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Octavia’s Anthem: Update 20.4.0




Frohd Bek is back and he’s brought a powerful new threat!

Perrin Sequence leader, Ergo Glast, has intercepted disturbing communication. The profit-hungry Corpus are attempting to grow their military to dangerous and uncontrollable levels. Corpus Board Chairman, Frohd Bek, is inviting investors to witness the newest and deadliest Ambulas Prototype live on the battlefield. The Ambulas is equipped with a state-of-the-art processor called Animo, that learns and grows from every encounter. 

Work with Ergo Glast and fellow Tenno to halt Frohd’s project and disrupt Ambulas deployment before they see widespread use. New Dropships containing the Ambulas Prototype have been sighted on Corpus planets. Take them down and make the investors think twice! 

Full Operation rules, rewards, and information here: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/793566-pc-operation-ambulas-reborn/



Oberon Changes & Fixes:

  • Increased Oberon’s base energy from 100 to 150.
  • Improved the visibility of Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Renewal Energy per target Arsenal stat display not being affected by Efficiency Mods.
  • Fixed Smite projectiles not targeting ragdolled enemies.
  • Fixed Renewal FX not lasting as long as the ability is active.
  • Fixed Health Regeneration not working after triggering the Phoenix Renewal Augment.
  • Fixed unequipping Oberon not returning Kavat/Kubrow Health to its original value until you enter a mission.
  • Fixed performance issues from Hallowed Ground.
  • Fixed some issues with trying to add or remove a Renewal buff from multiple teammates over time rather than all at once.
  • Fixed Renewal not being applied to allies in bleed out as it did previously.



Index Matchmaking Changes:

Matchmaking for The Index now uses wager levels when setting up Squads. This means Low/Medium/High wager players will not be matchmade together – you’ll only be put with others that have chosen the same wager. This should mitigate conflicting goals within a Squad.

  • We have made some tweaks to last week’s reinforcement: the Cycron! If you haven’t picked this up yet yourself, the Cycron doesn’t have a reload function; it has a recharge function. As of this Update, the Cycron battery recharge delay time is now halved when the mag is not empty. This means monitoring your ammo while feathering the trigger will be a good strategy when using this weapon.
  • We have made some tweaks to older Warframe Auras. As you may know, an Aura’s Mod Rank determines how much additional Mod Capacity you get. We’ve increased the following Auras form 3 Ranks to 5 Ranks. With this change, we also buffed the Auras:
    • Speed Holster has gone from 80% to 120% at Max Rank.
    • Dead Eye has gone from 35% to 52.5% at Max Rank.
    • EMP Aura has gone from 10% to 15% at Max Rank.
    • Sprint Boost Aura has gone from 10% to 15% at Max Rank.
  • Removed Lua Spy missions from Sortie rotation due to extensive Client loading times on min spec machines. Please note that we are working to fix this and add Lua Spy missions back into the Sortie rotation.
  • Added an extra line to Limbo’s Passive description to speak to his Energy gathering in the Rift.
  • Improved experiencing memory loss in the Relays.
  • Changed « CANCEL FUSION » label to « BACK » when reaching max rank on a Mod when Fusing and when there are no pending Fusion tasks.
  • Reprioritzed a few screens in the Relay so that they load faster even when there’s a throng of people around and you’re competing for IO bandwidth for their loadouts.
  • Adjusted the Rift weight of the Cycron beams in Limb’s Stasis to fix performance issues.




  • Fixed a crashed caused by a poor corrupt cache being further abused from someone bypassing the launcher.
  • Fixed a loss of functionality when opening a Chat link while viewing another diorama.
  • Fixed Clients unable to destroy nerves in The Jordas Verdict Stage 3.
  • Fixed a case where the Void Relic picker wouldn’t appear for players after a mission vote was cancelled.
  • Fixed ally NPCs (Sentinels, etc) not able to have abilities affecting them nullified.
  • Fixed Ratel’s being immune to Inaros’ Devour.
  • Fixed becoming invincible after casting Nyx’s Absorb with Assimilate equipped and then Transferring to the Operator.
  • Fixed being able to walk around in Mesa’s Peacemaker by opening the Power Menu.
  • Fixed the Arcane Aegis Shield recharge being delayed by a couple seconds instead of being instant.
  • Fixed not being able to equip Ruinous Extension on the Cycron.
  • Fixed the Sarpa not firing in bursts with the Bullet Dance Stance equipped.
  • Fixed being able to fire the Buzlok without triggering to fire.
  • Fixed being able to spam Disarm in quick succession as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/792294-bug-loki-decoydisarm-in-quick-succession/
  • Potential fixes for enemies falling through a Lua Defense level and surviving as per: https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/67s2x7/bug_on_st%C3%B6ffler/
  • Fixed The Index wager selection screen allowing you to select a wager even if you didn’t have enough Credits.
  • Fixed The Index wager screen skipping when being invited to play (therefore defaulting you to the lowest wager tier).
  • Fixed purge timer in The War Within liset purge mission being broken if the player watches a transmission from their Inbox.
  • Fixed Gas Status UI icons lingering forever.
  • Fixed Relay room names being off-screen when playing in higher resolutions.
  • Fixed Clients being able to invite other players to an ‘Invite Only’ squad hosted by another player.
  • Fixed the Sword and Shield Danaus Skin shield attachment positioning.
  • Fixed Operator Sigils having incorrect scale/position/rotation in the Navigation screen.
  • Fix the player’s Warframe holding a 2nd copy of the Operator in their hand during The Second Dream.
  • Fixed the Lynx Turret Grenades not actually creating Turrets.
  • Fixed (for real this time) Ratel’s appearing in the Hyena cinematic.
  • Fixed Void Turrets not activating.
  • Fixed casting Saryn’s Molt in the Simulacrum allowing you to kill yourself.
  • Fixed Titania’s Bullet Jump FX lingering forever.
  • Fixed the Pox diorama being aggressively zoomed in.
  • Fixed issues where things with a bleedout state would not disappear in the SImulacrum when you returned to your respawn platform.
  • Fixed issues with building up infinite Cycron beams in the Rift with Stasis.
  • Fixed incorrect Excavator spawn points in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed firing Zarr’s Barrage inside Limbo’s Rift disabling Stasis.
  • Fixed script error when Alt firing Paracyst into the ground.



Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed Oberon’s Passive not functioning in Conclave.



Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.1

We hot-dropped a live fix earlier for the World State Window not displaying Operation information. Play the Operation before it’s gone! 



  • Mastery Rank 3 and under can now purchase Operation: Ambulas Reborn rewards from Ergo Glast in the Perrin Sequence Relay room.
  • Increased Ambulas’ ability resistance to better defend against strong CC abilities.
  • Improved launcher error messages when antivirus software is prevent you from playing.
  • Optimized the Navigation menu initialization slightly to avoid a memory-spike that could crash 32-bit systems.
  • Improved Condor Dropship triggering in the Corpus Outpost tileset.



  • Fixed incorrect Ambulas Reborn quota appearing in UI for Clans who had not contributed any Animo Beacons yet.
  • Fixed Ospreys initiating their Ambulas hacking while being Mind Controlled by Nyx.
  • Fixed a possible script error with Atlas’ Petrify.
  • Fixed Condor Dropship enemies falling off the ship edge and plummeting to their doom.
  • Fixed « default » material showing up on an asset in the Corpus Ice Planet tileset.
  • Fixed seeing « you need to unlock Pluto to play this event » message appearing when clicking on the Operation in the World State Window.
  • Fixed overlapping text when viewing the Friends menu while in a mission.
  • Fixed translated Inbox Transmission text having wonky line breaks.



Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.2

We have added an ‘Operation HOW TO’ diorama by clicking the Operation from the World State Window.


Operation Fixes:

  • Fixed an exploit in the Operation that could occur on Host Migration. Scores obtained with this exploit are being removed in a script shortly.
  • Fixed an exploit with the Operation on Excavation missions.



  • Ambulas now follows suit with other bosses that are affected by diminishing returns for Zenuriks Void Pulse. Ambulas will still be affected by Void Pulse, but for a shorter duration as intended with bosses.
  • The Self Destruct Sentinel Mod now has a forced knockdown proc upon explosion. The Mod description has been updated to reflect this!



  • Fixed Trial Credits rewards being halved as per: https://forums.warframe.com/topic/785254-trial-credit-reward-reduced-since-specters-of-the-rail/
  • Fixed Self Destruct, Regen/Primed Regen, and Sacrifice Sentinel Mods not synergizing. Self Destruct will now proc everytime Regen does (i.e. when the Sentinel would have died).
  • Fixed Voltage Sequence being Uncommon when it should be Rare.
  • Fixed damaged Ambulas armor pieces floating in the air after a Host migration.
  • Fixed receiving multiple copies of Operation: Ambulas Reborn Inbox reward messages.
  • Fixed the Navigation console and World State Window displaying the wrong Operation icon.
  • Fixed the Ambulas Reborn Sigil showing as the Index Sigil in the UI.
  • Fixed some sounds not playing properly for Clients during Ambulas boss fight.
  • Fixed numerous TennoGen items that did not have localized description text.
  • Fixed overlapping localized text in Oberon’s abilities screen.
  • Fixed Melee weapons sometimes moving player backwards during swing on Submersible levels.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.3

Operation Changes:

This morning’s very early Hotfix 20.4.2 fixed an exploit in the Operation that could occur on Host Migration. Due to this exploit fix, Ambulas would not spawn if a Host Migration occurred during the mission, which resulted in frustrations for those that lacked a strong  connection. A new plan of action was assembled and the following change has been made to allow Host Migrations to occur but to also fix the original exploit:

  • Animo Beacons in the Ambulas boss fight on Hades are now End of Mission rewards in an even amount of 20, as opposed to hacked drops from the Ambulas boss. Please keep in mind that this change allows the Ambulas boss fight to follow suit with how other boss rewards are given.


Operation Fixes:

  • Fixed more exploits with the Operation on Excavation missions.
  • Fixed extracting as the Operator not properly counting collected Animo Beacons for the Operation.



  • The Wukong Macak Helmet has been added to the Alert cycle. Sneaky Wukong snuck past us!



  • The Prisma Obex is now tradable!
  • Slightly adjusted the firing sounds of the Supra.



  • Fixed being stuck in a perpetual reloading animation when interrupting the initial reload animation of the Strun.
  • Fixed the leeches from Corpus Leech Ospreys not being removed by rolling.
  • Fixed having to force quit and relaunch after becoming stuck in the ‘Redeem your Reward’ in the Syndicate screen when selecting one and backing out immediately.
  • Fixed the Sonicor skyrocketing enemies when equipped with a high Blast build. THIS IS BEING REVERTED IN THE NEXT HOTFIX!
  • Fixed scrolling fast on the Syndicate reward screen resulting in parts of the UI displacing.
  • Fixed expanded Mods in the Mod screen getting clipped by the grid.
  • Fixed sale items not displaying their sale price when viewing them through Chat link.
  • Fixed numerous Mods using the term ‘Explosion’ instead of the proper term ‘Blast’.

Conclave Changes

  • Slightly reduced the damage of the Prisma Obex in Conclave.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix


  • Returned the Sonicor to it’s skyrocketing glory.


  • Fixed Clan stats in the Profile menu not updating live during Operations.



Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.4



  • Removed a duplicate Ambulas Codex entry.



  • Fixed enemies spawned by the Condor Dropship ignoring objectives in Interception missions.
  • Fixed experiencing a crash after throwing the Javlok in the air then Transferring to the Operator.
  • Fixed built Exilus Adapters being offered as Rare Invasion rewards instead of the Blueprint.
  • Fixed Oberon’s Hallowed Ground FX disappearing after a Host migration.
  • Fixed Limbo’s Cataclysm FX sometimes lingering behind for Clients.
  • Fixed floating Ambulas body parts during the boss fight.
  • Fixed a script error with Saryn’s Spore ability.




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.5


  • Fixed an issue where the Jackal was dropping Gorgon Wraith Parts. This may or may not be a spoiler for the rewards of the coming Razorback Armada…
  • Fixed issues with game freezes when viewing certain menus.
  • Fixed an issue with Scavenger Ospreys summoned by Nekros/manipulated by Nyx/other abilities consuming loot (they ignore it now when ‘under the influence’).




Octavia’s Anthem: Hotfix 20.4.6

Once a new build has been detected, starting missions, opening the Star Chart, joining missions, inviting to a squad, etc will be blocked until you have updated Warframe. 


  • We have made changes to the way Grineer Hellion missile knockdown works. Before, knockdown could occur on direct hits and if you were in the explosion AoE. After this change, knockdown will only have a chance to occur on direct hits (the explosion AoE will no longer have a chance to knock you down).
  • Optimized memory usage and speed for game startup and the Navigation console.
  • Balanced the amount of the Panthera’s Alt Fire beams fired in Limbo’s Rift to match other beam weapons in an effort to reduce performance issues.
  • Improved translated text description placement on a handful of Mods.
  • Updated Companion UI to read as ‘Pets’ anywhere an Imprint is mentioned.


  • Potential fix for Clients getting stuck doing a hack action when under poor network conditions.
  • Fixed reloading a charged Bow shot not canceling the shot.
  • Fixed casting one-handed abilities (Volt’s Shock, Ember’s Fireball, etc) canceling weapon reloads.
  • Fixed Transmuting a Mod in the Relay not showing results and not updating the Mod collection.
  • Fixed the Supra/Supra Vandal’s firing sounds being cut off.
  • Fixed the Handshake Emote animation not working properly in Relays.
  • Fixed the Operator remaining visible after taking control of a Golden Maw in The War Within.
  • Fixed minimap marker positions and on-screen markers being inconsistent.
  • Fixed not seeing the Lotus transmission after picking up the Navigation Segment during Vor’s Prize.
  • Potential fix for experiencing a spot-load when you have a Sentinel weapon in your loadout but no Sentinel equipped.
  • Fixed a memory leak when throwing the Javlok/Ferrox in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed not being able to input the Datamass into a Mobile Defense terminal if someone is standing in the way.
  • Fixed not being able to use the vault doors in the Orokin Derelict if there’s a Kavat/Kubrow or other player in the way.
  • Fixed continuous weapons (Ignis, etc) getting extreme Range when used in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed Landing Craft’s flying through walls in the Landing Craft Relay Hub.
  • Fixed Moon Clans seeing negative Nano Spore research numbers for the Hema. This was purely a UI bug.
  • Fixed spot-loading materials when you turned around in the Landing Craft after spawning in.
  • Fixed projectile weapons detonating prematurely in Limbo’s Stasis.
  • Fixed an issue with the Condor Dropship’s enemy type … it’s not made of flesh.
  • Fixed being force-extracted on a specific Corpus Outpost tileset.
  • Fixed Air Support Med Towers and Sentry Turrets not being destroyed when the player who initiated them disconnects from the game.
  • Fixed hacked Ambulas dropping Animo Beacons (that you don’t get to keep) in Captura.
  • Fixed numerous instances of inconsistent translated text.
  • Fixed a typo in Alad V’s boss fight transmission.
  • Fixed a crash from Helios’ Detect Vulnerability Precept.

Conclave Fixes:

  • Fixed loading into a Lunaro lobby and only seeing ghostly Excalibur placeholders.







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