Mise à jour 19.8.0 + 19.8.1

The Glast Gambit: Update 19.8.0


New Archwing Melee Mod!

Astral Autopsy – Perform a Codex Scan of an enemy on melee kill! This can be equipped on any Archwing Melee Weapon!

Visit Simaris in the Relay to obtain this new Mod!



Sortie Additions, Changes, and Fixes: 

  • The Anasa Ayatan Sculpture is here! This brand new Sortie exclusive Ayatan has replaced the 2000 Endo reward. This Ayatan can be enhanced to result in more Endo, or placed on your ship! It’s base value is 2000 Endo.
  • Added Grineer Kuva Fortress Assault and Infested Salvage missions into the Sortie mix.
  • Sortie missions can now be placed on nodes that may already have an active real time-mission.
  • Implemented Sortie generation logic that ensures the missions selected don’t weigh too heavy on endless variants.
  • Fixed a couple of Corpus Lua nodes whose tileset was incorrectly pointing at the Grineer variant.



Health Bar Changes
When an enemy or ally becomes invulnerable, their Health bar will now turn grey and an icon will appear over their Health bar denoting invulnerability.

As an example, take a look at how the Jackal looks now when he’s invulnerable:



General Additions

  • When a Mastery Rank-up Test becomes available, a notification will pop-up in your Landing Craft!
  • Excavation Power Cells now have a unique minimap icon for those using Loot Radar!
  • By dragging a Mod in the Upgrade screen, Polarities now light up to display which Mod matches the respective Polarity: W9ze8eZ.jpg
  • Nidus’ Pion Alt Helmet has been added to Alerts!



Snowday Showdown
The Snowday Showdown Conclave gamemode has come to an end! But don’t worry, you can look forward to another similar variant coming soon!




  • New spawn locations have been introduced for Ayatan Sculptures in all levels.
  • The Credit Boost function for the Secura Lecta has changed. Before, you could get on average 11.6x Credits from kills. This chance has changed and now scales with Mastery Rank. At Mastery Rank 8, you’ll get on average 2x Credits from kills. This increase continues with your Mastery Rank. At Mastery Rank 18 you’ll get on average 4x Credits from kills (capped). No other changes were made regarding synergies (i.e Chroma’s Effigy, etc) – only the weapon’s Credit boosting functionality has been touched.
  • Removed the Credit cost from Maroo’s Ayatan to Endo conversion in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Increased the drop chances for Mods dropped from Ogma’s.
  • Mines dropped by Mine Osprey are now shootable after the drone drops them (previously you could only shoot them before they were dropped).
  • In-mission challenges that require killing with a weapon will no longer appear if you can’t actually complete them (Sword Alone mode, etc).
  • Removed the Secondary-kills challenge in Archwing since there are no Archwing Secondary weapons.
  • Changed the Howl of the Kubrow quest phase description from « Wait for your Kubrow to mature » to « Incubate and mature a Kubrow using the Incubator » as Maturing is now done manually by players.
  • Improved the elemental FX of the Ohma’s to better follow the animation (most noticeable when holstered).
  • Tweaked Frost’s Snowglobe to improve visibility in dark lit areas, and reduces the density of which can block your view.
  • Removed Lotus’ “Job well done” VO at the end of the Second Dream missions.
  • MOTD in Player-hosted Dedicated Servers are now limited to 128 characters.
  • J3 Jordas Golem’s weak points in The Jordas Verdict will now only activate after the Golem has been purged at each new perch. This fixes being unintentionally able to bypass Nerves and kill Golem.
  • Volt’s Discharge no longer causes damage to Golem’s weak points in The Jordas Verdict. This was allowing Nerves to be destroyed without completing the prerequisite puzzles.




  • Fixed mines dropped by Mine Ospreys unintentionally not exploding when the player touches them.
  • Fixed pick-ups sometimes falling through the ground after being moved by Vacuum or Mag’s passive or Greedy Pull ability.
  • Fixed Host being able to Vacuum around items on Clients’ screens and having items be stuck in the air where the Host last Vacuumed them to. Also fixes Clients momentarily pulling items that they couldn’t use.
  • Fixed a case where players would get disconnected and lose all progress when a Hotfix is deployed while they’re in a mission.
  • Fixed Sentinel Ammo Case Mod and Regen not working together (Ammo Case was lost after Regen was used).
  • Fixed an issue with Carrier’s Ammo Case Mod being exploitable.
  • Fixed the End of Wave rewards displaying 50 Endo when it was really awarding 250 Endo in Archwing Interception on Caelus – Uranus.
  • Fixed The Index Endless mode’s starting message being the usual ‘elimination round 1 of 3’ when it should just say that it’s the Endless mode (no multi-rounds here). Also fixes a case where it’s possible to skip past the introductory Sark announcement, causing a very awkward intro where there’s no sound and players are just staring at the scoreboard for the timeout duration.
  • Fixed Zanuka having a chance of dropping both the Detron Blueprint and a Detron part (unlike any other Stalker-type enemy).
  • Fixed Infested Moas not attacking if they were too far away – they will now fire from further and close the distance.
  • Fixed Infested Moas sometimes teleporting after dodging.
  • Fixed the Endless Void Fissure Reward screen unpausing the game.
  • Fixed becoming stuck in place after initiating a handshake.
  • Fixes cases where the minimap would reset and stop showing you large chunks of the level you had already explored (this would also occur in large Dojos).
  • Fixed Warframe’s doing a rapid spin when backing out to the Arsenal from the Upgrade screen.
  • Fixed a rare issue of not receiving the Arsenal Segment after completing Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed hitching that can occur sometimes when previewing items in the Arsenal’s Equip grid.
  • Fixed Mod and Endo rewards not being listed as ‘Identified’ in the End of Mission screen when awarded from Spy missions or Caches.
  • Fixed The Sergeant’s name appearing as « Nef Anyo » when his transmissions popup during Assassination gameplay.
  • Fixed friendly NPC’s (Syndicate Allies, etc) sometimes getting stuck facing walls when attempting to ‘Follow’ you.
  • Fixed a script error when using Nova Prime.
  • Fixed an erroneous conflict message when Fusing Rank 0 Mods that are also equipped on other frames.
  • Fixed Mesa Specters casting Peacemaker infinitely following your position.
  • Fixed being able to ride a Laser Plate out of the level in the Void tileset.
  • Fixed missing collision wall texture in the Infested Ship tileset.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Earth tileset.
  • Fixed a level hole in the Grineer Asteroid tileset.
  • Fixed numerous translation errors.




The Glast Gambit: Hotfix 19.8.1

The AkLex Prime has been added! Baro Ki’Teer will hold the new Axi A2 Relic during his visit this weekend that contains all you need to claim this newest weapon for your Arsenal. 

When a new weapon in a series comes out, some previous mechanics are refactored to maintain balance. With that said, the Aklex Riven Disposition has been changed from Strong to Neutral. As we’ve previously stated when Riven Mods were first introduced,
Warframe content will not be balanced around Riven Mods, but Riven Mods will be balanced within their own ecosystem.

We will continue to monitor this change and welcome your feedback!



  • ‘Weapon Only’ Sorties will now auto-unequip disallowed weapon types when loading into the mission instead of having to visit the Arsenal and manually change your loadout before initiating.
  • Removed the Mastery Rank based limit to how many Riven Mods you can have. This was changed live yesterday to fix players who did not receive their Riven Mods after purchasing more Riven Slots than 2x their Mastery Rank.
  • The Earth tileset in Vor’s Prize has received a lighting adjustment: h4dCI6y.jpg
  • Removed spawnable Kuva, Sentries, Turrets and Cameras in the Simulacrum.


Raptor Boss Fight Changes & Fixes

  • Added text help explaining how to drop the bomb once you’ve picked it up to help alleviate confusion on this mechanic.
  • The vent objective markers are now hidden when there’s a bomb that’s not being carried to give a more clear priority of when they need to be interacted with.
  • Bursa spawning is now disabled for the duration of the mission (was previously duration of boss fight). This fixes Bursas following you into the boss fight after triggering the alarm before initiating the boss fight.
  • Fixed music changing randomly throughout the boss fight.


Conclave Changes

  • Added a sound when switching modes between normal and Variant/practice.



  • Fixed the Anasa Ayatan Sculpture not being moveable after placing it in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed Endless Void Fissure reward screen always showing you the Relic you cracked as your every-five-rounds bonus Relic. You actually get a random Relic of the same tier (that may or may not be the type you cracked).
  • Fixed a case where if a Client Nidus Parasitic Links a teammate and leaves the game, the HUD buff icon may remain for said teammate.
  • Fixed Argon Scope, Hydraulic Crosshairs and Repeater Clip not using proper HUD buff icon.
  • Fixed Sortie reward element saying you’ve completed the current Sortie even if you haven’t finished it yet.
  • Fixed the Cryopod’s Health bar being greyed out while defending it in Asteroid Mobile Defense missions.
  • Fixed certain enemies being accessible in the Simulacrum (Chroma, Infested Mesa, etc) and secret-Codex entries being visible for certain enemies.
  • Fixed players stuck in Vor’s Prize without the Arsenal Segment. You will receive this Segment on login.
  • Fixed the Detron Mara having the name switched as Mara Detron.
  • Fixed Transports from Archwing Rush missing from the Codex.
  • Fixed numerous Prime accessories and items not being eligible for Chat link
  • Fixed unnecessary text spacing for Quaro items.
  • Fixed script error that could occur in Arsenal with Spira Prime equipped.
  • Fixed translation errors.





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