Mise à jour 20.0.1 + 20.0.2 + 20.0.3 + 20.0.4 + 20.0.5 + 20.0.6 + 20.0.7 + 20.0.8

Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.1




  • Reduced the ambient audio level when using Octavia’s abilities.


  • Fixed the Dread stat UI in the Arsenal unintentionally displaying reduced Crit Chance and Multiplier (back to original values now). Please note this affects almost all projectile based weapons and is solely a UI bug. We are fixing the rest shortly!
  • Fixed being able to play the last phase of Octavia’s Anthem without completing the quest.
  • Fixed a crash with the Mandachord.


Regarding UI changes from Update 20: 





Hotfix 20.0.2




  • Updated the Telos Boltace description to match its new mechanics introduced in Update 20.
  • Removed a misplaced catwalk piece in the Grineer Galleon Defense room.
  • Tweaked the max number of Pox projectiles Limbo can create in Stasis to 20 before Stasis becomes unstable and closes.




  • Fixed casting a new Octavia Resonator not attaching to a Mallet if a Resonator is already attached to a Mallet.
  • Fixed projectile weapons displaying incorrect Arsenal stats as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/776670-ui-bug-incorrect-stats-for-projectile-weapons/#comment-8522259
  • Fixed Mutalist Quanta projectiles not scaling when stacked.
  • Fixed the Telos Boltace’s mechanics not functioning after using/being revived.
  • Fixed reducing Clan Tier resulting in the Ascension Ceremony breaking.
  • Fixed non-Clan members not receiving Ascension Ceremony state when receiving Clan info.
  • Fixed a crash when non-Clan members visit Solo Clans.
  • Fixed non-Clan members seeing the required number of participants on the Ascension Altar being the required amount for their own Clan.
  • Fixed Ascension Altar’s transition animation not playing for non-Clan members when the Ascension Ceremony is completed.
  • Fixed door Sensors not having their laser detectors.
  • Fixed unintended added amount of Infested material in The Jordas Verdict phase 1.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when joining a mission that was already in progress.
  • Fixed Chroma’s Effigy pelt displaying a full bodied Chroma.
  • Fixed an amusing but silly looking « slide » that could happen for players if you enter a Dojo dueling room that players are already kneeling in.
  • Fixed both players getting the prompt to start a Dojo Duel session if they kneel at the same time.
  • Fixed numerous localization errors.



Conclave Fixes

  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet not appearing for Clients in Conclave.




Hotfix 20.0.3 :



  • Removed assassins from Incident Archive 2318-H replay mode.
  • Removed an unscannable codex entry.



  • Fixed a variety of random crashes that occurred most frequently at the end of the Octavia’s Anthem Quest but would have caused pain and suffering throughout the game.
  • Fixed Mastery Rank Tests.
  • Fixed the Mod Fusion screen no longer displaying in-depth stats while upgrading Mods.
  • Fixed the missing Duplicates category in the Mod screen.
  • Fixed the Mod screen after selling duplicate mods.
  • Fixed foggy colored textures in the Earth tileset.
  • Fixed the Helminth Charger Codex diorama freezing the game.
  • Fixed Clem overlapping Steel Meridian agent in Captura.
  • Fixed overlapping text on clan details when viewing profile.
  • Fixed a crash in matchmaking.
  • Fixed a crash in Archwing missions.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.4


  • Added more caches to Lua and added better lighting to some existing caches.



  • Sentients no longer drop rewards in the Octavia’s Anthem quest as the Replay feature created a scenario where items could be gathered endlessly in forced conditions.
  • Increased the time between Telos Boltace’s slides from 6 to 8 seconds. This means after doing first slide attack you now have 8 seconds to do the next slide that does the radial blast+damage.
  • Improved the spawn chances of the Lua puzzle rooms.
  • Added 100 Impact damage to the Telos Boltace Stormpath attack.
  • Returned the Dread’s charged shot to 20% status chance as intended.
  • Mandachord Song names can no longer include ‘,’ or ‘:’ due to linking errors in chat.
  • Channeling FX’s will now be visible on certain Armor and Syandanas.



  • Fixed an issue being unable to progress in the Octavia’s Anthem quest – it would appear as though the Hydraulus was inert and you couldn’t interact with any objects. This has been fixed.
  • Fixed Excavators not spawning during The Archwing quest.
  • Fixed issue with crashes and freezes in Captura mode when activating certain abilities.
  • Fixed Syndicate Medallions being invisible.
  • Fixed Simulor Orbs not stacking at all.
  • Fixed a case of not receiving Orokin Derelict Defense rewards as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/776894-octavia-neuroptics-drop-bug/
  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp ability not buffing Melee damage.
  • Fixed Octavia pieces missing from Mobile App.
  • Fixed a crash when Octavia’s Resonator ability is active.
  • Fixed Octavia’s ability song tracks skipping when using Adau Percussion as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/777184-octavia-song-loops-at-wrong-point/
  • Fixed Octavia not playing her music when dancing in Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed a crash related to shooting the Phage inside Limbo’s Cataclysm.
  • Fixed a crash related to enemies dying in the Rift while in Stasis.
  • Fixed crash when changing Armor for the Helminth Charger.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to host a lobby from /invite in Chat if in Solo matchmaking mode.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting a Mandachord Song link in Chat.
  • More fixes towards crashing in the Mandachord.
  • Fixed player’s landing craft having the wrong rotation in junctions.
  • Fixed Decaying Sentients not appearing in the Codex.
  • Fixed Nullifiers not pulling players out of the rift.
  • Fixed Riven Mods that make a weapon have a negative total damage causing the weapon to rollover and do incredibly high damage output.
  • Fixed the Telos Boltace not functioning properly with Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors.
  • Fixed other player Telos Boltace Stormpaths overriding your own vortex/blast timing.
  • Fixed some dialogue playing twice in the Octavia’s Anthem quest.
  • Fixed an invisible blocking object beside Interception towers in the Grineer Sealab tileset.
  • Fixed script error that could occur when selling/dissolving mods in mod screen.
  • Fixed issues with Octavia’s Mandachord hitching in certain scenarios.


Conclave Changes & Fixes

  • Reduced the damage of the Pandero in Conclave.
  • Added 20 Impact damage to the Stormpath attack of the Telos Boltace in Conclave.
  • Fixed a Dedicated Server crash when casting Octavia’s Metronome.
  • Fixed a Dedicated Server crash when attempting to select a team.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.5


  • Nullifier shield drones can now take Critical damage – please note this was intended on release but turned out to not work properly. This should do the trick.
  • Improved the FX of Octavia’s Metronome ability when running around.


  • Fixed Survival missions not giving out rewards past the 5 minutes.
  • Fixed being unable to progress in the Limbo Theorem quest due to the wrong mission type being used (Exterminate vs. proper Excavation).
  • Fixed being unable to solve some Lua Spy puzzles.
  • Fixed enemies rotating to face targets while under the effects of Limbo’s Stasis ability.
  • Fixed Miter charged projectiles not having their proper Punch-Through.
  • Fixed incorrect Riven Mod stats when linked in Chat.
  • Fixed various translations errors.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.6


Octavia Mandachord Fix:

Fixed issues with desynchronized songs when using the Mandachord in missions or Relays. Songs played will now stay in perfect time with each other.


Helminth Charger Default Color Change:

All Helminth Chargers bred before Update 20 had the same default color scheme (pink/orange) that was originally only meant as their eye color. As a result, Chargers bred before Update 20, who currently do not have custom colors, have had their default colors rerolled to something new!



  • Void Trace Alerts will now grant 20 Traces instead of 10 Traces.
  • Instrument Packs now also reward +1 Song Slot for each owned/purchased. This is retroactive as well, so you should see more Song Slots appear if you’ve bought any Mandachord Instrument Packs!
  • Tonkor’s projectile will now start with no lens flare visible and activate when Arming Distance is reached.
  • Adjusted the Nullifier Projector Drone hitbox to make it slightly easier to hit the drone while the Nullifier is facing perpendicular to you.
  • Fixed the Nullifier Crewman bubble hitbox being slightly bigger than the visual bubble when shrinking. This made it nearly impossible to hit the Projector Drone when the bubble has been recently damaged.
  • Setting the Instrument volume in Mandachord sliders to « off » will now completely mute the sound.
  • UI opening sounds will no longer play during the docking Relay cinematic and after you spawn.
  • Removed FOV « pop » when spawning into the Relay.
  • Made improvements to Octavia’s Idle animation that had some bad blending.
  • Improved the Tenora’s reload animation by tweaking the clip to now spawn and drop to the floor.
  • Increased the volume of Octavia’s Mandachord notes to improve timing accuracy.
  • Tightened up the visuals of the Nullifier further so the size of the visual bubble always matches the largest physical collision size.
  • Added Energy color option for the Helminth Charger customizations in Arsenal.
  • Added « BR » acronym next to the Portuguese language option selector in the Launcher to indicate Brazilian dialect.
  • Made minor updates to Braton Prime’s sound remaster.
  • Improved Reticle resolution for players using 4K compatible monitors.
  • Added chat moderation for Dojo chat channels.


Trading UI Improvements:

  • When Platinum amount changes in the Trade window, it will be indicated by a green arrow (to indicate an increase) or a red arrow (to indicate a decrease) next to the Platinum amount to highlight the change:
  • If a player attempts to trade all of their Platinum, a confirmation window will appear indicating that they are trading all their Platinum.
  • There is now a 3 second countdown before the final trade confirmation can be made.


Conclave Changes:

  • Limbo does not receive Energy Regen while in the Rift.
  • Limbo’s Banish can be cast without a target.



  • Fixed Kuva Siphons pointing in the opposite direction of the incoming Kuva.
  • Fixed the Isolator Bursa version of the Nullifier (the one that shoots as a projectile) not functioning properly.
  • Fixed the Arsenal displaying incorrect stats for the Crit Chance of the Miter’s charged projectiles.
  • Fixed issues with Rathuum nodes being selected for Sorties.
  • Fixed Octavia’s ability music not being synchronized between Client/Host.
  • Fixed extraction marker appearing for Clients in extraction regardless of if the required number of enemies have been killed.
  • Fixed not being able to use the Mandachord when near placeable decorations in the Landing Craft.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Resonator rollerball getting stuck on environment objects.
  • Fixed Grineer Forest day/night applying night lightmap tints to the Orokin Void interior tiles.
  • Fixed Kuva Jester animations looking stretched.
  • Fixed missing walk animations for Combas with a shield equipped.
  • Fixed broken/missing floor meshes in the Corpus Ship tileset (including Corpus Captura Scenes).
  • Fixed Clients seeing damage numbers on dead bodies.
  • Fixed long-term players who chose to skip Vor’s Prize not being able to see in-game news or events in the Navigation console.
  • Fixed a crash in the Dojo.
  • Fixed a join-in-progress crash.
  • Fixed script error when playing Solo.
  • Fixed script error when trying to select an Alert or Syndicate Alert from the World State Window on a node that has an active quest.
  • Fixed distorted and blocked textures in Infested Elevator in The Jordas Verdict.
  • Fixed an issue with Gear being consumed from your Inventory as they would in-mission if used in the Simulacrum or Captura.
  • Fixed Octavia’s emote music at times suddenly changing volume in the Relay and Maroo’s Bazaar.
  • Fixed lighting issues on Void tilesets.
  • Fixed an issue with Comba units inside Limbo’s Cataclysm continuously trying to pull players out of the Rift. Fog/Sap Combas should now properly nullify abilities even if they have a different Rift status than the player. Slo/Nul Combas still need to have the same Rift status as the player to affect them
  • Fixed players getting trapped behind doors during lockdown in the Infested Ship tileset due to a missing hacking Console.
  • Fixed Warframe Melee attacking in the opposite direction away from the Toggle Free Camera when using the Advance Time function in Captura.
  • Fixed missing descriptions for Instrument Packs in the Market.
  • Fixed Warframes maintaining their walking/running momentum and sliding awkwardly when using the Advance Time function in Captura.
  • Fixed the Little Helper Hat attachment awkwardly positioned inside of the Helminth Charger’s head and neck.
  • Fixed Player List HUD display for abilities with decreasing timer buffs (Rhino’s Roar for example) not counting down on affected Squad members.
  • Fixed Players invited to Dojo being unable to chat.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.7


  • Added LITH V2 RELIC, LITH S4 RELIC, LITH S5 RELIC, and LITH V3 RELICs to Orokin Derelict Survival rotation A and slightly increased Endo reward amount.
  • The Valana Ayatan Sculpture can now also be found in Maroo’s weekly Ayatan hunt mission.
  • Improved the performance of Octavia’s Metronome ability.
  • Removed ‘damage’ and reworded the description of Limbos Rift Surge to better describe the mechanic.


  • Fixed Limbo’s ‘Haven’ Banish Augment not healing allies as intended.
  • Fixed Limbo being able to briefly use objects while inside Cataclysm by dashing and pressing the context action.
  • Fixed the Caustacyst’s Corrosive acid projectiles not pausing in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed the Caustacyst’s Corrosive acid projectiles from Mirage’s Hall of Mirror clones not being inside Limbo’s Rift when cast and not being affected by the Rift Stasis mechanic.
  • Fixed the Quanta’s Alt fire producing a split second beam when used in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed a crash when firing the Ignis while in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed Denial Bursa and Pelna Cade’s slow orb effect lingering indefinitely even if the orb despawns.
  • Fixed Loki’s Radial Disarm not properly affecting Sentients in the Octavia’s Anthem quest.
  • Fixed the Mastery Rank 19 Test sometimes failing immediately upon load-in.
  • Fixed ragdolled Nullifiers creating a bubble that does nothing when ragdolled.
  • Fixed having to relog between stages in Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed a mini Excalibur mesh showing over top of the Operator in The War Within missions.
  • Fixed the Mucusk Syandana not sitting properly on Nyx and any of her Skins.
  • Fixed (for real this time) Chroma’s Effigy appearing as a full Chroma instead of his pelt.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Ash’s Bladestorm
  • Fixed a script error when casting Limbo’s Banish.
  • Fixed a script error when casting Volt’s Speed.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.0.8


  • In order to maintain performance we have tweaked the max number of Tonkor projectiles Limbo can create in Stasis to 25 and the max number of Staticor projectiles to 10 before Stasis becomes unstable and closes.
  • Panthera Primary Fire Critical Chance adjusted to 10% as intended.
  • Simulor now correctly displays 2% Critical Chance and 30% Status Chance in the Arsenal.
  • Synoid Simulor now correctly displays 5% Critical Chance and 35% Status Chance in the Arsenal.
  • Notifications for real-time missions will no longer show when playing through Vor’s Prize.



  • Fixed Maroo telling you she had an Ayatan Hunt mission for you but survey said that was a lie.
  • Fixed the Mandachord puzzle UI in Octavia’s Anthem quest having unclickable notes in fullscreen 4:3 resolutions.
  • Fixed not being able to Duel in the Dojo.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Mallet sometimes not clearing its ability timer for Clients.
  • Fixed Octavia’s Amp not removing the Melee damage bonus.
  • Fixed Gear items being consumed when used in Captura or the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed entering Captura making your next trip to the Relay spawn you in front of the Simulacrum.
  • Fixed the Hind’s Alt fire not producing bullet holes when fired at the wall.
  • Fixed the Liset flying through a massive rock when extracting from the Kuva Fortress.
  • Fixed the Operator being able to use Void abilities (without any FX) while Lotus is speaking during The War Within.
  • Fixed the Operator having two sceptres at the end of The War Within quest.
  • Fixed real-time missions (Alerts, Invasions, goals, etc) being displayed to players who have yet to complete Vor’s Prize.
  • Fixed geometry issue where players could get stuck under the stairs in the Orokin Derelict.
  • Fixed being unable to bind controls to the key that is currently bound to the Captura control toggling.
  • Fixed Ergo’s Boardroom Scene showing a quest marker for Glast Gambit.
  • Fixed a river in the Earth tileset missing water textures.
  • Fixed an incorrectly placed shadow in the Orokin Derelict tileset.
  • Fixed a rare crash from starting a mission with a beam style weapon (Atomos, Spectra, etc).


Conclave Changes

  • The range of Octavia’s Mallet is now visible to others in Conclave.
  • Reduced the size of the Bullet Attractor attached to Octavia’s Mallet in Conclave.




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