Résumé du DevStream 89

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 89 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).


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Le résumé :

Operation Pacificism Defect Updates
• The devs admit that they missed the mark with their Clan participation threshholds — see updated numbers HERE
• The devs want to make this content able to be accomplished with solo Clans, though more difficult
• Infested will be dropping Mutagen Samples in the Event as a nod towards Hema concerns
• Hopefully there will be more Clan based activities in the future
• Console players will receive the updated scoring threshholds from the beginning once the Operation launches



New Equinox Helmet
• New Equinox Helmet coming, sculpted by Ray
• Angel/Demon themed



New Clan UI
• There will be a screen that shows everything your Clan has and has yet to complete
• This will show the new Clan Affinity awarded — already completed tasks will award Affinity retroactively
• Clan Affinity will allow you rank up your Clan — higher rank will give bonuses such as being able to Revive Clanmates more quickly
• Not all benefits will be based on teammwork, so solo Clans will be able to benefit from this system as well — a bonus such as reduced crafting time



• Bard-frame’s alt helmet shown HERE (Pied Piper inspired)
• Sound-packs will be themed (Tenno, Corpus, Grineer)
• Rebecca demos her (metal) Bard music HERE
• It was alluded to that Bard-frame will be released with two accompanying guns
• Bard-frame’s Pied Piper power now spawns a friendly Roller that seems to make her music source mobile
• Bard-frame is close to complete, but her acquisition Quest still has some work to go



Other Stuff
• Chroma Deluxe Skin is complete, but his accompanying weapon still has to be done
• Limbo revamp seems to be close to launching, just doing some final extra QA testing
• Arcata melee weapon in PvE fell off the table — it hasn’t been worked on for a while, but will release eventually
• Helminth Charger visual revamp should release in the next 1 or 2 weeks — may release with a new Precept
• Will definitely add more QoL UI stats to the Arsenal stats — would love to add melee weapon range, but it’s more complicated since each melee swipe has slightly differing range
• Investigating the possibility of adding more difficult melee-based enemies that will encourage use of melee 2.0 combos since they don’t really have a prominent role in the game
• Click HERE to see Rebecca demo the newly re-mastered Earth Tileset
• In a coming update, you will be able to cancel active Foundry construction and get all materials (except Argon) refunded
• Photobooth feature was displayed again (HERE) showing that you can even control lighting colour and placement
• The devs are open to the idea of making Vandal and Wraith items colourable, but not commiting to anything




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