Mise à jour 19.4.2 + Hotfix

The War Within: Update 19.4.2 is now live!

As mentioned in the [PC Status Thread] Update 19.5: The Glast Gambit, update notes are pending as this was a rather sizable update and we want to assure we have everything accounted for. We also have our eyes peeled for any major bugs – please report them in this thread.



The War Within: Update 19.4.2 


  • Added translated subtitles on The War Within Quest ending screen.
  • Added ability to purchase Decorations from the placement selection screen in Decorator Mode.
  • Added the ability to run multiple (up to 6) Dedicated Server processes from the launcher.
  • Added an option to specify what Dedicated Server settings type to use when setting one up.
  • Added a new UI animation on abilities icons that are currently active


Sortie Changes:

  • Removed Nitain from Sortie Reward table and added 3-day Boosters in its place.
  • Changed Exilus Adapter BP reward to a fully-crafted Exilus Adapter
  • Reduced length of « endless » mission variants as follows:
  • Survival – was 15 minutes, now 10 minutes
  • Excavation – was 1000 cryotic, now 500 cryotic.


Conclave Changes: 

  • You can now choose to play with just your Clan by selecting the new  « Clan Only » button!
  • Removed the health boost from Mesa’s Passive in Conclave
  • Armored Evade Conclave Mod damage resistance increased to 40% while dodging (-20% Slide changed to -10% Mobility)
  • Bladestorm Conclave cost s 100 Energy for the first Mark only.
  • Changed the name of the « Staggered » Conclave Status to « Impaired »


Arcane Changes:

  • Distilling Arcanes no longer consumes a distiller


Glaive Prime Changes:

  • Buffed base damage from 35 to 45.
  • Increased Status Chance from 10% to 20%.
  • Added forced knockdown and bleed Status Chance.


Sicarus Prime Changes:

  • Buffed base damage from 30 to 40
  • Increased Crit chance from 10% to 20% and Crit multiplier 1.5 to 2
  • Increased Clip Size from 21 to 24.


Nullifier Changes:

  • Changed Nullifier Bubbles to be deactivated when they aren’t alert. Hurray stealth!
  • Improved the ability for arrows from Bow weapons to hit and deal damage to Nullifier Bubbles.
  • Removed the ability for Nullifier Bubbles to be dispelled by Radial Damage.


Riven Changes:

  • Added ability to Link owned Riven Mods in Chat, but [riven mod] should still be used if more than one Riven Mod with the same name is owned, otherwise it will always link the first one it finds.
  • Removed possible Riven Mod Challenge that requires players to kill Sentients while aim-gliding.
  • Disposition has been reduced for the following weapons:
    • Soma
    • Simulor
    • Tonkor
  • Disposition has been increased for the following weapons:
    • Flux Rifle
    • Tetra
    • Panthera
    • Mitter
    • Buzlok
    • Harpak
    • Mutalist Quanta
    • Tiberon
    • Attica


General Changes:

  • Added wrinkle maps to various NPCs.
  • Added various PBR updates.
  • Added various QoL tweaks to Holster Customization, including ones allowing players to see results better in real time.
  • Changed the message displayed in-mission when ranking up an item from « Level Up » to « Rank Up » for consistency.
  • Removed « View start cinematic » button when viewing a Quest in the Codex that hasn’t been set to active.
  • Moved the “Player Ready” icon to appear above the Player’s username in the Trial Squad screen to prevent Muted UI from blocking it as per this thread: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/722572-law-of-retribution-bug-compilation-including-general-trial-bugs/
  • Changed textures on the Sari Syandana to match those on the skirt of Oberon’s Feyarch Deluxe Skin.
  • Changed Sari Syandana and Spitfire Syandana to be closed by default, but will open when Bullet Jumping or Aim Gliding. Appendages will now close after 5 seconds, during weapon fire, or when opening the menu.
  • Optimized various Trinity Prime textures.
  • Improved overall Arsenal display alignment with the search bar, item grid, and selected Loadout item.
  • Changed enemy spawns for Alator Node on Mars to have a mix of enemies more suited to Interception.
  • Removed Gas Damage as a trigger for Grineer Shrapnel Mines.
  • Added a short cooldown between Void Mode activations to prevent spam.
  • Improved the ability for Hosts using the Broken Scepter to find and drain enemies killed and ragdolled by Clients. The nearest ragdolled and killed enemy will be flagged.



  • Fixed various Loc issues.
  • Fixed Focus Boost UI from appearing in Cinematics if the countdown begins just before the cutscene is triggered.
  • Fixed Kuva Cord Sugatra not attaching properly to the Twin Basolk.
  • Fixed Kuva Chest Plate clipping on Saryn, Mirage, Valkyr, Trinity and their Prime variants.
  • Fixed a bug with the Gear Wheel in the Arsenal showing infinite Glyph Prisms as having only 1.
  • Fixed Holster Attach Part slider not working properly with controllers.
  • Fix a script error that happened when Eximus or Scrambus were ragdolled at the moment they gain their Aura Trigger.
  • Fixed a bug with Projectile Weapons where low Accuracy and Multishot Mods caused Projectiles to fly in unintended directions.
  • Fixed a script error that prevented Players from placing new Decorations in their Dojo.
  • Fixed the Daman Sugatra coloring incorrectly in the Arsenal.
  • Fixed Holster appearing on the ground between the feet of Cephalon Suda Operatives wielding Gammacors.
  • Fixed Bubble activate effects appearing in the wrong spot on Nullifiers.
  • Fixed incorrect grammar in Valkyr’s Passive ability description.
  •  Fixed a bug that prevented players from purchasing a Focus Lens in the Lens installation menu if they already own at least one Lens.
  • Fixed a bug that made the Chat behave strangely when linking Riven Mods.
  • Fixed the fire rate issues for the Mutalist Carrier Osprey to ensure consistency across different behaviors.
  • Fixed Acrid’s dissolve ending too early, preventing corpses from being destroyed.
  • Fixed a progress stopper during the Lephantis fight where players would find themselves stuck on the first stage with nothing to attack.
  • Fixed an issue where one player will hang when four players accept an invite to a squad.
  • Fixed issue that prevented the placement of Decorations in Decorator Mode while sprinting, and that prevented sprinting while placing decorations in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed an issue with inconsistent weapon accuracy and spread when switching between hip-fire and aiming with Accuracy Mods equipped.
  • Fixed script error that occurs when swapping out a Mod for nothing in the Upgrade Screen.
  • Fixed script error in Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed a script error that occurred when entering and backing out of a Law of Retribution lobby in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed forced capitalization of letters that appear after accented characters when Linking in Chat.
  • Fixed performance issues with the Grinner Shrapnel Mines in the Grineer Asteroid Fortress tileset.
  • Fixed Security Cameras continuously looping turn sound even after being destroyed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Hosts to invite friends to their Squad in-game when in Solo mode, resulting in a loss of functionality for both parties.
  • Fixed a hitch that would occur on login and when exiting the Codex if The War Within Quest is in the Codex and no other Quests are active.
  • Fixed a hole in the Grineer Tileset where players could escape the level using Titania’s Razorwing.
  • Fixed Life Support Modules spawning in mid-air on certain Nodes.
  • Fixed a bug that caused players to always pick up Health Orbs, regardless of their Health status, if their Companion is dead.
  • Fixed stat change UI bug when Upgrading a Mod that resulted in too many decimal points. They have now been limited to a maximum of 2.
  • Fixed an issue where performing a handshake during a mission could equip your Melee weapon in hand instead of your Primary or Secondary (if equipped).
  • Fixed the PBR on Trinity Prime’s body to better match her helmet and extras.
  • Fixed positioning of the Pyra Prime Syandana on all Warframes to make it more centered on the Warframe’s back.
  • Fixed positioning of the Kogake and Obex to be symmetrical.
  • Fixed Relic search terms to apply when switching Eras in the Void Relic Refinement screen, instead of requiring players to re-enter them.
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling down the Relic list with a search term applied would cause the scroll to always jump back to the top of the grid.
  • Fixed missing stats in various Mod descriptions
  • Fixed rotation of the Aegis to better fit the arm of all Warframes.
  • Fixed the Sari Syandana opening animation to match the opening end position.
  • Fixed Lech Kril’s hammer turning invisible.
  • Fixed a bug triggering a weird cinematic during Lech Kril’s Assassination mission.
  • Fixed Maroo not staying down after she is defeated in the Capture mission for the Stolen Dreams Quest.
  • Fixed players with names beginning in “-” having no access to Clan moderation privileges.
  • Fixed Kubrow and Kavat mini-map markers disappearing on Grineer Shipyard Defense missions.
  • Fixed Operators being shown with default Cosmetics when viewing another player’s Profile.
  • Fixed missing sound FX for Operator steps.
  • Fixed a bug that trapped the player in Operator mode after Transferring to Operator just as their Warframe dies.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Operators to pass through walls and out of the map when using Transference.
  • Fixed hacking panels being rendered permanently unusable if an Operator is killed while hacking it.
  • Fixed formatting in error message when equipping a Riven Mod that is above the Player’s Mastery Rank.
  • Fixed players not able to cancel Riven Mod Links.
  • Fixed an issue with the Grineer Guardsmen not dealing any damage.
  • Fixed dying to a Golden Maw leaving behind a large white sphere.
  • Fixed shots to the body of Kuva Fortress turrets counting as headshots.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Operators to gain huge speed boosts using an exploit in the Golden Maw’s cave.
  • Fixed Operator getting stuck with the Void effect after using Void Walk and Transference in a specific sequence.
  • Fixed players being stuck as their Operator if Transference is used when falling out of the map.
  • Fixed loss of ability to jump when using Transference during a Wall Hang.
  • Fixed collision issue resulting in continuous teleporting in the Grineer Aesteroid Fortress tileset.
  • Fixed Broken Scepter in The War Within not inheriting player colours.
  • Fixed issues with Riven Mod linking in non-English languages.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ivara’s Cloak Arrow bubble from disappearing if a player uses Transference while inside.
  • Fixed Operators being affected by the Cloak Arrow bubble until they Transfer back into their Warframe.
  • Fixed drain effect and color from Broken Scepter not showing on enemies burned by Ember.
  • Fixed a script error that would destroy enemies ragdolled by Broken Scepter.
  • Fixed an issue where if you killed Teshin’s Specter in the first mission of The War Within Quest he would not fall to the ground, but rather stay in his standing/active animation.
  • Fixed Teshin’s Specters attack priority in The War Within Quest.
  • Fixed missing note on the Open Slot requirement for Helios in the Arsenal.




  • Fixed Javlok not keeping appearance customization when thrown.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when Glaives and similar Weapons hit ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed EoM script error.
  • Fixed Tonfa Regression.




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