when accepting an Alliance invitation to an Alliance that no longer exists.
  • Fixed Ash’s Noble/Agile animations not functioning properly with the Javlok.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Noble/Agile animations not functioning properly with the Javlok.
  • Fixed the Ambulas’ transmissions not having sound.





The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix


The current Top 10% Score for competing Clans in The Pacifism Defect can now be seen here in the Public Leaderboards: http://content.warframe.com/dynamic/pacifismDefect.php

A note of clarification: If your Clan gets this Top 10% score or higher, you’re currently in the bracket that qualifies for the Ignis Wraith weapon research in your Clan Dojo at the end of the Operation. The leaderboard score is what counts here, not the Clan stats score (which includes people who joined late). These are separate as per our Operation thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/768548-operation-the-pacifism-defect/



  • Ivara’s Prowl now displays a loot % stat in the Arsenal when viewing Ability details.



The Pacifism Defect Fixes:

  • Fixed the Pacifism Defect mission not endowing the Orokin Derelict drops as intended last Hotfix.




  • Fixed NPCs being eaten by the ground when attempting to capture areas in Interception missions.
  • Fixed the Hyekka Master being able to hit Limbo in the Rift with her Ignis if there are other enemies around Limbo.
  • Fixed script error when equipping the default fur patterns for Kubrows.
  • Fixed some cosmetic previews in loadout not showing the correct cosmetic (ie. Lotus fur pattern for Kubrows when it’s the natural one).
  • Fixed Chat linked text losing their link status if forced across a line break.





The Pacifism Defect: Hotfix 19.12.2


  • Improved performance of the Simulor.
  • Changed formatting of ‘MUTALIST’ names to avoid using a dash.


The Pacifism Defect Fixes:

  • Fixed Manics not having the proper drops (i.e Four Riders) in The Pacifism Defect.



  • Fixed Vauban’s Bastille and Vortex lingering in tiles after players have left said tile.This resulted in enemies continually being damaged or immobile even after the ability ended.
  • Fixed the HUD displaying the Shield/Health damage indicator when switching to/from Archwing Submersible and other scenarios where your Health percentage lowers without you actually taking damage.
  • Fixed the Extraction marker remaining on screen for Clients after a minute in Survival.
  • Fixed missing ‘Incoming Wave’ and ‘Wave Cleared’ messages in Defense missions.
  • Fixed Equinox (and possibly Chroma) appearing to have a full grown Cyst when in reality it’s not mature and ready for curing.
  • Fixed Quest info in Navigation and Sand of Inaros Vessel not properly updating when you cleared your active Quest through the Codex.
  • Fixed lingering Torid projectiles causing self-damage after Hall of Mirrors wears off.
  • Fixed being able to use Warframe Abilities in the Mastery Rank 3 test after a death occurred.
  • Fixed the Scorpion Eximus having an odd texture on her face.
  • Fixed Transferring to the Operator while in Hysteria breaking the ability FX.
  • Fixed Equinox’s Agile and Noble stance not applying when holding a Bow.
  • Fixed a script error that occurs during a Host migration in Survival missions.
  • Fixed the Corpus Ship announcer playing during final Archwing mission.





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