Résumé du DevStream 86

Voici le résumé en anglais du DevStream 86 réalisé par AM-Bunny (source).


La vidéo :



Le résumé :

Update on Sorties
• New Mission types are being added (Grineer Fortress Assault and Infested Salvage) for more variety
• New Ayatan Treasure is replacing the 2k Endo reward — it will be worth a base of 2k Endo with the potential of being socketed to a higher amount
• Melee Rivens are coming — the frequency of Rivens as a Sortie reward will increase
• More research in general is being put into the RNG of rewards and how they should be weighted
• Considering adding Archwing to Sorties once Archwing gets some more attention
• Graph shown displaying Sorties completed each day



Update on Bard Warframe
• Bard-frame will be obtained via Cephalon Suda Quest
• [DE]Danielle volunteered to do mocap dance for the Bard Agile animation (click HERE to watch)
• The Bard-frame’s Step Sequencer has been developed further (click HERE to heard a sample by [DE]George)
• Many of the sounds are recorded samples of real instruments – not just synthesized sounds
• Defaults to 4/4 time and will also have a fixed bpm to make all Bard-frames music in tempo with each other
• There are musical pre-sets for players that aren’t interested in investing time into their own composition
• Completed musical pieces will have a ‘fingerprint’ code that will allow players to easily share their compositions
• Considering making her powers relate directly to her music – perhaps a composition with a few heavy notes will result in powers that deal huge bursts of damage while a composition with many rapid beats would be a succession of weaker attacks


Update on Deluxe Skins
• Chroma Deluxe skin is progressing nicely, it may be releasing first
• Mag Deluxe skin is progressing
• Zephyr Deluxe skin is the furthest away – it’s a passion project on the side by Kary who traditionally works on weapons



New Weapons
•  Corpus Gunspear shown – it functions very similar to Opticor’s firing
• Once thrown, the Gunspear will shoot electrical arcs at nearby enemies
• The regular Bo is getting a new model
• Click HERE to see a demo of the weapons




Nullifier Weakpoint Update
• The gameplay for Nullifier’s weakpoint was shown
• The Nullifier’s bubble will adjust to fit within its geometry – in a small room the bubble will be smaller without room to expand fully
• Click HERE to see a demo of the new Nullifier mechanics



Update on the new Sentinel
• Current plan is to give the Sentinel some kind of health/shield vampire ability that will be able to give new players some added survivability
• This Sentinel is intended for beginning players to be introduced into the Sentinel system



Update on Syndicate Assassination
• This concept has morphed drastically from the original concept — the original idea felt boring
• There will be a new part built in Dojos that will allow Clan members to work together in taking out a ‘kingpin’ enemy
• The ‘kingpin’ enemy will be a procedurally generated enemy with unique powers – Clan members will have to pick apart their organization before taking them down
• Still working out rewards for this system



Tennogen Winners
Ash Baihu Skin
Loki Incubus Skin
Mirage Morgaine Skin
Rhino Teutonic Helmet
Hydroid Rorqual Helmet
Saryn Integra Skin
Vauban Suppressor Skin
Mesa Graxx Skin
Limo Aureolus Helmet
Nyx Saikou Skin
Arcturus Syandana
Bodo Syandana



Other Stuff
• Valkyr Prime cinematic trailer has been delayed — won’t release in January after all
• Secura Lecta’s credit gaining mechanic will be altered in the future — its currently having a very negative impact on Credit economy
• The Credit cost of Maroo’s Ayatan conversion is being removed and other methods of gaining Credits are being investigated
• Graph shown displaying rate of Helminth Virus infection rate over time
• New Chibi glyphs coming
• New Inaros Helmet coming
• Progress update on Helminth Charger re-design







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